Ever since his debut release back in July, Samuel Proffitt has experienced an overwhelmingly positive response to his new solo project. We here at TMN have been following the likes of this talented, forward-thinking, driven young artist, for he accurately portrays the smooth and sultry sounds of pain, anguish, love, hope, and heartbreak that all of us so desperately want to connect with. It’s rare that we come across an artist like Samuel Proffitt, but when we do, time just seems to be an irrelevant concept due to the flooding emotions that seep into our every pore. With his pristine productions and cleansing originality, Samuel Proffitt gives us all an outlet to express ourselves as well as help us come out from underneath our suppressed shells.

Whenever I come home, i’ll be yours”

A couple of months ago, Samuel Proffitt unleashed his debut EP, Blue Notebook No. 10, and absolutely stunned the world with his artistic and creative vision. This 5 track EP is filled with mesmerizing melodies, haunting harmonies, emotion-evoking songwriting, and daunting mental imagery that conceptually encapsulates the very essence of this project. With features from artists such as Khai, Jeff Sontag, Jess Zobler, AOBeats, and Crywolf, it is inevitable that you will experience a range of conflicting emotions through their intricate forms of storytelling. From the ever enchanting wonders of ‘Sladky’ to the addictive nature of ‘Sirens’, Samuel Proffitt has diversified himself in every way possible. From beginning to end,  Blue Notebook No. 10, in its entirety, tells us a tragic story with a twisted ending that will leave you in a state of dissonance. Just when you think you’ve figured out the direction of his sound, everything you thought you knew will come to a complete stand still the moment you reach ‘In Flames’. ‘In Flames’ is timeless in the sense that it is nothing like anything you’ve ever heard before. Crywolf and his immaculate lyricism paired with Samuel Proffitt’s piercing piano melodies perfectly guide us towards a conclusive resolve that ultimately sucks us into a never-ending tunnel of pure darkness. His uncanny ability to express his vulnerable state of mind has allowed us all to openly feel each and every ounce of passion that went into this project.

In the aftermath, there will be no blood, this is a quiet death my dear…”

So whether you have lost someone dear to you or have had someone destroy your world, Blue Notebook No.10 will speak to you during your time of confusion, sadness, and pain.

’Samuel Proffitt – Cranes (Intro)’
’Samuel Proffitt – Sladky ft. Khai’
’Samuel Proffitt – Nevsky ft. Khai (Interlude)’
’Samuel Proffitt X AOBeats – Sirens ft. Jeff Sontag & Jess Zobler’
’Samuel Proffitt – In Flames ft. Crywolf’
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