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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (Tim Mason Remix)

It’s only been a mere 4 months since newcomer Tim Mason, released the massive single, “The Moment” on Steve Angello’s Size label. The reception following the Brit’s first single has showered Mason with enough positive attention to land him remix work for David Guetta and Alex Metric. And it didn’t stop there…

Mason recently dished out a remix for RHCP’s hit, “Otherside”. This track has been tackled by many over the years, (Benassi, Oakenfold, etc.), but Mason delivers an approach that elevates the Alt-Rock original with a stimulating, “big room” vibe. The famous John Frusciante guitar hook flows alongside a soft percussive synth that preludes where this track is headed. Anthony Kiedis’ vocals are fitting and follow along nicely into the build-up, then hitting its peak, taking the listener into dance-floor euphoria.

It’s a very young career for Tim Mason, but with the select output we’ve heard this year, the future is looking big for this guy, and our ears are waiting.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (Tim Mason Remix)

’Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (Tim Mason Remix)’

Tim Mason: FacebookTwitterSize Records

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Dirty South & Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth – Alive (Original Mix)

What do you get when you cross a Grammy nominated mega producer, a break-though globetrotter that’s rising to the top and an über hot DJ-singer? You get “Alive”; the stunning new single by Dirty South and Thomas Gold. Dirty and Gold craft an impeccable Progressive House backdrop with Kate Elsworth’s sultry vocals, to unleash an uplifting, emotive tune that (as I write this) is currently #13 on Beatport’s Progressive House Charts. While listening, you can imagine this song blaring over a summer festival crowd, anywhere around the world. It’s got that kind of vibe.

Beatport: Dirty South & Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth – Alive (Original Mix)

’Dirty South & Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth – Alive (Original Mix)’

Quick background check on the 3 names mentioned:

Dirty South: Grammy nominated Serbian-born Dragan Roganovic, relocated to Melbourne, Australia in his teens, and began releasing original music in 2004. It only took a couple of years before his singles and remixes would be worldwide. Early on, he worked alongside Axwell and David Guetta. He’s remixed Depeche Mode, Snoop Dogg, U2 and old school House/Techno king, Josh Wink; among many others. Along with producing, he’s a regular at the biggest clubs and festivals, all over the world.
Dirty South Official Site

Thomas Gold: Berlin based producer/DJ. Beatport and DJ Mag ranked him as a top “breakthrough” and “rising star”. His grueling production and touring schedule has landed him headlining gigs at mega-clubs like Ministry of Sound and Pacha. His original tunes and remixes are consistent downloads on Beatport. He’s worked with big names like: Fatboy Slim, Robbie Rivera, Fedde Le Grand, Trance legend Paul Van Dyk, and Erick Morillo; just name a few. His pace to the top is relentless.
Thomas Gold Official Site

Kate Elsworth: Singer-songwriter-DJ, from Sydney, Australia. Elsworth has already received recognition from Pete Tong and now Dirty South. She incorporates gorgeous live vocals over the massive club grooves from frequent collaborators, Exacta. They are set to release their debut album in 2011. While that’s brewing, she keeps herself busy with a worldwide touring schedule. Anyone with a fetish for female DJs (this includes me) will love Elsworth. Keep an eye on this hottie.
Kate Elsworth Facebook

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Sidney Samson ft Tara McDonald – Dynamite (Club Mix) + Nicky Romero Remix

Sidney Samson continues to bring his superb club creations to the masses with this new track, featuring British songstress, Tara McDonald. Samson and McDonald come together again to birth a tune that should find its way into the charts very soon. Their offspring consist of McDonald’s simple, catchy vocal melodies, and Samson’s always-likable House elements and Trance-y nuances. It’s an absolutely perfect tune for summer mix sessions and global parties.

Both Samson and McDonald share impressive resumes. Sidney Samson has been DJ-ing/producing House music since 1999 and has rented out his remixing skills for high profile names such as: David Guetta, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lil John, Roger Sanchez and many others. Tara McDonald’s “go-to-voice” has been heard on tracks by David Guetta, Armand Van Helden, Axwell, and Todd Terry, just to name a few.

