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WRLD – Chase It EP

Chase It (feat. Savoi)
Echo (feat. Richard Caddock)
Little Too Close (feat. Veronika Redd)

Young talent WRLD is an artist who’s been on our radar for a while now as he continues to garner a following of passionate listeners who identify with the vivid imagination his music resonates. Like many fellow up-and-comers in the electronic community, his knack for crafting melody benefits from the ability to channel his musical influences in a way that transcends genre assumptions and allows him to carve out his own style and sound. With proven skill in both original production and remix, he’s worked his way into the prestigious families of Monstercat and Moving Castle, with a string of contributions to their well-renowned compilations over the journey so far. Now on the release date of his eagerly awaited Chase It EP, TMN brings you a closer look into the universe of creativity that lies inside the mind of this individual on the rise.

While his name has previously been synonymous with the ever-growing future bass movement, a first listen of the EP reveals an inclination towards a more pop-influenced side to his music. For WRLD,

moving into this direction with an EP seemed the right choice to me. Future bass is what I’m known for as like 95% of my WRLD tracks are this genre, but moving away from that and making nu-disco-y stuff was very refreshing. I also think that was an important thing to do because in the end I don’t want to be connected to the future bass genre all the time, but instead want to be recognized for my own style.

From the uplifting bounce of ‘Chase It’ to the heavier drive of ‘Little Too Close’, each track echoes this purpose of breaking free of stylistic expectation, while at the same time staying true to the powerful melodies that form his identity. Further to that end, each song showcases strong vocal influences to complement this direction, including another glorious collaboration with Richard Caddock on ‘Echo’. This one in particular is reminiscent of an artist that WRLD reveals as the inspiration behind his work from the very beginning.

For my music Adam Young a.k.a Owl City has definitely been my biggest influence. He was the first artist I became a fan of in 2009 and most of my time producing back then was spent emulating his sounds. The fact that he uses a lot of nice-sounding soft synths and sweet melodies is my favorite thing about his music and I think you can definitely hear the influence in my own music

For artists that deal in sounds designed to capture a rich sense of imagination, the experience is as much a visual one as it is to the ears. One of the most captivating aspects to WRLD’s music is it’s ability to conjure intense imagery in the listener’s mind, and as the accompanying visuals on the EP suggest, much care has been taken to ensure all senses are engaged with the ideas being communicated.

…the visual aspect to my EP is very important as well. I commissioned an artist to make these 4 artworks for me, and the first thing I did was send him four moodboards, one for each track, of what each track looked like to me. I feel like that type of stuff gets the artists feeling across a lot better, which I think is nice by this type of story-telling music.

In the end, it really is the deep sense of story that encapsulates the distinctiveness of this EP and of WRLD’s work in general. Each track represents both a chapter in this tale and a pivotal moment in the future of this promising artist. If he’s succeeded in capturing the wonder of your imagination as he has ours, you can be sure there is still much more to be written in what is likely to be a very decorated journey. Until then, soak up all there is to experience in the joy that is the Chase It EP.
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The Chill Dojo #146

chill dojo

When compiling together the Chill Dojo, musical collectives have been very good to us as a source of never-ending magic. Soda Island is one such group that has been full of hidden gems in recent times, and co-founder Izzard has won our hearts once again with a gorgeous collaboration with the gentle vocals of BLANKTS. The silky lyrical flow will hit you right in the weak spot, leaving it quite difficult to form the words to describe the beautiful purity that lies within. Speaking of groups that never fail to deliver, Alina Baraz and Galimatias have been a winning combination for a while now, but the feel-good vibes of Hotel Garuda aim to take ‘Make You Feel’ to even greater heights. The perfect blend of addictive beat and sun-kissed atmosphere give us one last blast of summer glory before we kiss goodbye to our favorite season for another year. It’s not our last feature from Urban Flora though, as adept beat-maker GEOTHEORY chimes in with his own official remix which opens on soulful piano before switching things up to showcase his trademark groove.

When talking beats, Brisbane-based Feki has certainly been a producer on the rise of late, and his latest phenomenal effort on Atlas Bound’s ‘Landed On Mars’ will show exactly why that growing attention is about to extend well beyond his home country very soon. While his work has always leaned towards the chill side, he’s definitely caught us off guard with one of his smoothest efforts to date, applying lush layers of sound that take the sultry vocals of the original to the next level. We did warn last week that it wasn’t the last we’d hear from ‘Weight in Gold’, and you’d forgive us for not being able to resist calling out this astoundingly funky take from LBCK. When it comes to remixes we’re sure this song has had more than it’s fill already, but this version manages to keep things fresh with a bouncy groove that seems to channel the addictive style of FKJ.

We hope this week is as good to you as this music is to us. Peace out.

