See Through Me

It’s Wednesday afternoon and all that we can think about is the minute the clock strikes 6, so we can bolt out of the office and hit those happy hour deals, or snuggle under the covers of our beds. But, why not eradicate that stigma we so often apply to the work week and look at it in a positive light? For us music lovers every day – whether it’s a miserable Monday or a “Friday fun day” – means new tunes, and at TMN it’s our passion to mine for the best-of-the-best and the freshest-of-the-fresh in music.

Selecting the most fitting songs for our listeners can get pretty difficult with all of the incredible music that’s out there, but electronic duo DROELOE made it almost too easy for us after we took a listen to their latest. “See Through Me” is a beautiful fusion of edginess and etherealness. Provoking intrigue from the very start with airy echoes and jagged synths, the single culminates with a spectacular explosion of rich melodies and harmonies that are paired perfectly with crisp percussion. DROELOE has us at hello through the release of “See Through Me,” while reminding us bloggers why we love digging for music so damn much.

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