If these two tracks don’t put a smile on your face, there is no hope. The Knocks deliver an official single single titled “The Feeling”, bringing another disco infused dance floor anthem. This is a track that can definitely hang with their previous anthems such as, “Brightside” and “Dancing With The DJ”, this one is going to be remixed by everyone and their mom. The vocals in this mesh perfectly with the upbeat tempo that The Knocks execute with every release. This next track is a remix they dropped a couple of days ago of The Sound Of Arrows track “Wonders”. I honestly don’t know which of these tracks I like more because once again there’s perfect vocal editing accompanied by nothing but baby-making synths and leads. Now these two tracks are all you should need to get you through your Thursday and have you raging all weekend. Cheers.

’The Knocks – The Feeling’
’The Sound Of Arrows – Wonders (The Knocks Remix)’
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