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The Chill Dojo #121

chill dojo

We’re ensuring you kick off the week with a smile on your face thanks to some fresh young talent coming out of the UK. Ollygon’s chipper take on ‘Promise’ is bubbling with brightness and positivity, with an infectious groove to back up all its youthful enthusiasm. Loaded with generous helpings of recognizable pop culture samples, this track is far more than novelty though, that change-up displaying just how much musical expertise is at play here. With the mood set right now, it’s time to radiate more sunshine courtesy of a European triple-threat in Freddy Verano, De Hofnar, and MÖWE. With their powers combined, they’ve crafted a summer-ready chill house delight topped off with catchy vocals and a glorious piano melody. You can picture this one playing at your favorite outdoor venue while the drinks are flowing. In similar fashion, Dutch duo Larrykoek have brewed a special little acoustic number with plenty of kick. The refreshing cocktail of joyful melody and dance floor beat make for the perfect fuel to your next summer party. LA producer Matt DiMona continues our obsession with this week’s feel-good vibe as he adds a little deep house flare to the stunning LANY original. The beauty in this remix lies in how all the elements are designed to amplify the vocals, and the pace is treated with pure finesse all throughout.

The happiness flows much deeper than that for edition 121 though, and we guarantee your grin won’t fade until well after you’re done here. Peace out.

Promise (Ollygon Remix)
Freddy Verano & De Hofnar & Möwe
Crazy Love (Original Edit)
Premiere Fois (Edit)
Bad, Bad, Bad (Matt DiMona Remix)
Out Of Violence (Louis La Roche Remix)
Higher Love (Fred Falke Remix)
Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney
FourFiveSeconds (Afrojack Remix)
George FitzGerald
Full Circle (feat Boxed In)
Where The Light Is
Higher Love (ft. Tokyo Megaplex & Stel Leo)
San Holo
We Rise
Want My Love (TastyTreat X Black Monday Remix)
Geronimo (Matoma Remix)
Ben Briggs
real slow
way up
Dirty Chocolate
Memory Cards
ryan jacob
joseph letranger
b thoughts
holy rain
56°c in West Palm Beach
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The Chill Dojo #120

chill dojo

The Chill Dojo returns after a short break, but the music world definitely didn’t slow down while we were taking a breather. The result is a playlist of over 40 tracks, covering all the unmissable releases in recent weeks as well as the best features from the all-important Valentines Day period.

Grabbing our attention first and foremost was Ta-ku’s incredible remix of ‘Talk Talk’, dishing up one of his most sultry pieces to date, complete with his own vocal input. Slow, pulsating drums create an atmosphere steeped in emotion that will simply wash over you. It wasn’t the only news for the George Maple hit though, with the first official remix from Moon Boots finally made available to stream. In signature fashion, the groove here is as clean as you can get, and suits the iconic vocals to a tee.

For fans of chill DnB, last week also saw the release of compilation, Then & Now, from MrSuicideSheep. As you’d imagine, it’s filled with all the best names in the game, and we’ve picked out the latest track from Rameses B to be the poster boy. It’s no surprise that the angelic voice of Holly Drummond is the perfect fit for this slice of liquid serenity, and we’re certain one listen will carry you away to the place where you’re most at ease.

Perhaps the biggest story over the period was the huge stream of Odesza remixes unleashed for the insanely popular ‘All We Need’. As much as we’d love to have featured them all, we instead decided to highlighted the amazing interpretations from Haywyre, Giraffage, and KAASI which best resonated with the vibe of the Dojo. Despite the massive influx of remixes, we assure you that each version is surprisingly unique, making this a situation where you should definitely not shy away from seeking them all out.

You’ll notice that this edition finishes with a heavy influence from Djemba Djemba. As if all this new music wasn’t enough, the immensely talented beatmaker decided to gift fans with a string of previously unreleased edits that were way too good to be simply left unheard. It took extreme self control to not throw them all in to the playlist.

That should just about cover everything for our little stint away. Consider yourself back up to speed. Peace out.

