Months ago two worlds were abruptly smashed together, out of that collision we today can present the newest offering of Dutch debauchery – Kangaroo. Long lost but loved are the days of Sander Van Doorn’s euro trance tracks that scuttled among dance clubs through out the world . Now having amped up his sound he brings his fellow rising Netherlands star, Julian Jordan, to have the next 6 minutes of your existence be filled with uncontrollable dancing. Immediately starting in the two different influences from totally different styles begin intertwining themselves.

The beginning is really filled with signature Van Doorn sound that gets sprinkled with a taste of what is to come from the influence of Jordan. The synths in the build up will leave you completely unaware of what is about to drop when this track opens up to reveal it’s true nature. What does drop in on your ears is a cataclysm of glitching mid high synths going absolutely wild atop an untypical four on the floor steady beat bass. Taking an 8 bar trance structure to the electro house glitch synths thrown on top simply smears the whole track with energy that never fades away. The 16 year old , Julian Jordan, did an incredible job making his presence felt through while having to share the space with the legendary Van Doorn. This just released track is available here on Beatport.

’Sander van Doorn & Julian Jordan – Kangaroo’
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