Izzard & Blankts
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Make You Feel (Hotel Garuda Remix)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Atlas Bound
Landed On Mars (Feki Remix)
Weight In Gold (LBCK Remix)
Marian Hill
One Time (Aquilo Remix)
With Her
Hans Island
Im Yours
no rome
aint coming back
Finding Hope
Away (feat. Ericca Longbrake)
Penthouse Penthouse
69 Camaro feat. Bobby Saint
With Me (ft. Hype Turner & Mary Ellen)
San Holo x Father Dude
IMISSU (Radio Edit)
peekaboo (snareskin remix)
Wicked Game (Flin Remix)
MANTU & Max Joni
And I (Dinnerdate Remix)
Something More (Original Mix)
Friend (Original Mix)
Mr Carmack
I Want U
Lost (Runaway) (Original Mix)
Said The Sky
Darling VIP (Harold Van Lennep Remix)
Giorgio Oehlers
Sunshine & Margaritas (Werk Space)
Missy Elliot
Lick Shots (Wax Roof Remix)
Adore U
Places To Leave
Serenity (MaLuca Cover)
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The Chill Dojo #145

chill dojo

Up and coming talent headlines Dojo #145 with NRMИ putting a fresh spin on the iconic ‘Need U 100′ courtesy of a silky future flip. Layered with plenty of warm vibes and nostalgic sampling, the young talent has definitely proven this track worthy of its inclusion in the latest compilation from the TOO LUSH collective. There are a few other gems from Too Lush Vol. 4 scattered throughout the playlist which are well worth listening out for too. One of the discoveries of the week came from a new name in Color K and his brand of sexy French house that could turn up the heat on any dance-floor within seconds. Sultry vocals meld seamlessly with the velvety atmosphere to set the mood right, leaving the infectious garage beat perfectly poised to turn a packed club into a sweaty mess.

In similar fashion, Gallant has set things on fire ever since the release of ‘Weight in Gold’, and producers have been lining up to showcase their own take on the soulful original. This week we’ve got another 3 goosebump-inducing efforts on display, with Louis Futon, Jia Lih and Electric Mantis all offering their unique sounds to ensure this one won’t burn out for a long time to come. We’re certain it won’t be the last you’ll hear in the Dojo. Dillon Francis has been all about the flames lately in hyping up his latest release This Mixtape is Fire. While not a name that usually features in our chill abode, his collaboration with Chromeo broke away from the moombahton style of the EP to deliver a short but oh so sweet slow jam that doesn’t hold back on the vocoder action.

The weekday grind fades into insignificance with this in your ears. Peace out.

Need U 100
Color K
Love To Love You
Weight In Gold (Louis Futon Remix)
Weight in Gold (Jia Lih Remix)
Weight In Gold (Electric Mantis Remix)
Dillon Francis
Lies (Feat. Chromeo)
Jengi Beats & K.B. Starr
Ordinary Lives
Tom Misch
Wake Up This Day (feat. Jordan Rakei)
Kenton Slash Demon
I Want You (ft. Cordelia ODriscoll)
In Your Eyes (ft. Cordelia ODriscoll)(KΛSSEO VIP)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Can I (Tez Cadey Remix)
Imagined Herbal Flows
Phoebe Ryan
Mine (Bearson Remix)
Full Time (Keljet Remix)
Yoe Mase
Neverland (MitiS Remix)
Crywolf & Illenium
Shrike (So Wrong VIP)
Tell Me (GTA Remix)
Rather Be With U
Dom Hurley
Earl Grey
dream beach
happy bday worlds
Celadon City
Celadon City
Your Wonderfalls...
The M Machine
Different Sleep
So Afraid 2 Cry
Rosie Lowe
Worry Bout Us (Edit) (Prod. By Machinedrum)
Harrison Brome
Fill Your Brains (Love Thy Brother Remix)
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Ducked Ape – Night Walk [TMN Premiere]

[HR032] Follow
Ducked Ape
Night Walk

Not all album releases are the same. Some artists choose to push the boundaries of sound, some utilize stunning visuals to enhance the feel of the music, and then there’s a duo called Ducked Ape who wrap both of these things inside an amazing story to create an innovative experience like no other. Their debut album Follow is truly a stroke of genius, electing to release each of the ten tracks in stages spanning every couple of days, with each new piece revealing the next chapter of the story which inspired it. Designed to capture the child-like imagination inside you and delight your ears with their magical composition, this is a tale that is well worth following from beginning to end. Here at The Music Ninja, we’ve been lucky enough to be given the first look at Chapter 3, ‘Night Walk’.

