Rising artist Fallulah has garnered a following back in her motherland, Denmark, but quickly made a splash down in Austin during SXSW earlier this month and with good reason. Her punchy track, “Out Of It”, was so infectious, the kind of tune that stays with you long after the work day (or work week) wrapped up. She continues her worldwide takeover with the release of another new tune called “Dried Out Cities”. Though it’s not as in-your-face as its predecessor, there’s something very hypnotic and exciting about her breathy vocals playing against the thump, thump, thump of the beat and the clap, clap, clap of the hands off in the background. She’s yet another female artist poised to storm the electro-pop stage any minute now, so stay tuned for more.

’Fallulah – Dried Out Cities’

Bonus: “Out Of It”

’Fallulah – Out Of It’
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