Jaymes Young came across our desks here at TMN seemingly out of nowhere, but carried with him more credibility than many artists who have been playing together for years. As a first ever live performance, Young opened for a band who should need no introduction to any level of music consumer, The Rolling Stones, at the revered Hyde Park in London. Quite a way to introduce oneself to the world, and thankfully a glimmering dose of musical integrity is there to back up all of that deserved hype, at least that is how we feel about it. On August 20, James Young will release a mixtape of sorts featuring 13 original tracks including this juicy cut “Dark Star”. “Dark Star” mixes a dubstep drum pattern on a much more melodic and connective level, utilizing familiar instrumentation with guitar and piano stabs rolling the beat right along. A quick glance at Young’s Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter reveals not much of anything, including a current location, which all feels like a move made to let the music speak for itself. It is becoming increasingly rare to see an artist emerge without the support of a giant P.R. firm maintaining their delicate image and interviews, so this was a release in which we were enamored with for that very reason.

In addition to Jaymes Young’s original version of “Dark Star”, we’ve also included an electro remix from San Diego’s Milkman. Milkman has gained notoriety playing main support already to the likes of Skrillex, Diplo and Dada Life, so it was a symbiotic pairing for TMN and this choice remix. Listen to both tracks below, and get your Monday night in order right now.

’Dark Star’
’Jaymes Young – Dark Star (Milkman Remix)’
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Jaymes Young