Jaymes Young
Come Back For Me

There’s no question that Jaymes Young is a talented musician. His Dark Star EP pretty much set a benchmark for the indie pop genre when it comes to mixing vocals with heavy electronic instrumentals. This is a selection from his up and coming Habits Of My Heart EP called “Come Back For Me”.

The clever use of sound samples and his signature heavy bass waves are the highlights of this new tune. Young possesses this magnetic and seductive voice that can woo over any human within a 10-mile radius. They all mix well together with his electric guitar and the subtle rhythmic drums. What we have is a product of musical genius, something so unique sounding and amazing that it has its own character, telling us a sad love story.

Go give the song a listen and be amazed by his voice and creativity. Better yet, listen to the whole EP here and be prepared to get sucked into the magical world of Jaymes Young.

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Jaymes Young