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[Electronic] Day One – Eon

Day One
Eon Ft. Isabel Higuero (Full Edit)

Genres in electronic will rise and fall in popularity over the years, but the musical gems which will stand the test of time are the productions that evoke something more profound beyond the physical sound itself. Whether it’s triggering a deep memory, or a vivid scene that you may not have ever seen before, it’s the story that flows from the sonic wavelengths that ultimately determines the lasting impacting that a track will have for its listeners.

What is so striking about Day One’s lead single from his upcoming Serenity EP is just how quickly those sentiments are awoken within moments of hearing the wondrous interweaving of astral soundscape and lush piano melody. The detail behind the artwork is generally a strong indication of the power of the aural narrative that is about to be told, and there could be nothing more fitting for ‘Eon’ than the glorious image of galactic exploration portrayed above. With clear intentions to depict the beginning of a journey into the stars, every element of this track has been painstakingly layered to accentuate the complete experience of adventure into the unknown. Add to that the stunning vocal accompaniment of Isabel Higuero’s handcrafted lyrics, and the senses suddenly become engaged at their most internal points, reaching down into the soul and creating a feeling unique to this arrangement of sound.

It’s the potency of that sentience that reflects the beauty of what these artists have been able to achieve here, and defines the quality that ensures ‘Eon’ will last for as long as its name suggests.

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The Chill Dojo #151

chill dojo

Get your week started with a smile as veteran producer 813 dishes out a burst of happiness in the form of ‘Walking’. It’s bright, it’s cheesy, but when you hear that whistle lead, you’ll know it’s just what you need to turn those Monday blues upside down. With a flash of jazz and a whole lot of fun, this one’s a good reminder that life doesn’t need to be so serious all the time. Turning to the more traditional form of chill music now, Brisbane group If I Had Antlers deliver the delightful electronic original ‘Fresh Water’. It’s every bit as refreshing as its title, layered with mellow atmosphere and beautiful vocal splices that offer that drifting sensation we look for week in, week out.

When a group of artists get together for a creative session, you know only good things can come out of it. We certainly weren’t expecting a cover of ‘Trap Queen’, but BLANKTS, Tulpa, Teddy & Tive have cooked up something special that completely flips the script on what we thought possible with the original. Basenji continues his string of vocal hits on his Trackpad EP and ahead of his upcoming tour of the same name. This week he revealed ‘About You’, a more soulful approach combining with the velvety voice of Oscar Key Sung. While remaining fairly downtempo for most of the journey, it just wouldn’t be trademark Basenji without an epic bass-filled climax to send it off. From one emotional ride to the next, Maxo works his chord-slaying magic over the incredible Danika Harris for a sweet jam that will wrap up this week’s proceedings in perfect fashion. Peace out.

If I Had Antlers
Fresh Water
Trap Queen
BLANKTS, Tülpa, Teddy & Tive
About You (Feat. Oscar Key Sung)
Better feat. Danika Harrod
Told You (Feat. Ookay)
Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas
From Grace
Like You (Girl) ft. Floria
To U
Prince Fox
Wait Until Tomorrow V.I.P.
Mark Arkinson
cya next time!
Make Me Feel
Not Over
The Cure
Boys Dont Cry (Sailors Remix)
Sam Padrul
Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (La Felix Remix)
Sam Padrul
Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (Mattanoll Remix)
Sam Padrul
Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (Bolivard Remix)
Karma Fields
Breathe Slow
Feel Good (Its Alright) feat. Karen Harding (Ferdinand Weber & Fabich Remix)
Nigel Good
No Way Back Up (feat. Illuminor)
Jungle (Chrome Sparks Remix)
Like An Animal
Whilk & Misky
Clap Your Hands (Addal Edit)
Weight In Gold (Zimmer Remix)
Jon Bonus x Kid Astronaut
The One (Original Mix)
Lights (Bakermat Remix)
Ryan Hemsworth
Afterglow (Celadon City Edit)
Sunshine Song VIP
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[Future] Dooqu – OMW


There’s no secret to Dooqu’s musical intentions, he’s here to make people smile. We first heard from the young Danish talent in his debut LoveLust EP, and in only a few months of honing his melodic craft further, he’s back with his latest Pluma EP to showcase a musical style even more blissful than the last. Of all 3 tracks, ‘OMW’ caught our attention with its addictive blend of playful plucks and chord shredding, forming a wave of lush vibes that culminate in feelings of pure happiness in sonic form. This is the musical equivalent of stepping outside to a morning filled with glorious sunlight and all the positivity in the world shining upon you. We can only wish this was our theme song every day.

