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[Deep House] Ferdinand Weber x Shoffy – Lonely Up Here

Ferdinand Weber x Shoffy
Lonely Up Here

Time and time again, Ferdinand Weber has showcased his knack for melding soulful vocals and deep vibes into slick house productions made for dance-floor and lounge alike. More than that though, he knows how to capture key lyrical moments throughout a track and use his irresistible blend of beat and groove to create an addictive echo in the listener’s mind. His weapon on this occasion is the enchanting voice of LA based songwriter Shoffy, and it’s one he wields with skillful poise. Together with some clean guitar integration and his trademark pulsating style, ‘Lonely Up Here’ is another solid addition to his growing list of stellar tunes.

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The Chill Dojo #142

chill dojo

It’s a double treat from FKJ this week, starting off with a smooth summer jam you can throw straight into your mixtape courtesy of the free download. It’s a simple formula really; the prolific beat-maker lays down his signature vibe while the sultry voice of Tom Bailey completes the sensual experience that ‘Drops’ was made to provide. His second feature is a collaboration with another slick Frenchman in Darius. Where the opening track held nothing back in its declaration of serious funk, this one is all about a rich blend of silky sounds that slowly massage their way through your mind until total mesmerization has been achieved.

Up next we’re moving into some nostalgic territory with a newcomer to the Chill Dojo, VOIA. The NY-based producer wastes no time in painting his scenic beach soundscape and allowing his charming melodic composition gently carry your mind away on a wave of curious adventure. More than that though, it creates the perfect setting for our next track from TastyTreat and NRMИ, aptly named ‘Summers Love’. Warmth and happiness oozes from every chord of this future-filled delight, ready-made to be the backdrop to your fond summer memories. We wrap up our features with a pair of glorious remixes from Royal’s latest Cycles EP. While Lazerdisk and Dream Beach team up to continue this carefree journey we’ve been drifting through, Jai Wolf’s intention is all about bringing the energy to his magical world of melodic bliss.

The ride continues well beyond there though, so feel free to stick around for the whole thing. Peace out.

FKJ feat. Tom Bailey
Darius & FKJ
Oishiis Island
TastyTreat X NRMИ
Summers Love (feat. Tribes)
Passenger (Lazerdisk x Dream Beach Remix)
Passenger (Jai Wolf Remix)
Griz ft. Talib Kweli
For the Love (Big Wild Remix)
Richard Caddock
Getting Away Ft. Mack
Passenger (Hotel Garuda Remix)
All I See
Looking At You (feat. C Duncan)(Moods Remix)
Jerry Folk
Jasmine Thompson
Adore (Melvv Remix)
Kim Churchill
Window To The Sky (Dante Klein Remix)
Tell Me (feat. Cozy)
Louie Lastic
I Need Girls
Louie Lastic
hi tom
Royal ft. Desktop
Round 2 (Catt Moop Remix)
TroyBoi Feat NEFERA
On My Own
Years & Years
Desire (Feki Remix)
Holding On (feat. Anuka)
Alessia Cara
Here (Lucian Remix)
The Marphoi Project
Lazy Heart (Enzalla Remix)
Sunset (Feat. Helen Byrne)
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The Chill Dojo #141

chill dojo

Dojo #141 is headlined by one of the tunes of the year as Cosmo’s Midnight debuted their addictive single ‘Walk With Me’ on the airwaves and subsequently took the blogosphere by storm. While the Sydney twins stole the spotlight, Perth-based songstress Kučka is the one stealing hearts with her glorious vocal input creating an experience reminiscent of AlunaGeorge stylings. Smooth groove and silky vocals are a dangerous combination that will demand to be played again and again. As far as other magical pairings go, the playful lyricism of Lolaby and lush soundscape of Cosmic Quest’s production is once again proving itself to be a celestial force on the rise. Following on from their stellar inception as a promising musical duo, ‘Hidden Charm’ builds on the floating atmosphere of their sound that creates the canvas of their colorful creativity. It’s a gateway to a world of imagination you can’t help but get lost in.

