White Cliffs ft. Hugh EP
"Come Here" (PRMD DSCVR)

PRMD Music has just started something really cool with their imprint. Recently the independent label started their PRMD DSCVR, a new initiative that will showcase some of the best, and most creative up and coming artists. They’re already on their second release with White Cliffs collaboration with Hugh EP on “Come Here.”

If all the parties involved were going for innovation, they certainly got it right with this original. No specific genre comes to mind when you’re listening to it. It’s just one of those tracks that is just good music, plain and simple. “Come Here” is a cool, crisp production that doesn’t get too wild or crazy. It plays to its tasteful sensibilities, making it an incredibly memorable track that you don’t want to just listen to once, or twice; rather, you’ll be coming back again and again to this one, replaying it over. White Cliffs and Hugh EP really did something special here.

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