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[Chill] Parra for Cuva – Champa (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Parra for Cuva
Champa (feat. Monsoonsiren)

Like a song whispered from some sort of higher power, Germany’s Parra for Cuva has crafted a piece of meditative perfection in ‘Champa’. Amidst the rush of life, music that can invoke moments of deep reflection are a treasure, and it won’t take long for your mind to be carried away by the delicate electronica flowing freely here. The mood set by the acoustic soundscape is made complete by the mystical vocals of Monsoonsiren, whose name you may recall from the iconic ODESZA track ‘Memories That You Call’. To best honor the inner purpose of this production we won’t divulge any further than that, because this is one that was made to be felt, not just heard, and the sensation certainly reaches deep.

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The Chill Dojo #108

chill dojo

It seems like not a week goes by without our minds being blown by the talent of Lido. This time, it’s not the exciting future bass style that has us hooked, but an entirely different minimalistic approach that could only be described as beautiful. Relying solely on delicate textures and the emotion of the original lyrics, this is surely one of the biggest remixes of ‘Two Bodies’ without any exorbitant noise. It’s as pure as it gets, and the perfect way to set the mood. Alas, we’re switching things up straight away with a feel-good jam courtesy of a Dojo newcomer in Melvv. As much as we love raw emotion, we’re also suckers for a happy melody and addictive house groove, and that’s exactly what ‘Glide’ has to offer. Much like its name suggests, this one will elevate your day like wind beneath your sails. The perfect pick-me-up for when you need it most. In much the same way, funk-master Gigamesh has breathed new life into this Soul II Soul classic with an infectious remix layered with bouncy vibes and a silky finesse that will prove too irresistible for your body to handle. Disco definitely ain’t dead, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, tropical house is very much in it’s heyday, and Matoma is one of the artists flying the flag and continuing to push its popularity further. Assisting his cause is another hot mashup of vintage hip hop and that new sound that the world cannot get enough of right now. Add to that his signature sax
lead and it’s another certified winner for the rising Norwegian. This next combination needs no assistance in describing its greatness, because when you see the names Penguin Prison and Viceroy in the same track, you already know you’re in store for something special. This remix of ‘Calling Out’ retains its pop roots, but receives an electric boost from the summer-ready attitude of the season’s greatest advocate. Everything about this track radiates the summertime feeling we wish we could hold onto all year long. We conclude this write-up in the same way we started, with a favorite artist delivering something amazing out of left-field. Also well known for their futuristic tendencies, the mystical twins Cosmo’s Midnight have instead wowed us with a deep lyrical tune that’s saturated in good vibes and hypnotic groove. In an unprecedented fashion, they’ve concocted their most enchanting potion to date, and we’ll gladly drink the whole thing knowing full well its addictive tendencies.

It was certainly a week of surprises, but that’s exactly why we love putting this playlist together. Peace out.

Flight Facilities
Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Lido Remix)
Back 2 Life
Hello Vs. Party & Bullshit (Matoma Remix)
Penguin Prison
Calling Out (Viceroy Remix)
Cosmos Midnight
Snare (Feat. Wild Eyed Boy)
Grmm Ft. Father Dude
Electrify (A Tonez Liquid Remix)
Kungs ft. Molly
West Coast
Give It To Me (Tontario Remix)
Paradise Awaits (FKJ Remix)
Pierce Fulton
Kuaga (Topi Remix)
The Night VI
Heroine (Duncan Murray Remix)
Human League
Human (URFRIENDS Remix)
Slow Magic
Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix)
Complètement Fou (20syl remix)
Shaunic & Joseph LÉtranger
Git It
Drip Away feat. Hunt
La Mar
Anchor (Mazde Remix)
George Maple
Vacant Space (ViLLAGE Edit)
Years & Years
Anna of the North
Sway (et aliae Remix)
Be Okay Pt.2 (DSIGNR x Oh Honey)
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[Deep House] Just Kiddin – Thinking About It (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Remix)

Just Kiddin
Thinking About It (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Remix)

We promised big things from Fabich and Ferdinand Weber in 2014, and while we’re sitting back wondering how exactly this year has gone by so quickly, they’re taking yet another step forward with a release on Pete Tong’s label FFRR in the next month. Taking on official remix duties for Just Kiddin’s dance hit ‘Thinking About It’, the pair have stripped back the club heavy vibes and applied a silky touch in their signature deep style. Don’t think this means a lack of dance-ability to any extent, because the groove involved here is still just as hard to resist. Just take it as an entirely new way to enjoy the track, one that accentuates the soulfulness of the lyrics and favors a soothed mind over a sweaty body. In any case, this one’s got just the right feel for what we need right now.