Another artist gifted with the talent of forming landscapes with his sound is the chill-weaver Ma Luca. It takes only a few moments of listening to his latest slow-jam before vivid imagery of gentle sunshine, serene waves and picturesque scenery take over to serve as a brief escape into paradise. It’s a feeling we definitely want to hold onto for as long as possible, so we’re going to continue down the slow road with Blue Satellite’s transformation of ‘Back of The Car’. Where the RAC original went for the classic indie party anthem, this version is all about taking down the pace and creating vibrant electronic melodies and a whomping beat to really drive home the power of the iconic chorus.

It’s a week of features that hero musical exploration, so it’s fitting that you should journey on as far as you can through the list. Peace out.

Cosmos Midnight
Walk With Me (feat. KUČKA)
Lolaby & Cosmic Quest
Hidden Charm
Ma Luca
Holding On To Everything
Back of The Car ft. Nate Henricks (Blue Satellite Remix)
Return Of The Mack (Jay Dee blend)
Wolf (Jengi Beats Remix)
SG Lewis
No Less (Kartell Remix)
North Arm
Careless (Running Touch Remix)
Oh Wonder
Lose It (Kalev, Vesper & Masego Remix)
Louie Lastic
Flume feat. Andrew Wyatt
Some Minds (Lowself Remix)
Father Dude
Bring Us Back (Infuze Remix)
Fetty Wap
Trap Queen (Naderi Remix)
Landslide (idea)
Picard Brothers & Erik Hassle
Goodbye & Good Luck (Inodi Remix)
Tove Lo
Talking Body (Yung Wall Street Flip)
Jamie xx
I Know Theres Gonna Be (Good Times) Feat. Young Thug (KatManDu Remix)
Queen Of France
Rhythm (Ft. Jordan Padilla)
Japanese Wallpaper
Arrival (Tontario Remix)
Open Up (Neonhund Remix)
Groove Theory
Tell Me (E.DOZA Edition)
Work it girl
Skinny Dip
Super Grape (Part A)
Plasm (Part B)
DM Galaxy & Blure
Hearts Will Repair (feat. Aloma Steele)
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The Chill Dojo #140

chill dojo

Chill Dojo #140 is going straight for the feels with a charming original from Sable that’s all about celebrating that special someone in your life. Released through a series of short story panels across his Facebook page, the vibrant creativity in this song is clearly not limited to the musical production alone. That said, the glorious vibes emanated through ‘One and Only’ will be the feature that has you putting this on steady repeat. We’re definitely looking for positive vibes this week, and Dojo newcomer Akimoto delivers just what we needed with a lyrical gem whose beauty lies in its purity. Playful piano and a catchy beat belies the makings of a simple jazzy tune, but flashes of electronic flair elevate this into a polished jam that’s all about heart.

It’s this same quality that has rocketed Mura Masa’s ‘Firefly’ into one of the standout features of 2015. It’s no easy task to attempt a remix of this chill anthem, but young Ramzoid has proven he’s up to the challenge with a stunning effort that will no doubt leave its mark. While the overall structure remains similar, the talented Canadian has infused a serious dosage of funked out bass into the original that adds the perfect touch of summer feelings. While we’re chasing those warmer vibes, it’s the perfect time to shed some light on a new up-and-comer in the future game by the name of Jupe. At only 15 years of age, this is one kid that’s set to make some serious waves if ‘Caprisun’ is anything to go by. Jazzy flavors and melodic bliss combine for a sun-drenched experience that’s on point from start to finish. We’ll end on more of a sultry vibe now as another debutant in Skye Chai dishes up a smooth take on the soulful ‘Electric Blue’. Light-hearted sampling will ensure a smile all throughout the journey, but it’s the vocal edit that will shut out everything around you as you’re captured in its tender grip for the full four minutes.

The rest of the playlist will keep that smile from fading for a good while longer than that as well. Peace out.

