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The Chill Dojo #166

chill dojo

We’re mixing things up for #166 with an eclectic spread of features, starting with some infectious groove from Louie Lastic. While Kelela’s original utilized her stunning voice to captivate listeners, this take on ‘Rewind’ spins a slick garage vibe together with an injection of hot Goldlink bars to make it all about getting your body moving. After a breakout 2015, everyone seems to be eagerly awaiting what Louis The Child will come up with next. Their latest release ‘From Here’ comes courtesy of none other than OWLSA, and carries all the chill feels that have us addicted to their unique electronic sound. Clean beats and bright percussive elements pave the way for the catchy melody to bury its way inside your head, to be replayed over and over whenever the right mood strikes.

It’s a similar melodic quality that makes this next collab from Pure Pool and Deech such a joy to listen to. ‘Puppet Castle’ brings a sweet blend of classic bass sounds with fresh production elements, oozing a velvety style of mellow music reminiscent of the 90’s sitcom era. We move from retro influence to an atmosphere inspired by modern anime, with Miro crafting an epic harmonic experience from Kozoro’s ‘Curious’. While the original already radiated many entrancing traits, the UK producer reinterprets the song into a breathtaking vocal journey that climaxes with an emotion-filled guitar solo just made for the pinnacle moment of the scene it portrays.

It’s the perfect note to close out our write-up as well. Peace out.

Rewind feat. GoldLink (Louie Lastic Remix)
Louis The Child
From Here
Pure Pool & Deech
Puppet Castle
Curious (ft. Noctilucent) (Miro Remix)
sitting in a rainforest w/ my electric pianos
Icy Lust
melee / falling
i love you
Last Night (Ft. Sophie Meiers)
Future Being
Sensi Sye
be with you
Flash X (Said The Sky Remix)
All My Friends ft Tinashe & Chance The Rapper (Jarreau Vandal Remix)
Found You
sober rob
Shrine feat. MYRNE
haze (gill chang remix)
Skrillex & Team EZY (ft. NJOMZA)
Pretty Bye Bye
All I Do (Baribal Flip)
Divine Disaster (feat. James Chatburn)
Janet Jackson
No Sleeep (Goldroom Remix)
Sound Remedy
Malibu 2.0
Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien
I Hate I Love (Perttu Remix)
Wildfire (Autograf Remix)
Ben Phipps
Dont Look Back (feat. Ashe)
Feels (Zeni Edit)
Al Kelly
Weeks Apart (feat.
summer sunday
RYAN Playground
Are You Mad
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The Chill Dojo #165

chill dojo

Well some parts of the world certainly don’t need any help in the chill department this week, but for those not experiencing blizzard conditions, we’ve got a killer remix of GoldLink’s ‘Zipporah’ courtesy of a masterful beatmaker in Gravez. While the original definitely wasn’t lacking any punch, the smooth touch from the LA based producer takes this one to the next level. Still feeling those slow jam vibes, our next feature is a silky number from Beshken, combining his fresh atmospheric sound with some glorious male vocals from Gus Dapperton.

On the topic of male talent, 2015 was a massive year for Tom Misch, and while some artists would find it difficult to follow up such a stellar run, he has demonstrated his caliber once again with an early contender for one of the best mellow tunes of 2016. The vocal partnership between himself and Carmody is a pure delight to listen to, but that guitar solo is the real sweetener that solidifies this polished piece of musical brilliance. The Moving Castle Collective are another instance of established genius over the past year, and their incredible releases keep coming with a beautiful single from Melbourne’s Dugong Jnr. The lush vibe is reminiscent of Cashmere Cat at his smoothest, and the addition of Tashka’s dreamy voice is a prime example of pop music done so right.

Only one month down, but already this year is shaping up to be something special. Peace out.

Zipporah (Gravez Remix)
Faceless (feat. Gus Dapperton)
Tom Misch & Carmody
Easy Love
Dugong Jr
Secrets (feat. Tashka)
White Noise (MNEK X Disclosure Cover)
Palms (feat. Amory)
Giving Into You feat. Ashibah
Without You
Gone (INSTRUM Remix)
Tep No
Me And My Guitar
Novo Amor
Anchor (Boehm Remix)
la nights ft. mph & sarah burns
Only Flaw (soft remix)
Human Nature
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The Chill Dojo #164

chill dojo

The playlist size for #164 is an indication of how big the past week has been in electronic music, and it’s headlined by none other than Flume and a stunning track from his upcoming album Skin. In case you somehow managed to miss it, ‘Never Be Like You’ is the first full stream we have been gifted with, and the slow hypnotizing experience is perfected with the breathtakingly beautiful vocals from Kai. If the album preview was any indication, there will be plenty more mind-blowing reveals to come.