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[Electro-Funk] Peking Duk – Say My Name (Filterkat Remix)

Peking Duk
Say My Name ft. Benjamin Joseph (Filterkat Remix)

Australian duo Peking Duk have quickly risen to a headline act in their home country, their latest single ‘Say My Name’ cementing their status with a heap of radio exposure since its release. While the original continues to do its job on the airwaves, a number of other Australian artists have brought their remix chops to this fresh package, helping to ease the exhaustion that extensive radio play can have on a popular hit. One such local talent is Melbourne-based Filterkat, who brings his French inspiration to an incredibly funky electro cut, layered with driving basslines made to bounce off the walls of dance floors and send crowds into a fever pitch. For those seeking that extra kick behind the force of the anthemic vocals, look no further than this one.

You can grab this version in Part 1 of the Say My Name Remixes EP out now.

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The Chill Dojo #150

chill dojo

The Chill Dojo reaches another milestone this week clocking over episode #150. While there won’t be any fanfare in our delivery, there’s no shortage of creative flair on display once again. We’ve seen a lot of talent emerge over the journey, so it’s only fitting that the honors of kicking off this special edition goes to a blissful remix from rising youngster Kidswaste. He’s featured in a number of recent playlists, but his delicate work on Kultur’s ‘Take it Slow’ is more than deserving of first mention here. Soaking in vibes and lush soundscapes, the serene melody emits that magical floating feeling that embodies the very reason we dedicate our time to this playlist every week. As far as our other passions go, we’re all about smooth synths and silky vocals, and that’s exactly what Sydney-based producer Oshan delivers in his latest original ‘Dafty’. The slick beat laid down is on point from the get go, working in perfect harmony with the lyrical flow of Krue to create a tune that just beckons you to sing along.

On that note, this next one from Gnash is a straight up anthem, combining with the masterful production of AObeats for one hell of an addictive track. That hook was just made to be belted out in unison with a festival crowd, with the chill beat doing the rest of the work in getting everybody moving as one. There’s no doubt that ‘Weight In Gold’ has that same powerful quality in spades, and while we’ve featured more than our fair share of remixes so far, every new week never fails to deliver another interpretations that just needs to be shared. One listen to this future-filled effort from Ekali and we’re sure you’ll agree. We started the write-up with a recent name in the Dojo, but we had to end it with a group that’s been around well before our first edition. Miami Horror have been smashing out hits for years, but this week they showed they’re just as good taking on the big songs from other artists as well. This cover of ‘Sober’ is even better than we could have imagined, casting a wave of glorious summer feelings over a track that needed no help in getting hearts racing.

150 down but there’s no end in sight as far as the quality of music goes. We hope you continue to enjoy this week after week. Peace out.

Take It Slow (ft. Blest Jones) (Kidswaste Remix)
Dafty (feat. Krue)
fuck me up (prod. by AObeats)
Weight In Gold (Ekali Remix)
Miami Horror
Sober feat Queen Magic (Childish Gambino Cover)
Rameses B
Faster Than Light (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
Chrome Sparks
Mannus & Venus
lonemoon x atura
i promise
Indigo (Original Mix)
Cyclone (J.G.F Remix)
Very Loud Cry (This Chord Progression Heals)
With Bae
Feather Dance (+Naisu)
Josef Salvat
Open Season (Gryffin Remix)
Shelter feat. Alex Mills (Sonny Alven Remix)
Holding Me, Touching Me
Cable Cat
Find Your Mood
Jamie XX
I Know Theres Gonna Be Good Times (New Mantra Remix)
Flight Facilities
Two Bodies (Henri Remix)
leo kalyan
get your love
Blackbird Blackbird
Strawberry Light
Izzard & Blankts
Threads (Mark Arkinson + Jordan Field Remix)
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The Chill Dojo #149

chill dojo

Dojo #150 may be right around the corner, but we’re not holding anything back this week, going all out with the vibes from the get-go. Nebbra takes primary duties in turning up the heat with a staggering remix of ‘Good For You’. Selena Gomez’s sultry vocals shimmer with summery sounds before the talented beat-maker unleashes an intense groove built for making bodies rock. This is the breath of life that the original needed, turning a bland effort into something truly phenomenal. The FIFA titles are often a goldmine for cult tracks, and they’ve certainly picked a winner in ‘It’s Strange’ which will be featured in the 2016 edition. This gem from Chicago’s Louis The Child is a lush delight for the ears, enlisting the gorgeous vocals of K.Flay to emanate that perfect beach atmosphere. With synth oscillation that mimics the ocean waves, it’s easy to picture this one as the soundtrack to your video montage of a summer just passed.

