Literally oozing cool is Rush Midnight, the solo project of former Twin Shadow bass player Russ Manning. His new single, “The Night Was Young Enough,” is a sexy electronic tune that’s suave, stylish and knows how to get down, but also how to rock out. A multi-layered track with many hallmarks of his previous band, it’s full of lively synths that reverberate and glow, a groovy beat that throbs and pushes, as well as funky bass and dizzying guitar lines that jump out from the background and take center stage for a few seconds. With this blaring out of the speakers, make sure to hit the dance floor and break out the slickest moves you got.

’Rush Midnight – The Night Was Young Enough’

Be sure to check out the newly released official music video for “The Night Was Young Enough” right here. The single appears on his upcoming debut EP, +1, out on October 30th via Cascine Records.

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