The release of the gigantic remix package for ‘It’s Strange’ was enough to fill its own playlist for the week, but after going through the unprecedented 20 strong EP, we managed to trim it down to nine chill edits that just had to be included. It was tough to pick a favorite, but the silky touch of Melvv takes out the accolade of Dojo choice, carrying on the positive vibe that Louis The Child instilled in the original with the addition of some bright floating melodies. Having been a long time favorite of ours in the remix game, Manila Killa did his credentials no harm with the debut of his first ever original ‘All That’s Left’. While the vocals carry some emotive themes, the mellow groove champions a feel-good sensation that is far too infectious to resist.

There is a heap to explore, so we’ll cut short the reading and you can dive right into the listening. Peace out.

Never Be Like You feat. Kai
Louis The Child
Its Strange (Melvv Remix)
Louis The Child Feat. K.Flay
Its Strange (Jailo Remix)
Louis The Child Feat. K.Flay
Its Strange (CRNKN Remix)
Louis The Child (ft. K. Flay)
Its Strange (Mr FijiWiji Remix)
Louis The Child Feat. K.Flay
Its Strange (Myles Travitz Remix)
Louis The Child
Its Strange Ft. K.Flay (LeMarquis Remix)
Louis The Child Feat. K.Flay
Its Strange (Pham X Filip Remix)
Louis The Child FT. K.Flay
Its Strange (Inodi Remix)
Louis The Child Feat. K.Flay
Its Strange (White Cliffs Remix)
Manila Killa
All Thats Left (feat. Joni Fatora)
All I See (feat. Laura Brehm)
Purity Ring
Bodyache (LIONE Remix)
Thomas Vx
Emma Dewing
Beautiful Mess (Wax Motif Version)
Tidal Wave (Sound Remedy Remix)
Owl City
Vanilla Twilight (SizzleBird Remix)
Mark Johns
BTFU (Mommy Issues)
Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MØ
Lean On (DiscoRazors Galactic Edit)
Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir
Found Your Love (Two Can Remix)
We Go Back (Jarami Remix ft. Skizzy Mars)
Come Back (Instrumental)
sam gellaitry
Pham x Filip
trusay (Koyö Remix)
Star Slinger
Im Like
Star Slinger
Alpha Lead (Instrumental Version)
Runaway (U&I) (Speaker of the Houses Big Beat 5th Anniversary Remix)
Proud (Autograf Remix)
Warm Water (Daniele Di Martino Remix)
Our Story
Land Of Departure
Back To You (Nurko Remix)
Dead Horse Beats
Thinking Of You
Share My Dreams
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[Electronic] Camikaze – Shadows feat. Zoe A’dore

Shadows feat. Zoe A'dore

Every so often you’ll come across a track that you know will be big for an artist. Regardless of whether they have two Soundcloud uploads or fifty, every successful name would have that one piece of work that allowed them to take the next step in their musical journey. Though Perth-based producer Camikaze is still a relatively new name on the scene, he has already shown flashes of potential with an official remix for fellow countrymen Peking Duk and their own career-defining release in ‘Say My Name’. While displaying aptitude is one thing, garnering attention is a whole different ballgame, but we could say with confidence that his debut single ‘Shadows’ is the song to do just that.

On first listen, it’s not hard to be captivated by the anthemic nature of the glorious percussive builds together with the gorgeous vocals of Zoe A’dore. Every step forward yields greater and greater anticipation until things climax in an incredible burst of swirling synths that could easily command the movements of an entire festival crowd. It’s a quality that owes itself to the truly unique nature of this tune and a sound that is truly inspired, yet free from any traces of trying to emulate something already established. That is what foretells success for both song and artist, and having already gained support from MrSuicideSheep and hundreds of thousands of streams to go with it, this one is well on its way to building something special for the young talent. Until that day comes, you can keep this on repeat through Spotify.

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[Bass] Fytch – Sirens Over Paris

VR015 - 2000 - ARTWORK
Sirens Over Paris

When great tragedy happens in the world, music is often the place that best conveys the deep emotions that are too difficult to put into words. The chilling events that took place in Paris in November 2015 were one of the defining moments in recent history, creating a numbing sense of shock that will forever stay etched in the minds of all those who witnessed it. While one could never imagine the fear of being present in such a situation, French producer Fytch has crafted a song which so powerfully expresses the overwhelming melancholy that still lingers over the memory of this day.

The haunting intro to ‘Sirens Over Paris’ could easily deceive the listener into expecting a full-blown metal track, and yet the force behind this one lies not with shredding guitars and growling vocals, but a wave of aggressive electronic bass that embodies the immensity of that moment in time. This clash of genres is a potent experience in its own right, but together with the weight of the events it describes makes the feeling ever more lasting beyond the sounds that resonate from our speakers. It’s no easy task to compose music that reflects on the gravity of the Paris tragedy, but the result here is something that won’t fail to cause goosebumps each and every time it is heard.

