CFCF (producer Mike Silver) doesn’t create songs or albums; he creates audio experiences. His music defies classification.

My first thoughts, in order, after pressing play: What is this? Ambient? Nah. Experimental? Sure. Awesome? Yes. Fast forward a few days and I’m still playing this song repeatedly.

“Before and After Light,” the first song I heard from his recently released EP The River, is no different. With a style ranging from lighthearted to powerful and dark, Silver skillfully creates a wandering yet purposeful track that allows your imagination to roam.

I was only slightly familiar with Silver’s work before I was passed this song. I now count myself as a full-fledged fan. I’m not sure how this flew under our radar for so long, but I’ll be on the lookout for CFCF’s next release.

CFCF – Before and After Light

’CFCF – Before and After Light’
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