Absofacto is one of our favorites here at The Music Ninja. This Michigan musician is known for his calm, electronic style of indie-pop, free EPs, and his intriguing album covers. After posting a few of his tracks, we realized that not only is he a talented musician but based on his style, he has an ethereal view on music. Which is why we had to ask, what are your top five favorite songs right now and why? His choices and answers are below.

Gaslamp Killer – Monsterfromtheunderground

’05 Monsterfromtheunderground.mp3′

This track is so frustrating. The first minute is so amazing, just a seriously filthy grind, and then it dissolves into this long noise part that closes out the EP. The noise part is great too, but I’d give anything for the beat come back in at about 1:38 and keep developing for another couple minutes. Thankfully, if you listen to it on repeat, it kind of has that effect. I’ll just have to do that until his new LP comes out this year.

Panthu du Prince – A Nomad’s Retreat

’05 Pantha Du Prince – A Nomads Retreat.mp3′

The whole album, not just a single song. Though if I had to pick just one, “A Nomads Retreat” is a prime candidate. I don’t think I could ever get sick of this record. What is there to get sick of? It’s paced and constructed exactly as I hope life can be. A simple, clean pulse steadily driving you forward and though you pass through clouds of beauty, mystery, and intrigue, you never lose your path. On it’s own terms, it’s as close to perfect as I’ve ever heard.

Fiona Apple – Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song)

’Fiona Apple – Tymps.mp3′

I hadn’t ever heard Extraordinary Machine until recently, and it’s completely brilliant all the way through… but this song stands out to me as something special. The exact combination of elements is just unlike anything else I’ve come across. I love the dry, thick vocal sound, and the way the emotional tone changes from cynical to wistful and back from line to line just on the movement of the chords.

Gorillaz – Empire Ants


It’s no secret I have a lifelong admiration of pretty much everything Damon Albarn has done with music, and the first part of the song is nice and all… but it’s the second half with Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon that is the reason I’ve listened to this a million times instead of only a hundred. That bassline! That melody!

St. Vincent – Year of the Tiger


The only track from 2011 that I immediately thought of for this list. I can’t listen to St. Vincent unless I’m going to sit there and just stare at the speakers. Her music too absorbing and fascinating (and occasionally jarring and confusing) to safely or effectively do anything else while listening. If I ever wreck my car, I’m sending Annie Clark a bill.

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