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The Chill Dojo #112

chill dojo

As it gets to the end of the year, you’ll see plenty of lists floating around the internet as different music curators aim to voice their opinions on the top tracks of 2014. No doubt Cazzette’s highly popular ‘Sleepless’ is likely to feature on quite a few of them, with a seemingly endless supply of remixes surfacing since its release. While the year is almost out, it seems like one of the best was saved until last, thanks to a super polished rendition from Hotel Garuda and Thero. You may have thought you had heard them all, but this smooth summery effort packs enough freshness to make you fall in love with the catchy lyrics all over again. All that combined with a sweet sax melody and you have a winner. Yearly lists are always a pretty contentious topic though, so we’ll keep our focus on the hottest tracks of the week as always, and the recent release from Sydney’s Hayden James has definitely made waves in its short lifetime so far. It’s no surprise that Future Classic knows how to put out ridiculous grooves on a consistent basis, but ‘Something About You’ is pretty close to perfection. Forgoing grasping at dramatic words to try and describe this properly, it’s just a straight-up tune, no better way to put it.

Keeping on trend with incredibly smooth sounds, Finnish talent Lenno has served up a special dish in his latest Wake Up EP that fits in just perfectly into the vibe we’re starting with for this edition. He’s no stranger to the Dojo, but ‘No More’ is certainly on the mellow side of his usual upbeat disco jams, and we’re digging this new approach. It’s a kind of style that’s bread and butter for another favorite artist in Moon Boots, and sure enough we’re gifted with another bumpin’ addition to the playlist from the man himself. Funky basslines and bright percussion hero this dancefloor starter, so gear up for some sweat-inducing antics when this one comes on. Pomo ensures that feeling continues on seamlessly, courtesy of his sweltering take on ‘Supernatural’. So addictive we just had to post about it twice, rest-assured it will be spun on heavy rotation well beyond any New Year’s celebrations. Slowing the tempo but not the quality, we return to another title from Hayden James as fellow Sydney producer Oshan gives us a fresh take on ‘Permission To Love’. Top notch vocal work and generous layers of funk make for one satisfying experience. Usually things this good have some kind of guilt attached to them, but you’ll find no strings attached to your enjoyment as you hit that replay button over and over again.

It’s hard enough to cut down a list of weekly features let alone a year’s worth of collation. If you want to look back at the best of 2014, there are another 50 previous selections where this came from. Peace out.

Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)
Hayden James
Something About You
No More
Moon Boots
Theres No Love
Supernatural (Pomo Remix)
Hayden James
Permission To Love (Oshan Edit)
La Mar
Anchor (GRMM Remix)
Tut Tut Child
The Last Time (Feat. Augustus Ghost)
Coward Ft Ngaiire (Akouo Remix)
Sam Smith
Latch (TonyTritone Talkbox Remix)
Inside Out (Lazerdisk Remix)
Azealia Banks
Chasing Time (Nebbra Remix)
MNEK x Disclosure
White Noise (3Monkeyzz Remix)
When A Fire Starts To Burn (Axala Remix)
2Pac feat. Kurupt
Still Ballin (Lucas Chambon Remix)
Stay Away (Harrisons Happy Version)
Pink Medicine
Futuristic Love (Herzeloyde Remix)
UV Boi
Thank U (Re Strapped)
Sun City
Paralyse (Samuel Proffitt Remix)
aywy. & Ekali
Used To The Melody (Ft. SPZRKT)
Forever In My Mind
LeMoti X Knight Riderz
Golden Boy
The Hics
Lines (YK Remix)
Tom Misch & Carmody
With You
Y//2//K x Honest
Relucent ft. Zes
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[Deep] Dinnerdate – Want You EP


Munich’s Dinnerdate is rounding out a stellar year in the best way possible with his first official EP, Want You, hitting Beatport a few days ago. The title song sticks to his deep chilled roots, and highlights the progression in his signature sound throughout 2014. As has become custom with Simon, beautiful piano melodies accompany catchy vocal sampling for a truly addictive vibe that is easy to listen to, but hard to stop. It’s an immediate change-up with the second track ‘Leech’, as gritty bass paves the way for a club-friendly atmosphere. Far from post-midnight filler though, the creativity in the guitar sampling showcases a complexity in his music that is evidence of hours dedicated to serious studio refinement. We’re always excited to hear the results of this blood, sweat and tears, so go grab a copy on Beatport if you’re feeling it too.