Beatport: Sidney Samson ft Tara McDonald – Dynamite (Club Mix)

’Sidney Samson ft Tara McDonald – Dynamite (Club Mix)’

Sidney Samson: Sidney Samson Dot Com – Facebook – Twitter

Tara McDonald: Tara – Facebook – Twitter

Ahh remix time! Who doesn’t love a good remix to compliment an original? Nicky Romero’s stirring remix of “Dynamite” kicks things up a notch. The young Dutchman slightly toys with Tara McDonald’s vocals and inserts a growling synth attack as the main hook. I enjoyed listening to Sidney Samson’s original and Romero’s remix back-to-back. They could easily be mixed together in a set while sounding cohesive but different. Again…they compliment each other and make for a good pairing.

Beatport:Sidney Samson ft Tara McDonald – Dynamite (Nicky Romero Remix)

’Sidney Samson ft Tara McDonald – Dynamite (Nicky Romero Remix)’

For all things Nicky Romero, check out: DotCom – Facebook – Twitter – SoundCloud

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[Holy Sh*t!] CAZZETTE vs Kanye West – I’m A Motherf**king Monster (Mash-Up)

CAZZETTE strikes gold with this thunderous approach to Kanye’s hit, “Monster”. This epic mash-up IS an absolute monster! The Swedes kick our brains in with throbbing Electro-House and vicious Dub-Step-ish breakdowns to create an absolute sonic frenzy.

This mash-up is a great representation of what this duo will dish out during a live set. It’s definitely one of my favorite bootlegs out right now, and it should also be your favorite. Just saying…

CAZZETTE vs Kanye West – I’m A Motherf**king Monster (Mash-Up)

CAZZETTE is all over your internet at:

C A Z Z E T T EFacebookTwitterMySpaceYouTube

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[Video] Art vs Science / Magic Fountain

Alex Roberts directs and edits a super exciting visual companion to an excellent track by Art vs Science. In this video, we see a mad scientist-turned-Electro-superhero, trekking around, blasting magic sounds out from his armor of speakers, creating a possessed, dancing frenzy around town. If everyday was like this video, we’d live in a perfect world. This little piece of cinema just gave me an idea for a Halloween costume. Now, I just need to find that damn Magic Fountain.

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[House] Tiesto & Hardwell – Zero 76 (Original Mix)

The collaboration of Tiesto & Hardwell may be one of the best of 2011. (and it’s only February.) While, I don’t consider myself to be a big Tiesto fan, you have to give him his props. The guy is still considered by many as the “King of Trance”. But, to continue progressing as a leader, means you have to keep your ears peeled to the evolution of Electronic Dance Music.

That’s exactly what Tiesto did, and he didn’t have to go far to find it. In fact, he went to 23 year old DJ/Producer, and Breda, NL native, Hardwell. Hardwell started his DJ career at 13 years old and is quickly rising as one of the most exciting and refreshing figures on the global dance scene.

The new single from the duo, “Zero 76”, is an electrifying rollercoaster of sound. Each of the producers’ individual styles is very evident. Tiesto’s epic Trance sound that made him a worldwide star swims on top of Hardwell’s Progressive Tech-House foundation. There’s a heavy heap of Trance riffs that hover through-out the track, which will have you listening to this song, over and over.

Beatport: Tiesto & Hardwell – Zero 76 (Original Mix)

’Tiesto & Hardwell – Zero 76 (Original Mix)’
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[Electronic] Cassette Culture – We Once Had an Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix)

The original version of Cassette Culture‘s “We Once Had an Empire” is a somewhat gloomy, retro, synth pop piece, and the Jungle Fiction remix takes the original version into an alley-way and beats the crap out of it with distortion and hard-hitting Electro thumps.

There are many elements that make this remix so damn good. There’s the mad clash of synths; from the syncopated and swirly chords and blips, to the dirty and distorted buzz-saw melodies. Another one of my favorite elements is the technical precision that went into the vocal edits. Whether chopped up, or laid in tact, they dance along with the beat and accompany the multitude of layers, perfectly. This doesn’t really come as a big surprise, given the production prowess of these young gents.

Jungle Fiction is a superb, Electro-Disco trio from Iceland. Their debut EP, “Heat of the Nite” was released last December, and I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Cassette Culture – We Once Had an Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix)

’Cassette Culture – We Once Had an Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix)’
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