George Maple
Talk Talk (Taku Remix)
George Maple
Talk Talk (Moon Boots Remix)
Rameses B
Utopia (ft. Holly Drummond)
All We Need (Haywyre Remix)
All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) (Giraffage Remix)
All We Need (feat. Shy Girls) (KAASI Remix)
The Wombats
Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson Remix)
Ghost Loft
Talk To Me (Bearson Remix)
Circles (Samuel Remix)
Teenage Fantasy (feat. Gibbz)
Justin Timberlake
Suit & Tie (Jondai Remix)
Sucka For Love (Wantigga Flip)
sam gellaitry
to earth and back
Music Sounds Better With You (Zanski Version)
Touch (Original Mix)
Touch feat. Daniela Andrade
Running To You
The Geek x Vrv
Electric City
Baby Bash
Suga Suga (Point Point remix)
The xx
Shelter (Vera Cover)
Atlas Bound
Tell Me
Broken Back
Halcyon Birds
Above & Beyond
Sun & Moon (Deuxième Revisit)
Stwo & ELHAE
Cosmos Midnight
Phantasm feat. Nicole Millar (2k15emotionalVIP)
Youth (Izzard Remix)
Tei Shi
Bassically (HONNE Remix)
Just Hold On Were Going Home (LUCA LUSH Remix ft. Kim Vallido)
waka flocka
o lets do it (oshi & lege kale remix)
Gold (ft. Tashka)
Party Girls (Lunice Remix)
Party Girls (Sinjin Hawke Remix)
Let Me Love You (Tim Gunter Remix)
Santell x King Henry x Djemba Djemba
Dont Say Goodbye
Djemba Djemba
DARKERNATURE v2 Feat Mr Carmack
Djemba Djemba
brazilian ting
Djemba Djemba
Ecstasy feat Penthouse Penthouse
Djemba Djemba
Samurai Feat. King Henry
Djemba Djemba
fast lane
Djemba Djemba
Valley Tongues Part 2
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[Chill] Lana Del Rey – Black Beauty (Dinnerdate Remix)

Lana Del Rey
Black Beauty (Dinnerdate Remix)

Evolving one’s style and experimenting with new sounds is never an easy time for artists in the producing game. With all the excitement of exploration comes the risk of never being satisfied with the results or getting lost in a state of seemingly endless indirection. As is the case with most things in life though, the rewards are out there for those willing to take the leap, and for that we have this official remix from TMN favorite Dinnerdate as a shining example. It’s intimidating enough to take on the incredible talent of Lana’s vocals under normal circumstances, but to do so while carving out a fresh signature feel is a remarkable feat. The outcome speaks for itself, and the chills are still resonating from the first time this buttery mix graced our ears.

For those familiar with our previous features from Simon, don’t expect the usual deep house groove you may have grown accustomed to. As much as we’ve enjoyed all his past releases, nothing comes close to the pleasure of hearing someone have the courage to expand their repertoire and absolutely nail it. We won’t ruin the surprise for you, so all you need to know is that this one is sexy as hell. The perfect treatment for Lana’s voice that leaves us brimming with anticipation for what he’ll come up with next.


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The Chill Dojo #119

chill dojo

After all the hype around the big game, whether it’s coming down after massive celebrations or getting over a bitter defeat, a dose of chill music is always a clever play. This week’s edition begins with a track that under normal circumstances would have no right headlining any form of laid-back playlist. But we deal in unique selections here, and so this flip of the iconic ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ is the perfect fit to get things going with that future feel. The teamwork of StéLouse and Ahh-ooh is bursting with color and creativity, transporting the classic heavy-hitter into the new era of electronic music, celebrating bright melodies that make us grin from ear to ear. It’s proof that no matter how many times a song undergoes the remix treatment, there are always artists out there with the ability to re-imagine things in a whole new way. That holds true for the next glorious release from French duo Basic Tape, elevating ‘Heroes’ into a whole new level of feel-good status. Where the original seems to utilize the vocals as pure buildup to the drop, the funky chords shine a new light on the anthemic lyrics and ensure they’re not lost amongst the standard formula of EDM. While it could be argued that this is the way that the booming tropical house genre has headed, there’s still hope that innovation in this style hasn’t died hard just yet. Norway’s Matoma is one artist still flying the flag and producing the vibes we’re happy to have in our ears. His latest installment of remix goodness is a fresh take on the Jay Z classic, crafting the sweet summer sounds that have inspired him since the very beginning.

It hasn’t taken long for Dojo favorite jackLNDN to pop up in the playlist once again, this time bringing his silky touch to a soulful original from Austrian songwriter James Hersey. In signature fashion, his treatment is here is all class, laying down another deep groove steeped in palpable emotion. While we’re indulging our softer side, shmallen has done us the courtesy of bringing back some vintage 90′s RnB with his rework of ‘Too Close’. Either through the power of nostalgia or just the infectious funk, this track will have you taken over by dance fever one way or the other. This week’s write-up wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the amazing free EP that Louis Futon gifted to all his fans. Fortunately for us, that included a number of quality chill inclusions that feel right at home in edition 119.

So whatever the outcome was for you, make sure to soak up these vibes as the perfect post-match routine. Peace out.

