Ark Patrol first teased his foray into an experimental approach with ‘At All’ at the start of the November, but now that his latest album Primo has dropped, the full realization of that style is on display for all to hear. There’s certainly an eclectic mix of influences at hand here, and it’s impressive just how skillfully he is able to manipulate the intricate electronic sounds to bend to the emotions he wants to emit. An array of sophisticated melodies flow from the eerie, to the pensive, and even back to the chill style we’ve come to know him by in the title track. Such variation is testament to the artist’s confidence in composition, with the willingness to break the comfort zone of the formulaic structure that is all too prevalent in the electronic game today.

For those yearning to explore a musical world outside of the norm, do yourself a favor and stream the entirety of the album below, or go one further and pick up the release to add some complexity to your collection.

’Ark Patrol – At All (ft. Veronika Redd)’
’Ark Patrol – Escape (ft. Dooqu)’
’Ark Patrol – Halcyon’
’Ark Patrol – Intermission’
’Ark Patrol – Purgatory’
’Ark Patrol – Primo’
’Ark Patrol – Sinner’
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