Eliza Shaddad
When We (Sofar Version)

Do you miss those days of spring and summer? When the mornings started late and the sun danced across the sky late into the night?

We miss those days too right now and something that helps us look forward to that season again is the continuous flow of wonderful music by old and new artists.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering ‘When We’, a soft, sweet, and sophisticated song by the highly talented Eliza Shaddad, a musician who blends electric guitar patterns with her uniquely wonderful voice to produce a captivating musical sound. Shadded comes from a Sundanese and Scottish background and combines blues, jazz, and folk to capture a tantalizing tune in all her music. This song takes the listener to a certain warm place, whether that be in the literal sense or an inner person sense but ‘When We’ has the powerful ability to do both. Shadded’s voice is deep and powerful and can carry the lyrics gracefully through the song that is perfectly mixed with the electronic guitar.

This song is part of a compilation called ‘Sofar’ due out in the next few months. With the release of this first song, we are anxious to see what other music will take us away to the warm days of summer.

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