We have to move on from summer eventually though, and to do just that we’re entering a symphonic shift courtesy of Ark Patrol. His signature brand of soultronica proves to be a solid fit for Alina Baraz’s iconic voice, offering a refreshing take that drives forward with purpose despite its undeniably chill undertones. That’s exactly the direction we see Canadian producer Zanski heading as well, bolstering his repertoire of funky jams with one of his best yet. Opting for a more indie-dance approach, we’re certainly digging this fresh direction that still maintains his uplifting spirit from beginning to end. We’re all for branching out with new sounds, and that’s exactly what sees Kaskade rounding out this week’s write-up with his glorious new original ‘Whatever’. No stranger to crafting a festival anthem, this is one that will get crowds moving for all the right reasons, with the lyrics of KOLAJ just waiting to be elevated by the power of voices united in their thousands.

For a Monday though, we’re happy just to have these tunes flowing through our headphones. Peace out.

Selena Gomez
Good For You (NEBBRA Remix) ft. A$AP Rocky
Louis The Child
Its Strange (Ft. K.Flay)
Galimatias & Alina Baraz
Make You Feel (Ark Patrol Remix)
Whatever ft. KOLAJ
Cant Feel My Face (The Weeknd Cover)
Over U (Chet Porter Remix)
Medicine (ft. chelsea cutler)
Hollow Coves
Heatwave (filous Remix)
I Will For Love (MNEK Remix)
Rudimental ft. Will Heard
I Will For Love (Embody Remix)
Dancing All The Time (Embody Remix)
Calvin Harris & Disciples
How Deep Is Your Love (Liva K Remix)
MSCLS & Feature Cuts ft. Savannah Low
Runaway (Truth & Lies Remix)
Mark Redito
3am Apologies
Fine Print
About You (Wayward Remix)
Hotline Bling Feat. Charlie Puth (esta Remix)
Jeff Bernat
Just Wanna Win Your Heart (Queen) (Nehzuil Remix)
think about
Ellie Goulding
Love Me Like You Do (HK Bootleg Remix)
Mark Arkinson
top qt
Lights ft. pennybirdrabbit
Bobby Hebb
Sunny (Anaa Remix)
52 Weeks
Stargaze ft. Joe
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The Chill Dojo #148

chill dojo

We may have kissed another Summer goodbye, but you can always count on some late farewells even after the season has come to a close. This year it’s the bumping groove of Pat Lok to give us a final taste of musical heat, taking on the tribal vibes of Autograf’s ‘Dream’ and kicking things up a notch with a sweltering bassline. With a host of switch-ups throughout the ride, this is one slick mix that brings a whole new freshness to a track we’ve been spinning plenty often this year. Basenji’s ‘Petals’ is another one that’s received big love in 2015, and off the back of news of his impending debut EP, we’ve been gifted with another gem in ‘Can’t Get Enough’. Going down the vocal road has paid dividends for the creative producer of late, and together with the stellar input from Brasstracks, this one is dripping in cheesy happiness that’s got us feeling some kind of way. We’re hooked on those sweet emotions for the moment, so it’s only right we share buji’s foray into the vocal space with ‘Dreamcast’. Channeling a unique combination of Fetty Wap, game references and superb future sounds, this one will tug on those nostalgic heartstrings from beginning to end.

It was only a matter of time before we ran into a song with this title, but thankfully Shleepytime brings all the right vibes you’d expect from ‘Netflix and Chill’. Nothing sets the mood quite like expert chord progression, cheesy slap bass and that iconic jersey water drop sample, so we just had to invite this one over into our playlist this week. We’ve spent heaps of quality time with Porter’s ‘Sad Machine’ across the course, but even when you think you’ve heard them all, an inspirational piece from no idea why comes along to completely blow your mind all over again. It’s a slow build towards the epic climax of this song, but in every moment before and after you can hear the painstaking detail that’s gone into the incredibly beautiful soundscape. Pure chills.

You’ve been warned, this edition is heavy on the feels. Peace out.

Dream (Pat Lok Remix)
Cant Get Enough
Netflix & chill
porter robinson
sad machine (no idea why remix)
For You
Hold Me Close
Deluxe (Duskus Remix)
Deya (feat. Patrick Baker) (Osmo Remix)
Bye Bye
Kids ft. Besnine (DGTO remix)
Dream (Deepend Remix)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Make You Feel (Le Youth Extended Mix)
weight in gold (oshi redo)
Hundred Waters
Show Me Love (Big Wild Remix)
feel good inc. (swindail remix)
Cast Away
Tep No Feat. Heather Janssen
Safe Dream
Cant Do Without You (Manila Killa & Kidswaste Cover)
Do You Go Up
Dirty Chocolate
Underwater Level
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