Santa Cruz, CA based producer N8 ST9 (pronounced Nate Stein) dropped this lovely little number on us a few days ago, and now “Morning Hero” shall receive its due credit by gracing the pages of our very informative Ninja publication. The pop-tronica track begins with an arpeggiated synth setting the stage before a four-to-the-floor bass line waltzes its way in to keep your attention and ass movin’. Nate’s insightful lyrics matched with such solid production is really what sets this one apart from any thing he has done in the past.  His sound in the production booth continues to evolve, touching everywhere from electronica to indie-pop to a few electro remixes, but we hope he can continue to push these more atmospheric, laid back vibes in the future, seeing as he comes off as sort of an “Electronic Paul Simon” if you will. Check it out using the player above.

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N8 ST9