If some laid-back vibes are what you are a looking for, then the Not LDN EP by New Mantra is what you need. Many of you will be venturing out to Coachella, so this will certainly serve you well on your drive, or fly over. The UK producer put together a superb project, with help coming from Barnaby and HOOPS on two tracks. The rest is all put together by New Mantra.

The Not LDN EP comes after the debut project of Sam Cooper, aka New Mantra. His productions have already brought taste-making ears his way, and these new tracks are sure to attract even more. Four new songs make up the newest EP, with the title track kicking things off with its chilled out sound. Throughout the entire record we get some strong R&B undertones that are veiled with electronic, future and indie masks that make for a dynamic listen. When you have a project that could have been led by all of the singles that make it up, you know you have a special collection on your hands. So is the case with the exquisite Not LDN EP that you can grab on iTunes today.

’Not LDN’
’All Over Town (Featuring Barnaby.)’
’Tradition (Featuring HOOPS)’
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