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[T-T-T-T-TRAP] Empia – My Own

My Own

The Australian sound has really come to the fore in 2014, with a mob of talented artists delighting the world with bright upbeat jams, and enough chill electronica to populate an entire festival’s worth of playlists. Just don’t underestimate them when it comes to getting down and dirty, because as Sydney’s Empia will prove, they’re more than capable of unleashing an absolute melter. Like many of his fellow countrymen, the young producer has found a home in plenty of our past Chill Dojo editions, and the charming mix of vocal chants and woodblocks which prelude this track would have you believe this is another to add comfortably to the list. Well you’d be dead wrong, because this one was a trap all along. Behind those calming jungle sounds lies a monster, and an insanely nasty one at that. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #93

chill dojo

As chill as this dojo is, we all need a holiday once in a while, and thankfully Ninjette Brooke was kind enough to step in during my break to make sure that the vibes kept flowing. Let’s pick up exactly where we left off and launch back into some of the best new music that has this summer thriving.

There’s no better style than tropical tunage to get things going, and no better man than Viceroy to kick-start this sun-drenched playlist. Now you’d be forgiven for anticipating the lyrics of Nicki Minaj to enter after hearing the first few chords of ‘The Life’, but thankfully it’s the sweet vocals of Penguin Prison that greet us in this 2014 anthem from Mr “Summertime All the Time”. This is the quintessential track for any beach party this year, no questions asked, but would you have expected anything less when these two names combine? I may have been on a break for a little while, but Oliver Nelson is a man who never stops pumping out one tropical gem after the next. His fiendish disco frenzy continues with his latest remix of ‘Busy Baby’, complete with those trademark slapping drums that never fail to induce some serious head bopping. Long Beach duo LBCK are another group geared up for a big summer this year, and they’re firing things up with a remix of a burning classic from Mariah Carey. The perfect combo of soul, funk and warm groove make for one hell of a start to their campaign, and it’s one we’ll watch with eager eyes.

It just wouldn’t be a summer playlist without a good showing of some Norwegian talent, and once again Bearson demonstrates that he has it in spades with another mind-blowing remix. We knew this brand of mellow house would make him blow up very soon, and we’re sure it won’t be too much longer at all before he reaches the heights he deserves. Not to be outdone, fellow countryman Matoma is another Scandinavian superstar who wields a nu-disco vibe to be revered. No stranger to a golden hip-hop acapella, his latest slice of paradise is seamless in its treatment of those untouchable lyrics, and will ensure they’re enjoyed for countless years to come. While we’re talking about stunning revivals, this Damian Marley cover from EFIX will take things to a whole new level of chill. With amazing control and pace, every minute of this delightful journey will take you to a completely new place, and is truly a marvel in musical construction. That guitar and violin partnership is absolutely mesmerizing. Rounding out this wrap-up is the latest bootleg magic from DJ AA, which hits all the right notes in its use of Sam Smith together with some dance-floor heat from 1up.

Whether you’re gunning for a holiday or just the weekend, this playlist will set the mood right to get you there. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #93 zip

The Life Feat. Penguin Prison

Tomas Barfod
Busy Baby Feat. Nina K (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Mariah Carey
Emotions (LBCK Rmx)

Nothin On My Mind (Bearson Remix)

Hold On Be Strong Vs. Big Poppa (Matoma Remix)

Damian Marley
Road To Zion ( EFIX & XKAEM Cover )

1up & Sam Smith
Gir1s (AA Latch Ibiza Bootleg)

Waiting feat. Madelyn Grant

Tom Misch

Sinead Harnett
No Other Way (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Days With You ft Sinead Harnett (Pomo Remix)

Lay by

Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Saint Pepsi
Fiona Coyne (Maxo Yo yomix)

Happy Boy

Nice Feelings

Rainbows And Skunks

The Sneekers
All You Need Is Lovin (Red Milk Remix)

If You (Original Mix)

Henry Krinkle
Stay (Justin Martin Remix)

The Avener
Fade Out Lines (Synapson Remix)

