With sub-genres constantly rising and falling, the electronic music landscape sees a constant influx of producers with names exiting the limelight as quickly as they entered. The artists with true longevity are those who make themselves trend-resistant by displaying a musicianship above the rest. Berlin supergroup Moderat‘s debut and sophomore albums, which came out 6 and 3 years ago respectively, have aged phenomenally for exactly that reason. Right on time with that release schedule, the Berlin supergroup (ApparatModeselektor) officially announced their upcoming album III today along with the first single.

“Reminder” presents fans with a new evolution in the Moderat project without losing sight of the minimalist techno vibes that make their music so potent. The track leads with an entrancing percussive loop and the equally hypnotizing vocals of Apparat. Even as additional textures fill out the backdrop, the lyrics remain at the forefront–representing a new exploration for the trio. The emotional and personal nature of the songwriting, dealing with inner turmoil and finding change within oneself, adds a unique depth that crescendos into an eruption of sonic euphoria in the final minute. Vibe out to this one above. Moderat’s III is due out on April 1st via Mute/Monkeytown and is available for pre-order here.

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