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[House] No Doubt – Don’t Speak (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

No Doubt
Don't Speak (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

He’s shown it countless times before, but Dennis Kruissen certainly doesn’t shy away from taking on the classics. With names like Mary Mary and Florence and The Machine already under his belt, there was seemingly no limit to which timeless anthem could be next to fall victim to his addictive deep house spell. Well the wait is over as his latest transformation is complete and once again ready to reignite the passion for an iconic song. Like a blast from the past, all those memories of belting out the chorus of ‘Don’t Speak’ over the top of Gwen Stefani’s lyrics will come flooding back in an instant. Only this time, those unforgettable vocals are accompanied by an infectious groove geared to set dance floors ablaze and have that undying chorus shouted out into the early hours of the morning.

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[Future Bass] Urban Cone Ft Tove Lo – Come Back To Me (Redial Remix)

Urban Cone Ft Tove Lo
Come Back To Me (Redial Remix)

Around a month ago, bass veteran Redial resurfaced with a fresh outlook on where he wanted his music to go next, and an EP to solidify this statement to the rest of the electronic scene. There was promise of more excitement to come, and now that is delivered in the form of a massive official remix for Urban Cone. Don’t be fooled by the soulful tone of the original, because it’s astounding just how well those vocals lend themselves to a fierce future bass anthem. From the hypnotic builds to the crunchy industrial beat, everything about this track has been constructed with the purpose of igniting an eager crowd, and the energy it emits will bring things to fever pitch in a matter of seconds. Look out for this one to be the feature of sets all throughout the festival season this year.

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Adam Tell – Fiction In The Fire [TMN PREMIERE]

Looking Up Window Sill 16 Fiction-final
Adam Tell
Fiction In The Fire

It’s easy for electronic pop to be given a bad rap these days, with common preconceptions of being all flash and little substance when compared to masterful displays of production that can hold their ground without any need for lyrics. And then along comes an artist like Adam Tell to turn that perception around in an instant, putting forward a solid case that words can elevate these sounds to another level beyond pure melodic obsession. That will be the story told through his Fiction EP set to release tomorrow, and who better than Fox Stevenson’s own Cloudhead records to share it?

In the lead-up to the event, we’ve been given a taste of what’s in store with a premiere of ‘Fiction In The Fire’. As promised, you’ll find an addictive combination of Adam’s uplifting vocals together with sweeping soundscapes and glorious melodies that offer something more than what you’ll get from mainstream radio.

If you feel your previous assumptions fading, you can check out the pre-order here.

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The Chill Dojo #128

chill dojo

It’s been a solid year for collabs already as far as the Dojo is concerned, and this week a combination of French beatmakers add their stock to the list in a big way. Today marks the release of the Almeria LP from EVERYDAYZ and Phazz, and the title track is the perfect mix of slick groove and punchy chords to make their statement heard loud and clear. An all-round smooth number that glides seamlessly through orchestration and jazzy breakdowns alike. While we’re talking big releases, it would be remiss of us not to once again highlight the unmissable Galaxies Between Us album from the master of future funk, Kill Paris. He may be messing around with an array of new flavors lately, but one listen will tell you this is undeniably the product of the Kill Paris kitchen. Cooking up everything from the irresistibly dancey ‘Gonna Get High’ to the almighty roar of the ‘Tropical Dinosaur’, he even manages to put together an ‘Interlude’ that we consider a legitimate tune.

A little more unorthodox method of releasing music took place at Coachella last week, as a handful of USBs went soaring into the crowd containing this gem from Kygo and Dillon Francis. Together with the vocals of James Hersey, all three musical influences come together here in wonderful harmony for the ultimate slice of chillout music at its very best. It won’t be the only thing taking listeners by surprise in this edition though, as next up is an unconventional blend of Manilla Killa and The M Machine in this remix of ‘Don’t Speak’. Though seemingly coming from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, the contrast between bubbly tropical vibes and gritty electronic beat is as intriguing as it is catchy. It certainly had our attention earlier in the week, and is definitely a unique addition to playlist #128.

Just one of many eclectic ingredients in this giant melting pot of mellow delights. Peace out.

Everydayz & Phazz
Kill Paris
Gonna Get High
Kill Paris
Summer Daze
Kill Paris
Kill Paris
Tropical Dinosaur
Kygo & Dillon Francis Feat. James Hersey
Coming Over (Original Mix)
The M Machine
Dont Speak (Manila Killa Remix)
Will Smith
Miami (Matoma Remix)
Maison & Dragen
Turn Around 2015
Jupiter Project & Jetski Safari
With You feat. Helen Corry (ALMOND Remix)
Sleepy Crusader
Duke Dumont
Need U (100%) (James Laurence Bootleg)
Ferdinand Weber
Jamie xx
Loud Places (feat. Romy) (Eekkoo Edit)
Austin Basham
All Is Well (Glastrophobie Remix)
Wonderful Humans
Just What I Needed (Mountain Of Youth Remix)
When Youre Around
mi ka
✈ clouds
Cheeky Charmander
Everyday Struggle
Deer Stared At Me (Clayjay Remix)
Tom Misch
Dawsons Heights
Far Away feat. Josh Roa
SOS Band
High Hopes (Harrison Edit)
Bryson Tiller
Dont(esta Remix)
Sango & SPZRKT
HowDoYouLoveMe(esta remix Ft. Towkio)
Helios Feat. Wayne Snow (Bondax Remix)
Gas Pedal
All Hands On Deck(Smoko Ono Remix)
BOARCROK X Cosmic Quest
Gosh Pith
Smoke Bellow (Jonah Baseball Remix)
20syl & Monsoonsiren
All You Need
J Louis
Ice Tea
TheeReal & 22Rains
i just want to know you (raava remix)
Monkey Safari
Cranes (Original)
Monkey Safari
Cranes (Kölsch Remix)
Monkey Safari
Cranes (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
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[Chill] Ark Patrol – Let Go (Ft. Veronika Redd)