Patrick Baker

Florian Bery
The Wave

Slow Magic

Fritz 12 8

Giorgio Oehlers
I Rise

Freddie Joachim

Tales For Her

Harris Cole X Birocratic
Summer Nights

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[Deep House] Cœur de Pirate – Wicked Games (Daniele Di Martino Remix)

Cœur de Pirate
Wicked Games (Daniele Di Martino Remix)

German producer Daniele Di Martino has made 2014 his year, with a string of chilled house remixes gathering plenty of attention for his emotion-steeped style. Fresh off the release of his first EP, he delivers yet another beautiful rendition of indie music mixed with hypnotic beats and fading synths. Canadian singer/songwriter Cœur de Pirate had already brought a new presence to her cover of the popular original from The Weeknd, but it’s the extra touch from Daniele’s handiwork which truly brings this track into its own. The deepened vocals and poignant piano elicit another level of meaning from the haunting tune, creating an experience that extends far beyond the ears. Grab the free download on his Facebook page and keep this one at the ready for when you need a heavy dose of feels.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #90

chill dojo

Just like the World Cup is a celebration of the world’s best football talent, we like to think the Chill Dojo brings together a similar caliber of gifted individuals when it comes to vibe-filled tunes. Only we don’t have to wait four years to bask in these brilliant artistic displays, because we’re getting them on a weekly basis. Kicking the show off this week is Canadian producer Pomo, giving us a sneak peak into his forthcoming EP with a sun-drenched single in ‘Start Again’. Head-bopping beats combine with the soothing vocals of Andrea Cormier for a track that just oozes summer feelings, and is sure to get heavy rotation over the season this year. This week saw the release of the remix package for Chordashian’s ‘Questions’, and among them was a familiar name in jackLNDN, who once again crafts his deep house groove seamlessly into the feel of the original. The warm disco vibes are certainly heating things up in this playlist, and they’ll do the same for any party mix you choose to throw this one into. Chromeo’s ‘Jealous’ is always a massive party-starter, and remixes have been flowing thick and fast ever since it first began lighting up dancefloors. There’s actually a contest on at the moment, and we think we’ve found a number-one contender in San Fran producer Funk Leblanc. You can probably guess the style from the name, but you won’t be expecting just how insanely funky this version is until your body is already under its control. This fits the style of Chromeo to a tee, and if you didn’t know any different, this could easily pass off as the original.

Next up we’ve got the latest from UK duo Blonde which was featured a little earlier in the week. Their coming EP is due in a bit, but the warmer weather cries out for blissful music like this, so we’ve got this poolside jam to enjoy in the meantime. Seven Lions is known for his bass-filled melodic masterpieces, but this week he called out a particular remix of ‘Strangers’ which caught his eye for all the right reasons. Described as ‘Anti-drop’ music, Irish producer The Eden Project has turned generic structure on its head with an innovative track that doesn’t need a heavy climax to make a statement. In a similar vein to Koan Sound’s recent style, we’ve traded a whomping bass for heavenly atmospheric elements which accentuate the beauty of the original vocals, and it’s this sort of freshness which we want to share week in week out. The upcoming generation are definitely at the forefront of this boundary-pushing material, and 15-year old $aturn consistently shows that with every new song that surfaces. Forget his few years of experience, his latest effort in ‘Pentecostic’ is a lesson in quality trap production for all ages, and it really sets the bar when it comes to mixing slick beats with gorgeous melody. And while we’re speaking of emotion, Ryan Hemsworth is a maestro when it comes to eliciting feels, as you’ll quickly find from ‘Every Square Inch’. There’s an undeniable charm in everything he produces, and you can sense that it’s something that comes from his persona as much as his musical prowess.

