We’ve all been there. We’ve all been locked into something that was spiraling out of control, yet we were so blinded by the phenomenon that we were experiencing that we couldn’t let go. Those of you who are nodding, know exactly what I’m talking about. Those of you who are questioning what I just said are so deep in it, you can’t even realize.

And we’re fallen under all we have is hope
and we’re fallen under all we know is gone
we were running round in circles chasing shadows in the dark
we were running round in circles chasing shadows in the dark

Philosophy aside, “Haze” is a poetic journey through the aforementioned experience that so many of us have gone through vividly. Coming by way of NY based indie artist, EVVY, this tune is not only the debut single off of her upcoming EP, (which was created in just five weeks), but it’s also her first song under this moniker. Ever.

Jumping in on this project is a brand new production duo. TMN favorite Mickey Valen (Noosa, AYER) and Chris Wallitsch, who are now known as Mickey Valen & The King, worked with EVVY to dial up something dreamy, emotional and gripping, digging its nails deep under your skin. With EVVY’s sultry, lovelorne lyrics and Valen’s string scoring and drum samples, we’re left with a super charged song that soars with gorgeous piano melodies and larger-than-life tribal drums.

While we’re overwhelmingly excited to bring you this premiere today, we’re admittedly already looking forward to hearing the rest of her EP, which is due out in June of this year. Make sure you keep an eye out for it by following EVVY on facebook.

We’re equally excited to hear what’s on deck from Mickey Valen & The King, who are already working on multiple projects coming out this summer and later this year.

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