As the spectacular artwork suggests, we have arrived at a mysterious point of the story, the song’s opening conveying a nervous wonder at what may lay in store. The punchy beat replicates that of a rapidly beating heart wandering through this night-filled environment that is so vividly created through each intricate element layered into the soundscape. A brief subsidence to the beat narrates a key moment in the chapter, giving way to an enchanting piano melody that leads us ever deeper into this mystical world. The musical progression of this track is a masterful piece of production in its own right, but to enjoy something much richer than sound alone through word and image is truly a work of art to behold.

To soak up the full experience and re-ignite your desire to explore the unknown, make sure to place your bookmark in Follow and come along for the wondrous ride.

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[Electronic] Flume – Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt) (Camikaze Bootleg Remix)

Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt) (Camikaze Bootleg Remix)

The unexpected direction of Flume’s ‘Some Minds’ brought with it amazement, intrigue, and a hell of a lot of artists taking a crack at a remix. Despite the numerous re-interpretations floating around the net, an iconic track like this creates an opportunity for previously unknown talent to get noticed with an effort that breaks through the noise of similar sounding production. On that note, our attention is drawn towards a fresh up-and-comer in Perth-based Camikaze, with a bootleg that speaks volumes about his future potential in the electronic music game.

While some artists would be tempted to merely take the vocals and drown it out with their own sounds, the beauty here lies in the respect paid to the original composition, allowing the natural flow of the track to dictate the right time for showcasing creative flair. It’s a mature way to approach the complexity of the original, while still providing a generous serving of slick bass that ignites our desire to hear more. This is definitely not one to sleep on, so we’ll be keeping a watchful eye out for what comes next.

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[Bass] Empia – Take It

Take It

After a string of live shows across Australia, bass-fiend Empia is back with a high-energy original that lives to be played out as the fuel for future gigs to come. While he’s proved himself numerous times on the remix front, ‘Take It’ brings the spotlight back on his own creative merits, showcasing just what he can do with a sweet hook and that devilish crunch to his signature bass. Industrial beats pulsate through buildup and breakdown alike, driving the adrenaline-inducing experience long after this one plays out. Even better, you can pick this one up now as a free download from the Free Spirit Vol. 1 compilation to keep on hand whenever you need that extra kick in your day.

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The Chill Dojo #144

chill dojo

We may be well into August but it’s never too late to discover a new summer jam, and the aptly named ‘Summatime Fine’ can be exactly that. The velvety songwriting of Mars Today combined with the masterful beat-making of ESTA make for the smoothest of songs to lay back and chill to. If that weren’t enough, the killer talkbox finale will melt whatever part of you has managed to resist it to this point. With every week that passes we get a little closer to the release of Tom Misch’s Beat Tape 2, but as long as we keep getting this steady feed of blissful tunes, we’re more than happy to wait a little longer. This week we’re served a glorious collaboration with the gorgeous vocals of Carmody, offering rich floating vibes to meld with the sun-kissed handiwork of the talented musician.

Miami Horror know a thing or two about crafting an anthem for the sweltering sun, and their latest single ‘Cellophane’ will remind you just how good they are at bringing the party heat to eager crowds and friendly gatherings alike. Consider this next feature a public service announcement not to sleep on the the newly emerged London-based group PREP. ‘Cheapest Flight’ may be a debut track, but it doesn’t take a discerning ear to realize there would be years of collective experience behind this one. Unbelievably smooth production and infectious brass collide for a pure easy listening experience that is so damn refreshing.

The vocal delights extend well beyond these features though, so take the time to soak up the rest of the magic collated down this week’s list. Peace out.

Mars Today
Summatime Fine (Prod. by esta)
Tom Misch
Wander With Me (feat. Carmody)
Miami Horror
Cellophane (So Cruel) Ft Aaron Miller & Gavin Turek
Cheapest Flight
Ryan Hemsworth
GRiZ ft. Talib Kweli
For the Love (Autograf Remix)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Pretty Thoughts (FKJ Remix)
Lolaby & Cosmic Quest
Ember Island
Where are ü now (Minnesota remix)
SoySauce & Saturn
Gravity Waves ft. Charlie Kim
Scream Your Name (feat. Sarah Mount)
Skee Lo
I Wish (San Holo Remix)
For The Love (Naderi Remix) (Ft. Talib Kweli)
Castle (Magic)
Wide Awake Ft. Kenzie May
Free n Losh
Rose (ft. Bethea)
Rio (Subtropics Remix)
Bees Knees
Old School (Feat. Monogem)
DJ Cassidy
Future Is Mine feat. Chromeo (Fabich Remix)
Full Crate
Tell Me (Village Remix)
Till Sunrise (A.E.M. Remix)
Pitch Black (feat. LissA)
Eat Your Friends (Ft. Shoffy)
Moon Boots
Utopia feat. Janelle Kroll
Teen Daze
JOSEPHINE feat. Lisa Hannigan
Will You Be There
Numb feat. Mothica (whereisalex Remix)
Weight In Gold (MPH Remix)
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