Together this makes a team of supreme artists to excite you with the best of their creativity and skill, and that’s something worth cheering about. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #90 zip

Start Again Ft. Andrea Cormier
Questions Feat. Frances Rose (JackLNDN Remix)
Jealous (Funk LeBlanc Remix)
Higher Ground (feat. Charli Taft)
Seven Lions
Strangers (The Eden Project Remix)
Ryan Hemsworth
「Every Square Inch」(with Qrion)
Alina Baraz Ft. Esta
Paradise (Jarreau Vandal Remix)
Mariah Carey
Touch My Body (Harrison TouchMyButt Version)
Gatorade (Manila Killa Ft. Mark Johns Flip)
Kappa Kavi
Talk 2 The Heart
With You (P A T H Remix)
Sophia Black
OVR AGN (Equator Club Remix)
Willow Beats
Jason Burns & Sarah Winters
space jams
Let You Be
temu bacot
Boogaloo Blues
Linus Complex
In Yellow Glow
You Know Me
Norman Doray & NERVO ft. Cookie
Something To Believe In (Matoma Summer Remix)
I see you Ft Kaleem Taylor (Original Mix)
JNL + Moses Mayes
Free (Instrumental)
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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #89

chill dojo

Usually when we write about young talent in this era of music, we focus on the wave of teen producers and their knack for fresh sounds, but let’s not forget that there are those of similar age who are just as capable of wowing us with their voice. 13 year-old Jasmine Thompson is one of these artists, and her arsenal of beautiful song covers on her Soundcloud will prove that she’s no one-hit-wonder. Self-declared ‘emotional’ producer Addal recognized the potential in these vocals as well, and with a little magic touch the feels on this Ed Sheeran cover have been escalated to powerful levels. And speaking of feels, 21 year old UK producer Samuel boasts a formidable array of tropical remixes that will hit you straight in the sweet spot. We were so impressed and overcome at the same time, we needed to share 5 of them in this week’s playlist so you could feel the same kind of way. Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ had a similar effect when we first heard it, and this liquid interpretation from Tut Tut Child incorporates that power into an invigorating burst of DnB goodness, made all the more sweeter by that glorious atmosphere. We’ve said time and time again that genres don’t matter when we stay in touch with how the music makes us feel. That’s why we can move straight into this progressive house gem from Bobby Green without a second thought, because underneath that swinging groove is a vibe that’s undeniably chill. Next up is a dose of golden summer sounds from German group MYNGA, who team up with Cosmo Klein for a track that’s bursting with feel-good sensations ready to fuel all your sun-soaked moments this year. The addition of sax is always a winner with us, and its use here caps off one stellar production. We end the write-up with another track written with the sun very much in mind, as NY’s The Golden Pony breathe new life into another classic courtesy of their signature laid-back funk. Whether it’s sunup or sundown, this kind of music won’t fail to hypnotize a crowd into grooving along to its infectious rhythm.

Another big week for the playlist, and we’re pretty confident you’ll be feelin it too. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #89 zip

I See Fire (Feat. Jasmine Thompson)

Acoustic Cuts
Show Me Love (Samuel Remix)

Gabrielle Aplin
Mountains (Samuel Remix)

Rachel Christina
Say Goodbye (Samuel Remix)

The Weeknd
Devil May Cry (Samuel Remix)

Circles (Samuel Remix)

Porter Robinson
Sad Machine (Tut Tut Child Remix)

Bobby Green
Changing Me (feat. Sean Michael Murray)

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein
Back Home (Original Mix)

The Grateful Dead
Casey Jones (The Golden Pony Golden Classics Remix)

Gorgon City
Here For You ft. Laura Welsh (GRMM Remix)


You Know Me

Baby Bash
Suga Suga (Royal Refix)

Rob ez
Trill Waves

Pokemon RSE
Title Screen (Rob ez Remix)

Feel U

Freaky Frog
Right There

Leisurely Lion


Cashmere Cat
Mirror Maru (Katuchat Remix)


G Unit
Stunt 101 (Cookin Soul remix)

Chet Faker
Talk Is Cheap (Kaytranada Flip)

Fall In Love Too Fast (Exmag Remix)

Mark Tarmonea
So Berlin (Freddy Verano Radio Edit)

Julian Perretta
Wildfire (Anoraak radio remix)