Want You
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The Chill Dojo #111

chill dojo

This is probably the most unconventional start to the Chill Dojo in any of its 110 editions past, but this creative take on the timeless Seinfeld theme is too good not to put front and center in kicking things off. Melbourne-based Abelard has crafted something truly unique here, bringing a smooth and funky interpretation to the theme song many hold dear to their hearts. Too often the value of remixes like this don’t extend too far beyond their novelty, but in this case ‘Seinwave’ offers both a melodic delight in its own right as well as a tasteful homage to the legendary 90′s series. Bravo.

It’s difficult to follow an act like that, but thankfully Brooklyn duo Chordashian have provided some smoothness which flows seamlessly onward into the playlist. The 100bpm format provides the perfect canvas for this bouncy version of Gambino’s ’3005′, complete with nu-disco vibes and vocal sampling driving the groove from start to finish. It’s all about the funk this week, and Touch Sensitive are dishing up our next serving of sweet sounds that will prove too hard to resist. It takes some proper imagination to implement acapella chops like these, but the results are an overwhelmingly feel-good tune that will wash out all the negative in your day and replace it with an unbreakable desire to dance. The jive continues (albeit a little less intense) thanks to the latest from Penthouse Penthouse, who switch on some jazzy chords and a spacey vibe for ‘Can’t See Love’. This one makes butter seem difficult to cut, and yet has more layers than we could possibly count. Sebastian Carter has been a consistent contributor to the Dojo in recent times, with clean mellow mixes that make for the perfect chillout atmosphere. His latest remix of ‘Jupiter Grayscale’ may be his most polished to date, with a subtle touch of tropical ideal for those long summer nights with friends.

The list of fresh sounds extends far longer than that though, so make sure to sample everything we’ve prepared. Peace out.

Childish Gambino
3005 (Chordashian Remix)
Touch Sensitive
Teen Idols
Penthouse Penthouse & Promnite
Cant See Love (Lately)
Jupiter Grayscale (Sebastian Carter Remix)
Want You
Daniele Di Martino
Join (Original Mix)
MLĀNO & Niven Peacock
Niia x WKND
BTSTU (Dont Fvck With Me)
Carry Me Away
Ella Henderson
Yours (Tobtok Remix)
Felix Jaehn
I Do
Firestone (Ft. Conrad)
Medicine (Lennart Richter Remix)
R Kelly
Ignition Remix (Viceroy Jet Life Remix)
Big Girls Cry (ODESZA Remix)
New Direction (pham Remix)
Neon Hallway (Autograf Remix)
Loui & Scibi
Dont Lie (Satin Jackets Remix)
Loui & Scibi
Dont Lie (Hot Sand Remix)
Amy Steele
The Wolves (Kartell Remix)
No Diggity (Figgy Remix)
Body Party (Show Clothes Remix)
Tom Misch & Carmody
Release You
Leave The Lights On (Cobalt Rabbit Remix)
Jack Garratt
I Couldnt Want You Anyway (Tyde Remix)
Inside Out (Tycho Remix)
A Walk (Titanics Remix)
Wolfgang Gartner
Unholy feat. Bobby Saint (Popeska Remix)
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The Chill Dojo #110

chill dojo

December 1st officially ushers in Summer for half of the world, and if you’re lucky enough to be soaking up the sweet sunshine this season brings, then we have the perfect playlist to kick-start the best time of the year. It all begins with a glorious tropical flip of Tegan and Sara courtesy of the ever-creative Manila Killa. It takes quite a bit of ingenuity to transform a track that is rock at its core into colorful electronica, but the young talent has proven himself worthy of official remix status, and a second mention in this week’s playlist. Perhaps a little less of a challenge was bringing the same vibe to Felix Jaehn’s ‘Shine’, however the result from Matoma’s handiwork is no less spectacular in its results. The combination of flute, sax and signature melodies is about as close as you can get to your own personal island paradise in your ears, and it’s a destination we have no intention of leaving anytime soon. Once you’re ready to leave though, the next feature switches things up completely as we get a little deeper and darker with Justin Martin. It’s certainly a staple vibe of the dirtybird label, but as heavy as this VIP rendition of ‘Don’t Go’ can be, there is something undeniably chill about the entire production. Underlying all the change-ups and moments of flair is an addictive beat that takes hold and never lets go for the whole six minute ride.