One And Only
Keep Your Heart On Top
Mura Masa
Firefly (Ramzoid Remix)
Caprisun (Original Mix)
Alo Lee
Electric Blue (Skye Chai Remix)
stop time
links sorrow (cherishh remix)
parkinson white
once a week (cherishh remix)
Giraffage & Viceroy
Impression Of You (feat. Patrick Baker)
Worlds Collide feat. Josh Roa
Im in love (Finis Mundi Remix)
Stay With Me
Dance On Me (su na Remix)
Dance On Me (Fwdslxsh Remix)
Ta Ku
Work In Progess (Clayjay Remix)
Stevie Wonder
My Cherie Amour (Lobo Bootleg Remix)
Summer 97 ft. Muzzy Bearr
Chet Faker
Im Into You (Bass Physics Remix)
Never Will (feat. Brizzy & Willdabeast)
So Far (Werk Space)
Sans Toi
Adam Snow
Safe And Sound
Ark Patrol
Butta Love
Kehlani feat. Chance The Rapper
The Way (Kentaro Remix)
Little Things (Jengi Beats Remix)
Know You Well (feat. Mothica and Mayo)
3AM (JackLNDN Remix)
Tranquility (Audile Remix)
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The Chill Dojo #139

chill dojo

The weekend was for celebration, but Monday is all about settling down with some sweet tunes for your ears, and for that Dojo #139 has you covered. Renowned beat-maker esta gets the vibe going with a silky take on a soulful Banks original, transforming ‘Someone New’ into a fresh jam that could sit on repeat for hours and never get stale. From there, Tobtok provides a flashback to the weekend’s revelry with a groovy house party-starter that oozes sunshine and good feelings. You wouldn’t imagine similar sentiments could ever come from Robyn’s iconic ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, but Thero and Taylor Wise have teamed up to bring some warmth to the emotional hit. It’s an interesting contrast of somber vocals and summer sounds, but as always the addition of a sax solo will always be our weak spot.

Fans of Aussie group SAFIA will have been waiting for this one to surface for a while, but this week ‘Embracing Me’ officially joined the ranks of quality electronica for 2015. Known for their incredible vocal treatment and ability to craft an anthem, this gentle piece of aural deliciousness will have no trouble holding a crowd in the palm of its hands and moving them to its every ebb and flow.

Time to wind down in the best way possible and rejuvenate for the week ahead. Peace out.

Someone New (esta Remix)
Jaël Feat. James Walsh
Easy Life (Tobtok Remix)
Call Your Girlfriend (Thero & Taylor Wise Remix) (Feat. Allison Weiss)
Embracing Me
Eve II (ODESZA Remix)
Saint Motel
My Type (Eau Claire Remix)
Funk LeBlanc
Waves (La Felix Remix)
Masego x Medasin
Sego Hotline ft. Krs.
Masego x Medasin
TrapScat (Get Loose)
Hyper Potions
Squid Island!
Amity VIP
Heartbreak Reputation (ft. Polina)
The Wombats
Be Your Shadow (Knight One Remix)
Scavenger Hunt
Wildfire (Bees Knees Remix)
Memories That You Call (BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD Remix)
Mount Dreams
Home (ft. Anatomy)
Urban Cone
Weekends (Feki Remix)
Elijah Blake
I Just Wanna... feat. Dej Loaf (Penthouse Penthouse Remix)
Febreze (Aerosol Can Flip)
Zack The Lad
Mike Gao
Comet (with Alexander Lewis & Chase Moore)
Sinead Harnett
High Wire (Wet Paint Bootleg)
Coyote Kisses
Sunny Day (Paperwater Remix)
Love Is A Battlefield
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Skrux Remix)
Cosmic Quest
Coastal Aura
Celadon City
Beach Colony
High Enough
Come For The Flowers (ft. Ina Shai)
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[Dark] Whynnel – Mitzdi


A hero’s power would be nothing without the juxtaposition of a darker force. In much the same way, the team over at Heroic have launched the perfect antithesis to their current label with the recent launch of Villain Recordings. With the idea to establish a polar opposite spectrum of sound, this newly birthed collective enables an entirely new breed of artist to be showcased whose musical tendencies lean towards the dark and mysterious.

