A few weeks ago we posted a single by Colorado Producer Paul Basic. Ever since we heard that track, we’ve been waiting for the rest of the EP to drop. Well yesterday was that day, and The Mirror is officially here for us to enjoy.

If you didn’t already know, Paul is signed to Pretty Light’s label, Pretty Lights Music. When you listen through his tracks, you can definitely get a feel of his influences. A lot of his tracks are rooted heavily in really old time, classic samples. This sound give a truly authentic east coast hip hop feel. But the way Paul integrates jagged synth, and gritty beats, really makes the songs sound current and downright badass.

The songs below exemplify Paul’s talent. You can listen to these tracks, and bob your head at your desk all day long. They each have a unique sound to them, and achieve that without even having any lyrics. No Chorus. No Freestyle. No auto tune Envelope Follower. Just really stellar production.

If you dig Paul’s music, head over to Pretty Lights Music page, where you can download it for free.

Paul Basic – Cops

’04 Cops.mp3′

Paul Basic – Doozy

’05 Doozy.mp3′

Paul Basic – Daylit

’07 Daylit.mp3′
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