A newer artist on the scene, DUX, has caught our attention with the new single “Diana.” Dux’s unique style is sure to capture your attention, and after diving in to this single, you’re going to want to check out the few other ones on his Soundcloud.

“Diana” starts off as an atmospheric, cinematic piece that morphs into a bubbly, but dark, record. If you are wondering why it is called “Diana,” the pitched-down samples from “I’m Coming Out” is what will tip you off to the answer. DUX’s industrial piece is one of those tracks that you’re going to throw on repeat in several circumstances, whether you are working, studying or just taking some time to space out and relax. “Diana” sets the perfect mood to kick back to, and it’s immersive sound is something you can surely lose yourself in. Check it out today and stay tuned for more works from DUX.

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