Leading the charge for the villainous conquest is Slovenian producer Whynnel, giving us a taste of the label’s sinister side with the grungy beats of ‘Mitzdi’. The brooding atmosphere is a potent presence throughout this intensely edgy experience, and yet beneath it all lies undertones that are refreshingly chill. Nevertheless, the imagery of abandoned factories shrouded in darkness will form an inescapable labyrinth in the listener’s mind for the full four minute journey.

Though completely contrasting from a stylistic point of view, one factor that connects the two entities is a mission statement to unearth new talent and create new legacies in the scene. If this debut release is anything to go by, the bad guys will definitely be a force to be reckoned with!

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The Chill Dojo #138

chill dojo

‘Fantasy’ was one of the standout chill tunes of 2014, and just a month after the release of the long-awaited Urban Flora EP, another batch of stellar remixes are set to reinvigorate the passion for the original masterpiece from Alina Baraz and Galimatias. Doing the honors in kicking off Dojo #138 with the first featured remix is a familiar name from Moving Castle in Vices. Representing the innovative brand of future sounds this collective champions, their interpretation is as glorious as you’ve come to expect. In a clever use of space and variation, the imaginative pair combine all the beautiful ambient elements of the original with their signature melodic progression and colorful bursts of delightful bass. For an entirely different spin on the track, TEEMID brings the deep house heat he knows all too well. While energetic dance floor vibes are undoubtedly the intention here, the whimsical sensations of the original are certainly not forgone, resulting in a sultry feel well suited to the later hours of the evening.

Another highlight of last year was Flight Facilities’ massive release ‘Heart Attack’, and to hear a remix from the legendary Snakehips this week could be nothing less than front page news. In perfect sync with the deep emotion in Owl Eyes’ vocals, our beloved UK duo craft impeccably smooth waves of silky groove in ways that only they know how. Adding to the list of stunning vocal treatment for this edition is Chet Porter and his magical rendition of Ember Island’s iconic cover. This is musical wonderment in all its beauty, with percussive builds straying from the path of the generic, and instead leading to soundscapes of hidden forest clearings that cast such vivid scenes in the listener’s mind.

Just one of many surprises you might find as you make your way down this week’s playlist. Peace out.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Fantasy (Vices Remix)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Fantasy (TEEMID Remix)
Flight Facilities
Heart Attack feat. Owl Eyes (Snakehips Remix)
Jack Ü/Ember Island
Where Are Ü Now (Chet Porter Remix)
Tove Lo
Talking Body (SYRE Remix)
Back To Life feat. Roman Kouder (LBCK Remix)
Things Gonna Be Okay
Mr. Carmack
time travel (carmack remix)
I WILL Ft. Jay Prince
Dance On Me (PYRMDPLAZA Remix)
French Kiwi Juice
Instant Need (Turbo Suit Remix)
Bubonic Tonic (Turbo Suit Remix)
Point Point
You Will Never Know
Hex Cougar
Sweet Dreams
Snoop Dogg
Sensual Seduction (Autolaser & PLS&TY Remix)
Young Brother
Kamikaze (Kill Them With Colour Remix)
Two Can
Pressing On Ft. Erin Marshall
call me
One Last Night (SMLE Remix)
Vibe Machine
Fossa Beats
U Know
So Far Away ft. Wonder (Original Mix)
Shrike (Niko The Kid VIP Edit)
Shaded In ft. Jordan Léser
kan g
The Internet
The Internet
Special Affair (E.DOZA Remix)
Wating For You ft. Jahkoy
Take A Chance (Satin Jackets Remix)
Pat Va Dyke
Talk To Em (Moods Remix feat Efe)
Annikas Theme
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