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The Chill Dojo #163

chill dojo

This week we celebrate the spirit of collaboration, sharing and musical inspiration in the form of Mothica’s Mythic EP and the amazing remixes that came about as a result of her releasing the acapellas for the world to re-imagine. The first feature from Kayge Calypso and DUNN elects to finely slice the vocals, piecing them together with key lyrical moments from the original track and a breathtakingly beautiful acoustic atmosphere. The outcome is a sound that is like butter to the ears. In much the same fashion, this next interpretation of ‘Hand Grenade’ is another gorgeous display of intricate vocal chops, this time infuzed with mellow future vibes that have us floating on a wave of carefree feelings. It’s not often we get a chance to talk about artists hailing from the small island of New Caledonia, but if this effort is anything to go by, Koyö may have just put it on the map for 2016.

Next up we have the same track taken in a very different direction, with a pair of Swedes in Native and Lost going for a deeper house-driven approach that will soothe your soul and ease you into your Monday in the best way possible. Outside of these stunning Mothica-inspired discoveries, another golden find for the week was courtesy of Vancouver’s Syre, releasing a short yet ever so sweet jam called ‘Sizzle’. It’s simple, fresh and fun, which is often all you need to create a tune that is very much at home within our humble Dojo abode.

But it’s nothing without people to share it with, so we hope you enjoy this and all the rest. Peace out!

No One (DUNN & Kayge Calypso Remix)
Hand Grenade (Koyö Remix)
Hand Grenade (Native & Lost Remix)
Years From Now
28th x ando
Innuendo ft. Ian Jacinto
Kill Our Way To Heaven (No Tv No Radio Remix)
ahh ooh
Twist Rock
ahh ooh
Motown Milkyway
ahh ooh
Planet Ooh
Stop Trippin (Chill Harris Remix)
uth fruit
stop time (michael mason edit)
Light (feat. Little Dragon) (Daktyl Remix)
Golden Hand (metsä flip)
Tontario x Lucas Nord
Cosmic Quest & RJ Tripps
Drip Quark ft. Monster Lips
Sound Remedy
Robots Cant Dance
Would You
Feels (Felix Cartal Remix)
Charlene Soraia & (HUGEL X Nicolas Monier)
Postcards From iO
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The Chill Dojo #162

chill dojo

Well another year rolls around, and we can only imagine what’s in store for us in 2016. There’s no predicting what sounds will be created over the next 12 months, but if there’s one thing we can hang our hat on, it’s that there will be a stack of new artists to unearth and musical innovation to explore.

That statement rings true for our first Dojo feature of the year from ANTI-HERO and Atura. Their collaboration ‘Distant’ is the perfect example of the creative variation we’re hoping to hear as the electronic world continues to develop and push the boundaries ever further. No genre labeling could ever pinpoint the whirlwind of imagination that this song incorporates, as future synths combine with soulful melodies to facilitate a soundtrack to your moments of deep thought. Following a very similar trend, our next track again celebrates the beauty that comes from different minds coming together on the one production. Those artists in question are Kids Want Techno, Michael Mason and Luzana Flores, all bringing their particular talents to remix the acoustic ambience of ‘Arrow’ into a dreamlike experience with all the color and wonder that a classy electronic touch can provide.

That standard of professional editing is exactly what you need when messing around with a classic like Daft Punk’s ‘Something About Us’, and thankfully that’s just what T25 brings to his effort here. The vocal treatment here is top notch, taking every effort to preserve the sanctity of the original while adding an incredibly chill vibe behind the future-inspired sound. From a fresh take on a classic to a new spin on a tune that dominated 2015, house fiend LCAW closed off the year in style, revealing his official remix for ‘Like an Animal’ that is bound to tear up dance floors in the coming months and beyond. The deep groove laid down here is the perfect accompaniment to those iconic lyrics which played themselves over and over in our minds and through our speakers. This mix ensures that won’t end anytime soon.

However you’re starting off 2016, make sure you do it surrounded by good music. Peace out.

Arrow (KWT/Michael Mason/Olan Remix)
Daft Punk
Something About Us (T25 Remix)
Like An Animal (LCAW Remix)
Coyote Kisses
Sunny Day (Pheeno Remix)
Mura Masa
Your Bones (Astre Remix)
Mura Masa
Your Bones (Khamsin Remix)
Janet Jackson feat. Missy Elliot
R. Saadiq
Be Here (Ruck P Remix)
Só Você (Ft. Elhae & ESTA.)
im sorry (feat. shiloh)
sam gellaitry
zircon caves
the journey
Speed Dial
Snow On My Roof
Seventh Week
Crowded Silence
Fleeting Moment
Snacks On Snacks
searchin 4 reason
Celadon City
A Morning Expedition
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