In May Los Angeles/Denmark artist Tomas Barfod released his album Salton Sea, which included the shimmering standout “November Skies” featuring Nina Kinert. Being that it’s such a quality track, numerous producers have come out to show off their remix magic. One such fellow is producer and fellow Californian, Jerome LOL. He makes his mark by turning it into a whirling and illuminated soundscape, highlighted by Kinert’s vocals that’ve been turned up significantly to reach near-squeak levels. It’s playful and dazzling, and almost gives the original a run for its money. Check it out below!

’Tomas Barfod – November Skies (Jerome LOL Remix)’

The November Skies remix EP, also including Nite Jewel and Sepalcure reworks, comes out November 26th via Friends of Friends.

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