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The Chill Dojo #133

chill dojo

Chill Dojo #133 lines up perfectly with the release of the eagerly awaited Victory EP from San Holo, and to celebrate the occasion we’re putting ‘Hold Fast’ front and center as our favorite track from the week gone by. The brooding bass-rumbling atmosphere does well to disguise any indication of chill intentions here, but when the emotion-filled melody kicks into gear, there’s no doubting the inherent genius that’s involved in this mind-blowing production. It’s got us craving for more future-tinged beats, and thankfully Subtact has provided a sublime flip of Pusher’s ‘Emeralds’ to satisfy just that. While less about color than the original, this is a gem that trades shimmer for an enchantment that reaches deep within, beckoning you further into the cosmic surrounds that manifests itself through the waves of sound.

The winner for best sampling this week could only go to ABSRDST though, with his latest track incorporating a very unique feature from Diddy Kong. In a giant step for music production, there is now finally a collaboration between man and simian, and it’s a smooth mellow result to boot. It’s hard to put a finger on just one thing that creates ‘The Essence’, but you can be sure it’s a joruney packed with plenty of nostalgic feels. If you were surprised a feature from a fictional character could possibly make the list, it might be even harder to fathom that following this would be a shout out to Ariana Grande. Once you hear this head-bopping jam from Zanski though, you’ll understand exactly how we fell under its funky spell. Leave any preconceptions at the door for this one, and welcome in the glorious horns and playful percussion to indulge in this moment of guilty weakness. It’s a similar kind of sweetness that oozes from every silky production from French Kiwi Juice, and his latest remix proves once again why he is ‘Unstoppable’. Layered with generous servings of signature FKJ funk, this is another sexy experience that will get hearts melting with every listen.

Definitely not your ordinary week for the Dojo, but one that has no surprises when it comes to quality. Peace out.

San Holo
Hold Fast (ft. Tessa Douwstra)
Emeralds (Subtact Remix)
The Essence (ft. Diddy Kong)
Ariana Grande
One Last Time (Zanski Remix)
Lianne La Havas
Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)
Sweet Mary
Troubled Heart (Part I)
Day Off
Our Love Age
California Rain (feat Nikki Segal)
Those Days
Le Youth
TOUCH (JackLNDN Remix)
Gavin James
For You (Bearcubs Remix)
Michael Calfan
Treasured Soul (MYNGA Remix)
Tom & Hills Feat. Troi
Lighters (Tontario Remix)
Jaymes Young
Ill Be Good (Tom Bull Remix)
Want 2 (Feat. Porsches)
How Hard I Try ft. James Hersey
Urban Cone ft. Tove Lo
Come Back To Me (filous Remix)
Slo Down
Life in Clay
Runnin (Stwo Remix)
Niggas (Mike Gao Remix)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Show Me
Joris Voorn
A House feat. Kid A (Burglar Remix)
Atlas Bound
Landed on Mars
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The Chill Dojo #132

chill dojo

This may be an unorthodox way to kick-start a playlist that’s all about chill, but we’re packing some dance-floor heat to get things going for Dojo #132. Ever since it first went up on the site, we’ve been struggling to shake the hold of the furious funk from the Autograf boys and the sweltering display of groove they’ve cast over this Fatboy Slim number. Slick breaks pave their way through sun-drenched surrounds until the exotic tribal bassline takes over and asserts itself as one of the craziest sounds of the year. Want something else insane? Despite the numerous times Oliver Nelson has been a feature in our write-up, it has always been on remix duties. This week we break that trend with his first ever original ‘Found Your Love’ with the vocals of Heir, and what a way to make a debut! It figures after all that experience working his magic on other lyrical works he’d know a thing or two about crafting his own piece of gold. This is vintage Oliver Nelson finally able to shine with his own song-writing merit. It wasn’t the only breakout original for the week, as the bootleg specialist Sammy Bananas shared a brand new tune echoing some feel-good Spring vibes to celebrate the season. Dreamy vocals and bopping chords combine for joyous sensations and one certified jam we’re sure you’ll dig.

We may have started with plenty of warmth, but now it’s time for our true chill nature to show with some wintery themed delights beginning with Maxo’s playful edit of ‘Fresh Static Snow’. One of the more emotion-filled tracks off the Worlds album, Maxo turns up his trademark chord skills and infuses the melody with renewed energy and a sweetness that is hard to resist. To cap it all off we finish with a frosty affair from Sam Gellaitry. The aptly named ‘glacier’ is a musical journey into majestic snowfields and icy monuments intertwined with servings of glorious trademark synths from the young talent who continues to blow our minds with every new showing of masterful composition.