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (SteLouse & Ahh Ooh Remix)
Heroes Ft. Tove Lo (Basic Tape Remix)
Jay Z
Roc Boys (Matoma Remix)
James Hersey
What Ive Done (JackLNDN Remix)
Too Close (shmallen Edit)
Louis Futon
Take Off
Louis Futon
Louis Futon
Sir Rock (Kasbo Remix)
Oh Wonder
Lose It
Mr FijiWiji
Yours Truly (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
Ed Sheeran
Thinking Out Loud (Mura Masa Remix)
Johnny Rain
iii (Myles.William Remix)
Eden (Oshi Remix)
justin timberlake
suit & tie (oshi remix)
Nick Leng
Inside Your Mind (feat. Carmody)
Wycleaf Jean Ft. Avicii
Divine Sorrow (Klingande Remix)
Satin Jackets feat. Esser
Shine On You
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The Chill Dojo #118

chill dojo

Album-mode had left releases from Madeon few and far between in 2014, but with the eargerly awaited Adventure now officially dated for the end of March, we’re sure to have plenty of material in store from the prodigious youngster. This week already saw some jaw-dropping remixes surface in the blogosphere, and boy were we stoked when we saw Gramatik’s name etched across one of them. The legendary beatmaker has pulled out all the stops in bringing the funk to ‘You’re On’, bolstered by jazzy riffs and breathtaking drum breakdowns which amplify the power of the anthemic vocals. It’s the perfect mix of 70′s dancefloor groove with the ability to set festival crowds alight, all while maintaining a steady chill vibe throughout. It wasn’t the end to the star-studded remix lineup though, with Oliver also throwing their funky influence behind this same song. In effortless fashion, they hold complete control over the progression of this song and movements of the listener alike, leaving it completely impossible to deny the unrestrained dancing your body will crave with this in your ears. And when you thought things couldn’t get any more mesmerizing, the saxophone solo comes in just to leave this remix mastery complete.

Hot on the heels of the unveiling of ‘Four Five Seconds’, Lido has further proven his musical dominance with a mind-blowing version that leaves the original irrelevant in comparison. If the sheer agility of this release wasn’t enough, the use of live brass and guitar is just insanely good, combining for a flawless interpretation that wouldn’t be out of place at any uplifting Sunday Service. Something this addictive has to be a sin right? Capitalizing on this state of euphoria, this next tune from Denver-based Said The Sky will keep things elevated and the feelings right. Channeling some serious Porter vibes, ‘Run Away’ is wrapped in floating melodies that burst into colorful moments of bass-filled happiness. It’s ecstasy from start to finish, steeped in emotional vocals that reflect a palpable dream-like state. While we’re talking all things heavenly, Australia’s Omniment has kicked off his 2015 with another magical addition to his growing repertoire. Where stwo’s original allows plenty of time to build, this blissful take on ‘Eden’ enjoys exploration through serene melodies and gorgeous chords that do well to represent the paradise the title embodies.

Despite the words written above, you’ll find that this week’s playlist has all intentions of leaving you speechless. We much prefer to let the music do the talking anyway. Peace out.

Youre On ft. Kyan (Gramatik Remix)
Youre On ft. Kyan (Oliver Remix)
FourFiveSeconds (Lidos Sunday Service)
Said The Sky
Run Away (Ft. Car)
Eden (Omniment Remix)
Dreamers (Kicks N Licks Remix)
Tobu & Jordan Kelvin James
Summer Breeze
Earth, Wind & Fire
September (wolfskind & Mokoa Remix)
London Grammar
Hey Now (Good Life Remix)
Lenny Kravitz x KANT
Believe In Me (AA Outside Bootleg)
Falcon Punch
Bloom (Lane 8 Remix)
Solomon Grey
Miradors (The Him Remix)
Oliver Heldens ft. KStewart
Last All Night (Koala) (Keljet Remix)
Place X
Adam Snow
Amelia’s Theme
Never Too Far
Mark Johns
In Paris (Prod. Sable)
duncan gerow
Aaliyah + Tim & Bob = Rock The Boat
Take Me To Church (TEEMID & Jasmine Thompson Edition)
Far Away (OPIATES Rashiid Remix)
Alicia Keys
Feelin U, Feelin Me (Fade & Break Remix)
Falling Up ft. Xavier
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The Chill Dojo #117

chill dojo

Let us ease you into another working week with some smooth head-bopping action from jackLNDN. The London boy does what he does best, infusing the gorgeous vocals of the Lapsley original with his trademark sexy grooves that float gracefully along without a care in the world. The antics of the weekend may be a distant memory, but there’s no reason Monday should be any harder than it needs to be. Tontario shares a similar vision for ‘Falling Short’, offering a vibe that’s a little more upbeat, but equally as silky when it comes to the beat and flow. Only a month ago we were graced with the late night disco vibes from Lenno’s ‘No More’, and with the first release of the Wake Up Remix EP comes the perfect rework from Les Loups. The German production trio put their deep house finesse on full display, adding a layer of glorious summer melody to elevate the feel-good sensation that the original cultivates.

