Braille Face

You may not have heard of Braille Face, but it’s about time that changed. With minimal information available besides a hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Braille Face intends for the music to speak first. We may have seen a myriad of cases like this, but they usually end up delivering some of the most interesting pieces of music we hear. This is no exception.

Braille Face’s debut single, “Glow”, creates a haunting and hypnotic atmosphere as the scarce vocals gently drift among the swirling synths, filtered pads, and robotic percussion. There’s an interesting tension built throughout, and it treads that fine line between unsettling and calm that gives the song its emotive appeal. It draws you in. It’s magnetic. It’s honestly nothing short of magical. Wrap up your week on a sublime note with “Glow” and be sure to support Braille Face and Spirit Level as they continue to grow.

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