The Other

You know that feel when you’re clicking through Soundcloud and you stumble upon an artist that you know is going to be among some of the greatest singers/songwriters in todays world? Yeah, well that’s exactly what happened earlier this morning after being introduced to LAUV and his magnetic debut track, ‘The Other’. With only 5 followers and a little over 100 plays on his one and only track, LAUV takes the leap of faith into the music world and exposes his most vulnerable side to each and every one of us. We think this young artist is about to be overwhelmed with the response he will soon receive as his name continues to organically spread across the blogosphere.

‘The Other’ is undeniably a heart-wrenching track filled with enough gripping emotion and power to make you reminisce about every failed relationship throughout your life. With its flawless piano melodies, subtle percussive elements chiming in the background, and melodic harmonies, LAUV grabs us by the throat as we struggle to keep ourselves afloat in this sea of emotional turmoil. We are extremely fortunate to have found such a gifted artist in their earliest stage of their music career. So while you press play, make sure to grab some tissues because there’s no way you’ll be able to escape a tear or two.

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