Our week was made that much better with the news of the latest compilation from our favorite collective Moving CastleThe much anticipated Volume 003 released a few days ago, starring some of the best in the future game. We’ve picked out the chillest material of the bunch, with familiar names like WRLD, Bamf, Jailo, AObeats, Kappa Kavi and Hunt For The Breeze all putting their individual brilliance and unique sounds on display. Though not a part of the collective, Tasmanian producer Akouo has plenty of that on his side as well, which you’ll have no time hearing in his official remix of Gorgon City. The vocal work and catchy beat are so on point in this take on ‘Unmissable’, with the bass implemented to absolute perfection from start to finish. Rounding out the write-up for #110 are a couple of ace bootlegs from DJ AA. It’s been a little while since his last additions to the playlist, but these two will serve as a timely reminder for why we dig his blending abilities each and every time.

Even if the warmer months are half a year away on your side on the globe, we’ll make sure we’re turning the heat up in every week until you get there again. Peace out.

Tegan and Sara
Walking With A Ghost (Manila Killa Remix)
Felix Jaehn
Shine (feat. Freddy Verano & Linying) (Matoma Remix)
Justin Martin
Dont Go (Vip)
Music Sounds Better With You (WRLD Remix)
What You Thinkin Bout
Jailo & AObeats
Kappa Kavi
Hunt for the Breeze
Louis XIV
Gorgon City
Unmissable (Akouo Remix)
Filous x Xavier Dunn x James Hersey
Gold Digger (AA Coming Over Bootleg)
Autograf x Disclosure
Beware The Dog (AA When A Fire Starts To Burn Bootleg)
William Bell
Any Other Way (Broke For Free Remix)
Chaka Khan X Tensnake
All Good (DJ Katch Blend)
Ed Sheeran
Thinking Out Loud (20syl Remix)
Dirty Chocolate
Jump On
Wayward Ft. Michele Chiavarini
One (L C A W remix)
Jay Sean
Maybe (Deepjack & Mr.Nu Radio Edit)
Illusion (WYLN Remix)
Butter Coffee
Return To Air
Beggin For Thread (The New Royales Remix)
Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo
Wicked Games Edit
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The Chill Dojo #109

chill dojo

Beats and funk will kick off the 109th edition of the Chill Dojo, and we have two of the best in the electronic game to thank for that. We’re a little late to the party, but the latest album from Manic Focus, Cerebral Eclipse, is chock full of soulful rhythms to put on repeat for days. Teaming up with another smooth operator in GRiZ, ‘Life Goes On’ is as groovy as you can get, just what you’d expect from this collab between masters of their craft. That’s not the only funky release to be celebrating lately, because another favorite beat-maker in Pomo has just come out with his debut EP, The Other Day, and it’s absolute fire. We’ve featured the 3 tracks which rocked the Dojo the hardest and got our bodies moving in an uncontrollable state, a condition that’s sure to be contagious to whoever hits that play button. For real though, this stuff is dangerously addictive. Now Cashmere Cat’s iconic ‘Rice Rain’ has seen its fair share of remixes over its time, but trust the ever-eclectic ABSRDST to take it in a direction no one had ever conceived before. Waves of hypnotic beats and wonks welcome you aboard this magical ride, until his familiar 8-bit vibes and signature melodic breakout take you to the peak of musical ecstasy. This dude continues to blow us away with every new release, and he’s proved that yet again with a Cashy Cat bootleg that stands apart from all the rest.

Branchez is another artist who has made a name for himself with remixes that have catapulted themselves into the million-view count and into festival sets all over the globe. His latest take on Alesso’s big single ‘Heroes’ is certain to share a similar destiny, but it’s won its way on TMN and into this playlist with a chill trap breakdown and vocal control executed to perfection. We’re also keeping a close eye on the talented Jerry Folk, and his most recent funky concoction is a fresh spin on an RnB classic. As the sampling from the famous Sergeant Doakes quote suggests, this is one surprisingly catchy jam that you’ll need on repeat for a few more times to come. It’s only been a minute since our last shout-out to jackLNDN, but this time it’s a bumpin’ new original which has got us under his spell once again. Blending a bouncy house beat with deep vibes makes for one formidable combo, and it’s one that is sure to cause waves and finally score him the recognition he deserves. You know we’ll be the first to advocate it.

We love a solid edition of funk anytime we can get it, but the feelings go way beyond what we’ve got time to write about. Make sure to dive down into the entire list and soak it all up. Peace out.

