So what happens when you let three Dutchman loose on a track? No bar room joke here just a simple question with a simple answer you are about to discover. Take one build up, ram it straight into the backside of the another build up, let it continue to rise for a few moments then bring the all the decibels up and let it rip. Simple Dutch formula that makes for one hell of an impact.

Few songs can bring so much intensity as to make me feel like I am back at the 16 hour long festival I attended, known as Starscape Festival, while just sitting in my computer chair listening through half turned up little logitech speakers. With a bulging steady beat bass and lack of volume control I’d say this track will not be going away anytime soon.

Grab the track here on beatport.

’Jordy Dazz & Mightyfools – Drum Fail’
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