Where these first features sat comfortably on the mellow side, Austrian duo Urban Contact turn up the heat on a sultry original from Olympique. Burning riffs and melting sax create a formidable energy behind the soulful lyrics, but despite the intensity there is still an undeniable element of chill to the heated affair. Pierce Fulton had no trace of laid back intentions with the original mix of ‘Kuaga’, but the live version shifts gear from the electro style and lets the blissful chants play out with stunning melodies and instrumental touches. This one forgoes the desire for a sweaty crowd and instead aims to inspire palpable chills and hair-tingling feelings. It’s the musical sensation that Snakehips live and breathe with each and every release, and they’ve kick-started their 2015 campaign with a sublime statement in ‘Gone’. Jazzy tones have always been their forte, but this time it’s a slow jam that brings the funk together with the sexy voice of Syd.

It won’t take much to lose yourself in the grooves this week. Before you know it, Friday night will arrive and the fun begins all over again. Peace out.

Falling Short (JackLNDN Remix)
Falling Short (Tontario Remix)
No More (Les Loups Remix)
Face Down The Earth (Urban Contact Remix)
Pierce Fulton
Kuaga (Live Version)
Gone (Feat. Syd)
Why iii Love The Moon.
Just A Gent
Limelight (Louis Futon Remix)
Tegan And Sara
I Cant Take It (Matoma Remix)
Tracy Chapman
Fast Car (Smiles Davis Remix)
Amy Winehouse
Rehab (Tom Misch Remix)
Hold Me Close
Moving On (ft. Feki)
Oh Wonder
The Rain (Saje Remix)
Hiko Momoji
Mirage Island
The White Panda
Pony Lasts Forever (Ginuwine // Feki)
Alex Young / Lontalius
Maybe Your Smile Will
Wrapped Up In Her
Goose Bumps & Squib
I´m Gonna Make It (Original Mix)
Meadow Run
I Gave It All (Wayward Remix)
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The Chill Dojo #116

chill dojo

There’s nothing like a bit of shelter from the cold outside with some hearty tunes to warm the soul. This week the fire gets kindled by a bumpin remix from Toronto native Birthday Boy whichdebuted just a few days ago. An initial listen suggests some inspiration from fellow countryman Kaytranada, as this rendition of ‘Dark Doo Wop’ has been flipped with the funkiest of basslines generating infectious bounce from beginning to end. The amazing transformations don’t end there though, because up next is an acoustic take on a classic deep house jam from Ben Pearce. Those familiar with the original will understand the immense feat that French duo Mandeh and GuitK have achieved with this collab, trading the intense bass for feelgood vibes that brings the iconic lyrics into a whole new light. But if we’re talking timeless vocals, then something along the lines of ‘Tom’s Diner’ would definitely make the list. It’s only appropriate then that Gianni Kosta has delivered this remake as our next serving of groovy goodness. Laced with the perfect touch of tropical, this is a fun interpretation that brings a fresh perspective to the unforgettable original.

From there we transition into some summery goodness from none other than Keljet, bringing their trademark nu-disco stylings over ‘The Sign’. Even though we didn’t need any more convincing on the quality of this track, they even capped it off with a sweet sax solo to win our hearts over good and proper. Rounding out the write-up is another Dojo favorite in Lenno, kicking off his 2015 campaign with a dance-inducing concoction like only he knows how. Carefree feelings and a catchy chorus give this one all the elements to be a late night anthem, and it’s definitely what you’d want as the soundtrack to your next adventure.

The fun never stops when you’re on the hunt for new music though. Just one of the reasons that keeps bringing us back for more. Peace out.

Dark Doo Wop (Birthday Boy Version)
Mandeh & GuitK
What I might do (Cover)
Gianni Kosta
Toms Diner
Lyon Hart
The Sign (Keljet Remix)
Scavenger Hunt
Lost (Lenno Remix)
Used ft. Taylor (Original Mix)
Hedegaard ft Lukas Graham
Happy Home (Sam Feldt Remix)
The Rhythm (Tontario Remix)
Touch The Source
Atlas Bound
Talk (Jerry Folk Remix)
As The Rush Comes (Its Always Austins Fault Remix)
Fountain of Life
coyote kisses
passion fruit
Samuel Proffitt X AOBeats
Sirens ft. Jeff Sontag & Jess Zobler
I Think About U
Tory Lanez
Henny In Hand (Fortune & Ekali Remix)


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