Manic Focus and GRiZ
Life Goes On
How I Feel
On My Mind
Cloud Cruise
Cashmere Cat
Rice Rain (ABSRDST Bootleg)
Heroes (Branchez Remix)
Baby Bash
Suga Suga (Jerry Folk Remix)
Dont Forget
The Griswolds
Beware The Dog (Autograf Remix)
Savanna (Keljet Remix)
Tobtok ft. Hoodlem
Jam Couché
Coucherona (Original Mix)
Get Down (Beerlover Edition)
The Notorious B.I.G.
Skys The Limit (Beerlover Edition)
J Tropic X Alyss
Its Only feat. Zyra (Free n Losh Remix)
If You Leave Me Now
Tom Misch & Carmody
Paper Planes
Oh Wonder
Body Gold (Delusion Remix)
Willow Beats
Stay (feat. Dive Deep)
Sigur Rós
Sæglópur (Austins Fault Edit)
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[Chill] Parra for Cuva – Champa (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Parra for Cuva
Champa (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Like a song whispered from some sort of higher power, Germany’s Parra for Cuva has crafted a piece of meditative perfection in ‘Champa’. Amidst the rush of life, music that can invoke moments of deep reflection are a treasure, and it won’t take long for your mind to be carried away by the delicate electronica flowing freely here. The mood set by the acoustic soundscape is made complete by the mystical vocals of Monsoonsiren, whose name you may recall from the iconic ODESZA track ‘Memories That You Call’. To best honor the inner purpose of this production we won’t divulge any further than that, because this is one that was made to be felt, not just heard, and the sensation certainly reaches deep.

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The Chill Dojo #108

chill dojo

It seems like not a week goes by without our minds being blown by the talent of Lido. This time, it’s not the exciting future bass style that has us hooked, but an entirely different minimalistic approach that could only be described as beautiful. Relying solely on delicate textures and the emotion of the original lyrics, this is surely one of the biggest remixes of ‘Two Bodies’ without any exorbitant noise. It’s as pure as it gets, and the perfect way to set the mood. Alas, we’re switching things up straight away with a feel-good jam courtesy of a Dojo newcomer in Melvv. As much as we love raw emotion, we’re also suckers for a happy melody and addictive house groove, and that’s exactly what ‘Glide’ has to offer. Much like its name suggests, this one will elevate your day like wind beneath your sails. The perfect pick-me-up for when you need it most. In much the same way, funk-master Gigamesh has breathed new life into this Soul II Soul classic with an infectious remix layered with bouncy vibes and a silky finesse that will prove too irresistible for your body to handle. Disco definitely ain’t dead, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, tropical house is very much in it’s heyday, and Matoma is one of the artists flying the flag and continuing to push its popularity further. Assisting his cause is another hot mashup of vintage hip hop and that new sound that the world cannot get enough of right now. Add to that his signature sax
lead and it’s another certified winner for the rising Norwegian. This next combination needs no assistance in describing its greatness, because when you see the names Penguin Prison and Viceroy in the same track, you already know you’re in store for something special. This remix of ‘Calling Out’ retains its pop roots, but receives an electric boost from the summer-ready attitude of the season’s greatest advocate. Everything about this track radiates the summertime feeling we wish we could hold onto all year long. We conclude this write-up in the same way we started, with a favorite artist delivering something amazing out of left-field. Also well known for their futuristic tendencies, the mystical twins Cosmo’s Midnight have instead wowed us with a deep lyrical tune that’s saturated in good vibes and hypnotic groove. In an unprecedented fashion, they’ve concocted their most enchanting potion to date, and we’ll gladly drink the whole thing knowing full well its addictive tendencies.

It was certainly a week of surprises, but that’s exactly why we love putting this playlist together. Peace out.

Flight Facilities
Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Lido Remix)
Back 2 Life
Hello Vs. Party & Bullshit (Matoma Remix)
Penguin Prison
Calling Out (Viceroy Remix)
Cosmos Midnight
Snare (Feat. Wild Eyed Boy)
Grmm Ft. Father Dude
Electrify (A Tonez Liquid Remix)
Kungs ft. Molly
West Coast
Give It To Me (Tontario Remix)
Paradise Awaits (FKJ Remix)
Pierce Fulton
Kuaga (Topi Remix)
The Night VI
Heroine (Duncan Murray Remix)
Human League
Human (URFRIENDS Remix)
Slow Magic
Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix)
Complètement Fou (20syl remix)
Shaunic & Joseph LÉtranger
Git It
Drip Away feat. Hunt
La Mar
Anchor (Mazde Remix)
George Maple
Vacant Space (ViLLAGE Edit)
Years & Years
Anna of the North
Sway (et aliae Remix)
Be Okay Pt.2 (DSIGNR x Oh Honey)
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