Parov Stelar
The Sun Feat. Graham Candy (LCAW Remix)

James Bay
Hear Your Heart (Tontario Edit)

Neptune Safari
The Edge Of Night


The Knocks
Modern Hearts Feat. St. Lucia (Dynamique Remix)

Mix Chopin
T.U.I.L. ft Courtney

Flight Facilities
Crave You (Le Croquant & Antis Remix)

José González
Crosses (Midliife Remix)

Starships & Galaxies

Evil Needle & Sivey
Constructive Interference

Dirty Chocolate
The Peak

InTheAir(Love Is)

dream beach
Heart Tones

All This Love

Ongoing Thing


50 Cent
in da club... (SILK PANGEA remix)




Blue In Green (DIVERSA Flip)

Tsubakis Room. (subdaio edit)

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #88

chill dojo

When new Wave Racer makes a splash on the net, there’s never any doubt that you’ll be hearing those sweet bouncy sounds right here in this playlist. For dojo #88, he brings the very best of his infectious happiness in an official remix for Foster The People, with all those signature trimmings that have made this style a worldwide phenomenon. The rising success of the Australian sound has plenty more champions behind it though, and this past week revealed an incredible collab between Sydney’s Cosmo’s Midnight and Norwegian talent Lido for an official remix of AlunaGeorge’s ‘Superstar’. The title does well to describe the quality names behind this one, and we knew this track was going to be something special well before we hit play. Many repeated plays since has reaffirmed it time and time again. That wasn’t all from Lido for one week though, for he also had a Bastille remix to unleash as well, and this one is every bit as addictive as the last. The pacing and vocal work behind his music keep the listener hanging on every moment, and yet every production continues to amaze and push things to the next level. The same could be said for French group Point Point, who had us absolutely awestruck by their first track ‘Life in Grey’. Proving they can back it up and then some, their second release ‘Morning BJ’ is as pleasurable to the ears as well…you know. With a mind-blowing progression and uniqueness to their sound, these guys are as fresh as it gets. And when it comes to new ideas, the wave of young musical talent are leading the way and making their mark in this era of the industry. 16 year-old WRLD is one of these we speak of, and his latest release under the Monstercat label will prove just how much there is to look forward to in the near future. This is pop music done right, with the beat and production at the forefront of everything that makes this song so good.

Continue down the list and there are plenty more examples of just how good we music fans have it at this present time. There’s an endless supply of innovative productions out there, and even more inspired artists emerging as a result. We’ll be the ones who are happy to share it. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #88 zip

Foster The People
Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix)

Superstar (Cosmos Midnight x Lido Remix)

Bad Blood (Lido Remix)

Point Point
Morning BJ

Orbit (feat. Richard Caddock)

Strehlow x Dehku

Jailo & Kappa Kavi

What You Gonna Do


Drowning (Love Thy Brother Remix)

La Madrague (MrCØ Remix)

5 Reasons
Tales Of Love (feat. Patrick Baker)

Glen Check
Pacific (Glen Check Summer Remix)

Glen Check
Pacific (Moullinex Remix)

Glen Check
Pacific (Les Loups Remix)

Milky Chance
Stolen Dance (Embody Remix)

Jealous (I Aint With It) (Jerry Folk Remix)

Pharrell Williams
Happy (Lenno Remix)

Lykke Li
No Rest For The Wicked (Figgy Remix)

Midnight (Rezonate Remix)

Moon Boots
Whatever You Need

Kyla La Grange
The Knife (Regulators Remix)

Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Make You Feel (VESTIGE Remix)

Chandelier (ViLLAGE Remix)

Crow (VIP)


Tokyo Pt. 2 (Feat. Sango)

