The enchanting ‘boy group’ quartet from Brooklyn, Papertwin released a highly addictive electro pop EP back in January that we completely missed. Going by the name of Porcelain, the lustrous 5-track compilation features a healthy range of sounds from the chaotic (almost Muse-sounding) “Also Aquatic” to a much delicate somber industrial track “Cross”. However, it is the lightness and playfulness on “Coma”, with a Cure-esque guitar tone coming through that makes this song my second favorite of the album. The must-listen first choice would have to the opening of the EP, “Sleeptalk”, an uplifting and smooth dreamy tracks with long strings, waves of electronica paired with longing vocals that soar through the song to take you on a journey like no other. A simply addicting EP from Papertwin, listen below and make sure to purchase their EP on their bandcamp page.

Papertwin – Sleeptalk


Papertwin – Coma

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