It’s a wave of different temperatures in the air this week, but all conditions are conducive to keeping it chill. Peace out.

Fatboy Slim
Mad Flava (Autograf Remix)
Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir
Found Your Love
Sammy Bananas
Skyline (feat. Lindsey)
Porter Robinson
Fresh Static Snow (Maxo Hammermix)
Sam Gellaitry
Oh Wonder
Midnight Moon (Melvv Remix)
Mirror Masa (Tribute)
Surreal (Feat. Abby Sevcik)
Memory (feat. Holly Drummond)
Digress (ft. Alex Larsson)
Until It Falls Apart ft. Madi Larson (nimino Remix)
Daytime Disco ft. Neon Bunny (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)
Astrid S
2AM (Matoma Remix)
Far From Home (feat. Cozy)
Fall In (feat. Sophie Galpin)
The Music
Keeping You Up (Pomo Remix)
Electric (ft. Erin Marshall)
Set Mo
White Dress Feat. Deutsch Duke (Satin Jackets Remix)
Kanye West
Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Shoffy remix)
90210 ft. G Eazy (Matt DiMona Remix)
Maejor ft. Sammy Adams
Me And You (REMIX)
2Pac & Trey Songz
How Do You Want It (Glastrophobie Bootleg)
Ellie Goulding
Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)
POPOF Feat. Arno Joey
Words Gone (Jamie Jones Remix)
Muzzy Bearr
Synapse Synthesis
Muzzy Bearr
Radio Glider (feat. Exmag, BRANX, & Benny Bloom Of The Shady Horns)
Swimming Stone
Witching Hour
Crywolf & Ianborg
Oceans Pt. II (Gladkill Remix)
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[Electronica] Nicole & Zuri – 21 Questions (50 Cent Cover)


It’s no easy feat to choose an untouchable hip-hop classic like ’21 Questions’ as the basis for an experimental cover, but two talented women in the Australian electronic scene have turned an unlikely scenario into a success that is so damn satisfying. Nicole Millar of Peking Duk’s ‘High’ fame and the forward-thinking Zuri Akoko have combined their unique skills to flip the iconic lyrics and breathe a fresh perspective onto a track that others would dare not try and touch. The allure of this version comes in their ability to take inspiration from the song’s underlying emotion and craft an interpretation that lets them speak through their own artistic strengths. The sultry vocals of Nicole meld with the hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of Zuri’s sound to create a piece of music that will seduce your ears into instant obsession.

It’s just one of a series of gorgeous covers recently from the pair, with similarly enchanting adaptations of Shlohmo and Mya rounding out this incredible showcase of musical prowess. No doubt you’ll be craving for more of these in the near future once you’ve peeped all three below.

Nicole & Zuri
21 Questions (50 Cent Cover)
Nicole & Zuri
Bo Peep (Shlohmo Cover)
Nicole & Zuri
Like Wo (Mya Cover)
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[House] The Weeknd – Devil May Cry (Dennis Kruissen & Chris Meid Remix)

The Weeknd
Devil May Cry (Dennis Kruissen & Chris Meid Remix)

It’s only been a few weeks since our last update on the works of Dennis Kruissen, but his string of bumping house remixes is set to continue with The Weeknd’s ‘Devil May Cry’ the latest to receive his brand of European flavor. It’s a team effort this time though, and Chris Meid weighs in to share the love for the original that is so heavily steeped in emotion. While still resonating those potent elements, an uplifting dance affair is definitely the objective here, and the driving beat ensures that mission is a shining success. It’s no simple transformation either, and you can hear that great care has been taken in the progression between emotive breaks and crowd stirring builds. Best make sure you’ve got this one in your arsenal for your Friday night festivities.

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The Chill Dojo #131

chill dojo

Alina Baraz and Galimatias are a fierce duo in the chill music game, but add to that a bit of trademark Pomo bounce and you have yourself a truly potent combination. It was the highlight of our features last week and the Dojo headliner now, but we’re finding it hard to shake ourselves out of this obsession with ‘Fantasy’ and the renewed love Pomo has brought to the hypnotic original. For a long time this playlist has shared a similar appreciation for the sultry vibes that Patrick Baker brings to his music, and his latest production is a sun-drenched affair crafted with all intentions of repeat summer listening. For a song that’s all about letting go, it proves quite difficult to get out of your head when that chorus sets in. Still on that nostalgic feeling, French artist Petit Biscuit has woven another intricate piece in the form of ‘Memories’. Whether it’s the sublime acoustic melody or the enchanting vocal chops, it’s as if this blissful feeling was cut straight out of one of your happiest dreams, and we’re certainly not in any hurry to wake up anytime soon.