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The Chill Dojo #107

chill dojo

We don’t often open the Dojo in this way, but this week we’re kicking off proceedings with a lyrical gem from a silky electronic duo coming out of Sydney. Atlas Bound treat us to a smooth delight that is all kinds of soulful right down to its very title. Bustling percussion meets sweet piano chords in a marriage that emanates the warmth of a rich coffee blend, and it well and truly has us addicted. In much the same way, we hang on every new release from the rising Lido,  and it was impossible to miss this big remix of alt-J which was finally unleashed on Soundcloud earlier in the month. The popular Norwegian delivers yet another unique dose of future bass, with an unshakeable freshness that continues to blow our minds each and every time. We’re also big advocates of the young German talent LCAW, and this week he gave us yet another reason to sing his praises with a breakout edit of ‘Paradise Awaits’ from the venerable ZHU. It’s a version that’s deep and brooding, a perfect match for the eclectic stylings of the original, with a mysterious beauty that fixates your attention like a stranger in the night.

Still on that funk trip, we’re brightening things up a bit with an infectious jam from Dojo-favorite jackLNDN, taking on the unforgettable ‘Talk Talk’. This was the twist that we’ve been waiting for since hearing the majestic voice of George Maple, and the deep groove has us overdosing on that feel-good vibe that oozes from every chord. Now is about right to sip on that tropical cocktail once again, but this time it’s being served by  a new entrant in Swedish producers Samuraii. If their moniker alone wasn’t enough to prove they are more than worthy of gracing the Chill Dojo, their mellow version of the magical ‘Heart’ will quickly steal yours away to an aural paradise. We very much hope that there will be plenty of future entries from this name in sessions to come. This week’s write-up comes to a close with a lifelong member in Lane 8, who has been gifting our ears with sweet melodies since the very beginning. His latest smooth offering on Anjunadeep is one his very best, with an undeniable charm that stems from a soulful simplicity. It’s all about hitting the right spot, and this one does the trick with little fanfare needed.

This one may be a little shorter than the huge collections of late, but oh how sweet it is. Peace out.

Atlas Bound
alt J
Left Hand Free (Lido Remix)
Paradise Awaits ( LCAW Remix )
George Maple
Talk Talk (JackLNDN Remix)
Heart (Samuraii Remix)
Lane 8
Without You
Kanye West
Good Life (CS & Miskeyz Remix)
Mike Posner
Cooler Than Me (Eau Claire Remix)
Le Youth
Breeze (Tontario & SaxoKid Remix)
Red Lights (Glastrophobie Remix)
I Loved You (Braxton Remix)
Pierce Fulton
Kuaga (Sonny Alven Remix)
Lana Del Rey
West Coast Cover (Berger&Shaqiri Edit)
Rameses B
We Love
I Need You
Annabel Jones
Magnetic (AObeats Remix)
Christina Perri
Burning Gold (Stint Remix)
Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy
Faded (Pham Flip)
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The Chill Dojo #106

chill dojo

If you find yourself whistling along to a particular song all week, then that’s a surefire way of knowing you’ve got the perfect tune to be sitting at the top of the playlist for the next Chill Dojo. Lindsay Lowend delivers just that with a playful take on Lido’s ‘Money’, led from beginning to end with a blissfully sweet melody and plenty of mellow future trimmings in his signature style. Not content with merely resting on his laurels though, he also throws in a stunning orchestral break to really put the icing on his addition to Lido’s recently released I Love You Remix EP.  Coming off the back of his popular hit ‘Fiona Coyne’, SAINT PEPSI teams up with Maxo to slow things down a little for a celebratory anthem. We all need to take some time to reflect every now and again, and this is the perfect soundtrack to your next daydream session, filled to the brim with feel-good vibes that capture your ears in warm embrace. We’re dialing up the trap factor with another collab of a different kind, this time thanks to the partnership of Diamond Eyes and Sté Louse. Melodic genius is again at the forefront of this electrifying jam, expertly crafted to take the listener on a ride through emotional lyrics and energizing highs all within the space of just two and a half minutes.

Sam Feldt has been riding the success of tropical house craze of 2014, and his latest release with Chris Meid will show you just why the popularity of this style continues to grow as the year goes on. The vocals of Jose Gonzalez are the perfect platform to launch another summer-flavored remix that is sure to satisfy the sun-drenched cravings of listeners all over the world. As always, throw in some sax and you’ll have us won over fairly easily. Germany’s Felix Jaehn is catching a similar wave of popularity of late, and the newly released ‘Eagle Eyes’ puts his musical talents on full display. It’s an instrumental feast of xylophone, piano and flute, blending in perfect harmony together with the dance vibe and glorious vocals from Linying. For those needing their deep house fix for the week, EFIX and Henri Pfr have that covered with an amazing original, graced with spectacular production and the breathtaking vocal partnership of Florence Welch and Kid Harpoon. It’s certainly a star-studded affair, and has all the elements of a sing-along anthem that yearns to be belted out at the top of your lungs.

Our heads are swimming with infectious melodies this week, and this list has enough replay value to last a lifetime. Luckily, it’s only a few days before we do this all again. Peace out.