Stick Figure
Smokin Love Ft. Collie Buddz
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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #87

chill dojo

When it comes to selecting tracks for our Chill Dojo playlist, there are a few instruments which can instantly grab our attention, and the pan flute is one we have a very soft spot for. Add to that superb sax, magical female vocals and a groovy beat and you’ve pretty much sealed the deal. If you happened to catch this feature on Felix Jaehn’s ‘Shine’, there would be no surprise in seeing it top the list for this edition. Together with countryman Freddy Verano and the songwriting prowess of Linying, this combination of musical perfection is the perfect way to get summer started. Matoma sat atop last week’s playlist, and true to our predictions he is back in no time at all with that Norwegian sound we just can’t get enough of. This time he’s gotten together with his friend Nelsaan to craft an uplifting tribute to the John Mayer original. The song may be about free falling, but the hype behind this artist is only going to continue as each release consistently outdoes the last. Once we’re on that tropical vibe, it’s really hard to shake, so we’re going to keep that going with some bright summer disco courtesy of That’s Nice on the remix of this recent Keljet release. Whether it’s a huge pool party or a quiet outing with friends, this track is built to be a weekend anthem and the fuel to your good times. Sweden’s Tobtok has featured in the Chill Dojo for this same reason plenty of times before, and he is back once more with another piece of smooth paradise in his latest remix of ‘Catch’. Tropical soundscapes and uplifting vocals seem to be the theme of edition #87 so far, and there’s plenty more sweetness for your ears where that came from.

Next up it’s Bono’s turn as Belgian producer Henri Pfr and Chicago’s Kiso forge a U2 remix whose power goes far beyond the lyrics alone. This edit is pure feels, wrapped in a bed of floating chords and care-free feelings. Lana Del Rey’s lyrics usually go down a different route of melancholy, but as always we love to hear music which can flip all expectations on its head. That’s exactly what we have hear with Stint’s take on ‘West Coast’, stripping back the brooding  original to reveal a cheery side you wouldn’t see coming. Complete with whistle solo, this is all kinds of chill, the likes of which we haven’t heard before. And speaking of new directions, we are loving how Austrian DnB duo Camo & Krooked have been expanding their musical repertoire into a more laid-back style of late. Their remix of the Klangkarussell original puts their refreshing liquid sound on full display, and we’re looking forward to seeing plenty more of this in the near future.

But that’s only scratching the surface of what is on offer this week, so make sure to dig all the way down to discover all the treasures we’ve got for you here. Peace out.

Chill Dojo # 87 zip

Felix Jaehn
Shine (feat. Freddy Verano & Linying)
Matoma & Nelsaan
Free Fallin Tropical Mojito Remix (John Mayer Tribute)
Keljet ft Mereki
Run This World (Thats Nice Remix)
Kill Me Softly feat Jane Elizabeth Hanley
Catch (Tobtok Remix)
With Or Without You (Henri Pfr & Kiso Remix)
Lana Del Rey
West Coast (Stint Remix)
Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain)  CAMO & KROOKED REMIX
Floating Point
Evoke & Bijou
Louis Futon
Sir Rock
Chandelier (Night Cruise Bootleg)
☆  H o n e y b e l l ☆
Down, B, Up, B
Foolin (Basenji Remix)
Chop Bowl
LAGOON 。◕‿ ◕。
Red Milk
Its You (with TastyTreat)
Obey City
Fallin (Merlot VIP)
Last Lynx
Curtains (Dinnerdate Remix)
The Twins (Patrick Baker Bootleg)
De Hofnar & Dennis Kruissen
Ayo Technology (Bootleg)
Kyla La Grange
The Knife (Equator Club Remix)
Cosmic Quest
Water Winds (Female Remix)
Love (Keljet Remix)
Once Again (Layzie Edit)
Sevyn Streeter Ft. Chris Brown
It Wont Stop (Manila Killa & Hunt For the Breeze Remix)
Ellie Goulding
Starry Eyed (MaxxWell Q Trap Remix)
James Deen
Her Pretty Face
Freddy Winter X Sampha
Too Much (REMIX)
Milo Mills
I Need You
Foolish feat. Ryan Ashley (Tom Misch Remix)
Saturday on WB
Omapa ( J LOUIS ) FLIP
Shore (Original Mix)
Sean Mackey
You Are The Sun (Original Mix)
Floating Cloud
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