The blogosphere always goes a little crazy for a new and mysterious name when it emerges, and this week LVNDSCAPE made its mark with an incredibly chill rendition of ‘Bloodstream’. It’s less about Rudimental than it is about Ed Sheeran with this bootleg, as the vocals are imbued with a whimsical sweeping soundscape that conjure images of breathtaking surrounds. It won’t take much guesswork to figure out what’s in store for this latest remix from Oliver Nelson though, lending his signature disco fever to the massive hit ‘All Cried Out’. It was an instant winner when Blonde first debuted the original, but with this unbelievable transformation we’re very much dealing with a certified summer anthem. That sax is out to slay. It’s been a little while since our last dose of bootleg goodness from DJ AA, but he’s back in a big way with a special concoction that’s received support from July Child themselves. He certainly hasn’t lost his ear for the right blend of hook and melody, and with the backing of jackLNDN’s gorgeous ‘Aeterna’, this mix shines brightly from beginning to end.

The same thing could be said for the playlist really. You’ll struggle to find a dull moment in this edition. Peace out.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Fantasy (Pomo Remix)
Patrick Baker
Since I Let the Memory of You Go
Petit Biscuit
Ed Sheeran & Rudimental
Bloodstream (LVNDSCAPE Bootleg)
All Cried Out feat. Alex Newell (Oliver Nelson Remix)
July Child x jackLNDN
Power Trip (AA Bootleg)
Made in Heights
Slow Burn
What I Need (Right Here, Right Now) (Tontario Remix)
TOM & HILLS Feat. Jutty Ranx
Digital Love (Delcroix & Delatour Original Rework)
Ariana Grande
One Last Time (Henry Land Remix)
Urban Cone ft. Tove Lo
Come Back To Me (Vicetone Remix)
Jengi Beats
Sun Sun (Werk Space)
Karma Fields
Build The Cities (feat. Kerli) (Kastle Remix)
Kodak To Graph
IAMANTHEM (Slow Magic Remix)
Duke Dumont
The Giver (Reprise) (Wave Racer Remix)
Waiting...... ft. Ben Abraham
Higher Love (feat. Tokyo Megaplex & Stel Leo)
Deon Custom x KRNE
Krys Talk
Fly Away (JPB Remix)
Jack Ü
To Ü (Ramzoid Remix)
Zeds Dead
Collapse (Nebbra Remix) feat. Memorecks
for u
Y//2//K & Yung Death Ray
What is Love? (ft. Jaymes Young)
Cosmic Quest
Air We Breathe ft. Lolaby
Nobodys Asking
Biggie Smalls
Big Poppa (Phoniks Remix)
Back & Forth
The Right Time (Kaytranada Rmx)
Marvin Gaye
Aint That Peculiar (Beshken Remix)
Danrell x Småland
David Quinn
Different World
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[Dance] XYconstant – Silverlined (Ferdinand Weber Remix)

Silverlined (Ferdinand Weber Remix)

It’s been a massive 8 months for XYconstant since the announcement of his debut X=Y EP, and a long time coming for fans of its first track ‘Silverlined’ who have had it on repeat since it first smashed the Hypem charts back in early September. With only a little while longer until its expected release, our patience has been rewarded in the interim courtesy of this fresh remix from Ferdinand Weber. Anyone familiar with the deep house tendencies of the Berlin-based producer would instantly recognize this as a match made in heaven, and his groovy take on the original club heater is incredibly polished from beginning to end. We may be well into Sunday now, but you can count on this bouncing beat and slick synth to resurrect that energy from last night and shake off whatever suffering your hangover may be bringing. Dance on ninjas!

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[Future] Dooqu – LoveLust EP


The beauty of the future movement in the electronic music game is that it’s given an avenue for the younger artists to express their creativity and be bold with the sounds they want to explore. Versatility is a quality that’s often found amongst these up-and-coming producers, and it’s something that’s on clear display in Dooqu’s newly released LoveLust EP. Though only 17 years of age, the Danish prodigy has declared his intentions to make waves in the industry and spread his special brand of happiness at the same time. With vibrant melody at the heart of each one of these creations, he utilizes his youthful freedom to dabble in a variety of different styles, making each part of this production a fresh experience from the last. To add to all of this, he even layers a few tracks with his own vocals to really solidify the all-round skill set on show.

If you’re as impressed as we are, the LoveLust EP is available for purchase now.

Made Of Water
Cup Of Tea
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