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Dada Life – Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker (A.G. Trio Rework)

Dada Life released their much anticipated new single “Kick Out the Epic Motherf**ker” last week. By the end of the week, Austrian group A.G. Trio had released their rework. With over 4000 views and 1100 downloads in 3 days, the song has been a huge success for the group.The Trio added their signature mark to this track, turning an aggressive anthemic house song into an accessible pop-house song without losing any of the edge. Check out their Soundcloud for more reworks and original tunes.

Free Download: Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (A.G.Trio Rework)

’Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker (A.G.Trio Rework).mp3′
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Chuckie – Who is Ready to Jump (Dillon Francis Remix) **TEASER**

Over the past year Dillon Francis has really shown his versatility as a producer. He’s released everything from pure house to moombahton, and done remixes for some of the biggest names in the electro scene. Judging by the teaser, this newest remix is sure to live up to the hype.

Blending DJ Chuckie’s bouncy house style with a dubstep style appealing even to fans of the heavier side of that genre, Mr. Francis has created a tune that will get a huge number of rotations world wide. Lookout for the full track, coming out December 12 on Big Beat Records.

Chuckie – Who Is Ready To Jump (Dillon Francis Remix) **TEASER** by DILLONFRANCIS

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[Electro] Congorock – Ivory + The Bloody Beetroots Remix

Congorock seems to have one-upped himself again. His second single in the past couple months in an absolute monster. Combining elements from several different styles, from the Latin-inspired background beat to the speaker destroying bass (it actually just wrecked my terrible work laptop speaker), he has created a robust tune that demands to be pumped out of massive systems in front of huge crowds.

Beatport: Congorock – Ivory (Original Mix)


Not to mention The Bloody Beetroots, who recently released their single, Church Of Noise, just finished a heavy and dark remix of “Ivory”.

Download: Congorock – Ivory (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

’Ivory (The Bloody Beetroots Remix).mp3′
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[DnB] NOISIA – Could This Be

NOISIA, winners of Beatport’s Drum & Bass artist of the year awards in ‘09 and ‘10, are back at it. Their newest effort has already climbed to the top of Beatport’s D&B chart. With “Could This Be” the trio create a perfect harmony between haunting synths, unexpected tempo changes and an absolutely frenetic D&B drumline. With two solid releases on mau5trap in the past couple of months, I’m excited to hear what else NOISIA have in store for us.

Noisia – Could This Be by NOISIA

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Flux Pavilion and Doctor P – Superbad

Flux Pavilion and Doctor P are both well known dubstep producers, but their newest effort is a little bit different. “Superbad” combines 70s style vocals and a jazzy horn section while still maintaining its producers’ dubstep roots. The two styles mesh nicely to give the track a catchy, almost disco feel.

Flux Pavilion and Doctor P – Superbad

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Griz – Where’s the Love

Bobby Blue Band’s “Ain’t no Love in the Heart of the City” was originally a minor hit from the 70s which was sampled by Kanye to create one of Jay-Z’s most recognizable tracks from The Blueprint.

Michigan producer Griz tactfully pays his respects to both songs while adding his own drum line and a healthy dose of wobble to create a really smooth listening experience. As much as I love the in-your-face attitude mainstream dubstep is currently riding, this is a really welcome change of pace and I hope to hear more from him soon.

Griz – Where’s the Love

’GRiZ – Where Is The Love.mp3′
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[Dutch/House] Havana Brown – We Run the Night (Congorock Remix)

Havana Brown’s “We Run the Night” has been a pop dance staple for a few months on its way to achieving double platinum status in Australia. However, with summer approaching down under, a fresh take was necessary. Enter: Congorock.

Anyone familiar with Congorock’s music will immediately recognize his stamp on this track. The addition of hard hitting drums, big buildups and nasty drops adds a much needed gritty element to the song without sacrificing the original broad appeal of the track.

Havana Brown – We Run the Night (Congorock Remix)

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