Danny Darko & Dionne Lightwood

Start watching this new video by Italian electric artist and record producer Danny Darko and you will immediately get chills. This beautiful song has the vocals of the talented Dionne Lightwood sung overtop of Darko’s amazing musical mix. The song begins with a violin melody, haunting yet inviting to the listener as Lightwood’s echoing lyrics slowly carry into the song. Then, Darko takes control of the instrumentals in this piece, adding in electronic beats, piano and drums before taking the song for its first drop at :54. The song continues with a layering of Lightwood’s captivating voice with the mix of Darko’s undeniable ear for electronic music. This video tells the story that many of us know; we just want to be visible to the one person who we feel invisible to. The video has some beautiful outdoor imagery with the final minute of the song escalading to Darko disappearing before Lightwood’s eyes. Darko is a newcomer to the electric scene but his ear for mixing musical instruments and electric sounds is sure to make him visible in the electric music world.

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