Philadelphia duo Pattern Is Movement have made their self-titled new album available for streaming a week before its scheduled release.

Their first record in six years, Pattern Is Movement masterminds Christopher Ward and Andrew Thiboldeaux have cited influences on this album ranging everywhere from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to Werner Herzog. An odd combination of influences, but one that is evident in the duo’s music.

Pattern Is Movement’s sound contains a wild mix of meticulous melodies and distinct dialects. When I listen to this new record, I hear a vocal resemblance to indie-pop dreamers Local Natives, mixed with the experimental noise pop of Dirty Projectors. The unison, soul-infused vocal patterns wash delicately over a foundation of feverish synth and pulsing percussion.

Pattern Is Movement is out April 1 via Hometapes. You can listen to the album in its entirety here.

’Pattern Is Movement “River”‘
’Pattern Is Movement “Climb To Me”‘
’Pattern Is Movement “Rum”‘
’Pattern Is Movement “Little By Little”‘
’Pattern Is Movement “Suckling”‘
’Pattern Is Movement “Gone My Love”‘
’Pattern Is Movement “Let’s Be Done”‘
’Pattern Is Movement “Make It Right”‘
’Pattern Is Movement “Wonderful”‘
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