Money (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
Celebrate Me
Diamond Eyes X Sté Louse
Times Square
Jose Gonzalez
Stay Alive (Sam Feldt & Chris Meid Remix)
Felix Jaehn feat. Lost Frequencies & Linying
Eagle Eyes
EFIX & Henri Pfr
Im Goin Down (feat. Florence Welch & Kid Harpoon)
Weekend (Oliver Nelson Remix)
Never Really Mattered (Theodor Remix)
Running Ft. Cleopold
Cant Wait (ft. SPZRKT)
B O S S  (ノ゚▽゚)ノ
Lil Gravity
Gemini (feat. Telana) (Gravez Remix)
Josef Salvat
Open Season (The Chainsmokers Remix)
Embers ft. Jill Harris (T Mass Remix)
Tell Me
Feelin (Le Flex Remix)
Sam Feldt & Kav Verhouzer
Hot Skin (Original Mix)
Becky Hill
Losing (Just Kiddin Remix)
You Were Mine (Daniel. T. Remix)
Moon Boots
Theres No Love
Christina Perri
Burning Gold (Bit Funk Remix)
Julian Kruse
Free n Losh
The Girl From Ipanema (Remix)
The Theorist & Y E Λ R S
Marz Leon
Fire (Trapwell Chill Edit)
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The Chill Dojo #105

chill dojo

Tropical house has certainly been one of the talking points of 2014, and one of the artists at the forefront of conversation has undoubtedly been Thomas Jack. It’s not hard to see why this style has garnered such popularity over the course of this year, and this laid-back version of the anthemic ‘Back Home’ embodies everything that makes it such a joy to listen to. The catchy melody is accentuated by that sweet sax, working in perfect harmony with the acoustic bed underlying the moments of bliss layered throughout. In case you missed one of the hottest tracks from last week, stop whatever you’re doing now and dive head first into this one.

Funnily enough, as much as we talk about all these summery tunes perfectly designed for beach-side vibes, it’s not often we post things coming out of Brazil, arguably one of the best destinations for exactly that backdrop. Luckily, we have this recent jam from Cesare to remedy that glaring issue, and boy does it satisfy exactly what we’ve been lacking. Infectious lyrics mixed with a funky bassline are a powerful cocktail, and will bring a slice of paradise to wherever you may be listening. We’re continent hopping once again, but still rocking a similar vibe, this time courtesy of one of our favorite Swedes in Tobtok. His signature groovy synths are again the heroes of another solid remix that will take no prisoners in its mission to get everyone up and dancing. A body-moving sound of a different kind is woven by the ever-magical KAASI. This man is an artisan of seductively deep music, and ‘Lisse’ is another reason why we just can’t get enough of every new masterpiece he produces. Close your eyes and let it wash over you like the purest of waters.

We’ll conclude the write-up by calling out another batch of amazing ‘Say My Name’ remixes to add to the impressive list so far. That’s one contest which will see no easy decision to be made, but the rewards for us listeners have been growing with every passing week. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #105 zip

MYNGA feat. Cosmo Klein 
  Back Home (Thomas Jack Remix)
Fickle Friends
For You (Cesare Remix)
Keljet x AYER
If Its Not You (Tobtok Remix)
Thomas Jack x MYNGA x Odesza
Back Home (AA Say My Name Bootleg)
Say My Name (Basic Tape Remix)
Say My Name (Delusion Remix)
Rain Dance
Body Cry ft. Father Dude
Mr. Carmack
dear mama
Back Home
Eevee (Grimecrafts IRL Flareon Flip)
Laura Doggett
Moonshine (Authr Edition)
Hi Life
Give U The World
What Is Love (Tapetenwechsel Remix)
Low (Thats Nice Remix)
Jennifer Hudson Feat. R. Kelly
Its Your World (Henry Land Remix)
These Moments
Flight Facilities
Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (HNNY REMIX)
Kaleidoscope (Kaytranadas Flip)
Just, Hold On For a Second
Elliot Moss
Slip (Hippie Sabotage Remix)
Slow Magic
On Yr Side (Sebastian Carter Edition)


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[Chill] Still Parade – Actors (Dinnerdate Remix)

Still Parade
Actors (Dinnerdate Remix)

There are some music lovers out there who just melt when it comes to slow, dreamy songs that ooze indie vibes and echo longing voices of lyrical ambiguity.  Then there are some who can appreciate the sentiment, but need a little more oomph before they can fully warm up to the feel the song is going for. For those of us in the second category, we have talented artists like Dinnerdate to help us out, with an ear for the right original to work their magic over, opening it up to an entirely new audience with their own musical preferences.

The beauty in this remix, other than the obvious elegance of the sound itself, is the fact that it caters to listeners in both of those categories, staying true enough to the original to satisfy this fan-base, but also working in its own touch for those craving a rhythmic beat to go with their serving of indie goodness. It’s the perfect balance of both worlds, and the perfect way for one of our favorite artists to break his period of relative silence over the last few months. For those wanting even more, there should be plenty more in the works from this name before the year is out. This will certainly help to tide us over until then.

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