The original version of Cassette Culture‘s “We Once Had an Empire” is a somewhat gloomy, retro, synth pop piece, and the Jungle Fiction remix takes the original version into an alley-way and beats the crap out of it with distortion and hard-hitting Electro thumps.

There are many elements that make this remix so damn good. There’s the mad clash of synths; from the syncopated and swirly chords and blips, to the dirty and distorted buzz-saw melodies. Another one of my favorite elements is the technical precision that went into the vocal edits. Whether chopped up, or laid in tact, they dance along with the beat and accompany the multitude of layers, perfectly. This doesn’t really come as a big surprise, given the production prowess of these young gents.

Jungle Fiction is a superb, Electro-Disco trio from Iceland. Their debut EP, “Heat of the Nite” was released last December, and I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Cassette Culture – We Once Had an Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix)

’Cassette Culture – We Once Had an Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix)’
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