I am a “press repeat” kind of person, meaning that when I find a song I particularly enjoy I will press repeat until my eardrums bleed and my iTunes play count skyrockets. “Demon” by Brazilian progressive/electro whiz Chrizz Luvly did that for me yesterday, nearly blowing out the sound system in my lame Honda Accord and making me literally gasp.

Crisp, clean drums and a melody that would make Avicii jealous contrast nicely with a dirty buildup and drop, making for one of the most perfect party songs I’ve heard in awhile. “Demon” intelligently juxtaposes a summery, carefree intro with a heavier, more moody chorus, shaking the listener out of an “ok, this is your standard catchy electro track” daze and into a “let’s dance like psychos” frenzy. Not to mention the song’s free. Thanks Chrizz Luvly!

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