Ark Patrol
Let Go (ft. Veronika Redd)

Redefining all preconceptions of ‘Hawaiian music’, the latest release from island-raised Ark Patrol is both a story for the modern generation interwoven with the traditional sonic elements that encapsulate the serenity of vast ocean surrounds. ‘Let Go’ is a floating experience like no other, gently coaxed along by the dreamy vocals of Veronika Redd and a soothing soundscape that caresses the soul along every twist and turn. So immersive is it all that the blissful tropical surrounds seem within a grasp away, inspiring an almost fanatic need to lunge inside the speakers and pull it out. Nevertheless, like a seashell that has captured the sounds of its origins, there is always consolation knowing that for a fleeting moment, this slice of musical paradise will always be there to transport you to this picturesque scene whenever it is needed.

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The Chill Dojo #127

chill dojo

All focus may be on Coachella for the moment, but this past week has served up its fair share of amazing releases for everyone else playing along at home. It’s not hard to imagine why new Flume would be top of the list as far as music news goes, but thankfully for the Dojo his latest flip of Sam Smith is saturated in the vibes that make him top of ours as well. If we’re talking collabs though, this collective effort from Towkio, Chance the Rapper, Lido and Eryn Allen Kane may just be the hottest we’ve heard from 2015 so far. As the names promise, your ears are in store for soulful vocals, slick lyrical skills and a production game that is as mind-blowing as always. That’s not all you’ll get out of Lido from this edition though, because this week also saw the release of his collaborative Superspeed EP with partner-in-crime Canblaster. Having already been treated to the intriguing sounds of ‘Rush Hour’, we’ve gone ahead and included the rest of the stream, each track dishing up a completely fresh experience to the last.

Carrying on a very similar theme title-wise, Californian producer KRNE showcases his abilities with ‘Never Stop’. A charming melodic opening may be extremely pleasant to the ear, but that’s just a prelude to the insane production that is about to be unleashed here. This is the kind of music that makes us urge the artist to take heed of his own words and keep those sweet tunes a’ comin nonstop. An unlikely contender ends the write-up for this week, as Dojo newcomer IMLAY manages to revive the genre-confused mess that is the original track from Palisades. Thankfully, this remix knows everything it’s meant to be, and the trap-filled future style actually makes for quite a nice fit to the poppy vocals.

That’s just the tip of it though, because there is a wave of other releases to sink your teeth into from the Hebinomichi Vol. 2 collection to the latest EP from mura masa. It’s almost festival-worthy in itself! Peace out.

Sam Smith
Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)
Heaven Only Knows (Ft. Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane)
Lido & Canblaster
Alarm Clock
Lido & Canblaster
Lido & Canblaster
Never Stop
Mind Games (IMLAY Remix)
Said The Sky
Darling (Ft. Missio)
TastyTreat x Black Monday x Cory Enemy
Press Reset (ft. Amory)
Can You Tell
Sunday Chords
Eventually (feat. Alex Rita & Bison)
Mura Masa
Firefly (ft. Nao)
Mura Masa
When U Need Me
Mura Masa
Lovesick Fuck
Phony Ppl
End Of The Night (Louis Futon Remix)
White Lies (GARREN Remix)
Quinoa West
Penguin Prison
Never Gets Old (Mattanoll Remix)
Penguin Prison
Never Gets Old (Solidisco Remix)
Bleu Toucan
Ananas (Prizm Remix)
Secret Slide
In My Head
Prince Fox
Wait Until Tomorrow
Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Fantasy (Felix Jaehn Remix)
All Hands On Deck (PACES Remix)
All Hands On Deck (Giraffage remix)
Marlon Roudette
When The Beat Drop Out (Kartell Remix)
Falling (Embody Remix)
Ziu x Nyanara
Unforgettable (Original Mix)
Masego x Medasin
Girls That Dance
Alexander Lewis X Brasstracks
Day 1
shadowtricks x arbitrary sax
Luxury (ft. Notorious B.I.G & Flamingosis)
favela beat
Sans Cesse
Opal City
Not Yet
Love I Know (Deebs Remix)
Trippy Turtle
Trippys Theme (Dawn Safari x Snubluck Bootleg)
Jia Lih
Rock You
Recuring Scenes (one for Elaquent)
Magic In Threes
Beatin Tha Breaks (Freddie Joachim Remix)
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[Future] Carmada – Maybe (Empia Remix)

Maybe (Empia Remix)

With this week heralding news of the imminent release of Carmada’s ‘Maybe’ remix EP, the artists listed in the package promise an arsenal of heavy-hitting mixes designed to outdo the intensity of the original, which burst onto the scene 6 months ago. Australia’s top names in the bass game, Slumberjack and Elk Road, have already proven their menacing intentions with the reveal of their collaborative efforts earlier this week. Though not a part of the official release, fellow Aussie producer Empia has thrown his hat in the ring with an interpretation of a different kind, opting for a melodic route over the face-melting ambition the others may bring. While the structure sits quite similar to the pacing of the original, his signature future style layered throughout this track will likely be a refreshing reprieve from the impending onslaught of bass that is waiting to be unleashed in only a few days’ time.

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