Fall Out Boy
Centuries (Gazzo Remix)

Drop what you are doing, grab your phone, and text Santa with this exact message: “DEAR SANTA – FALL OUT BOY & GAZZO – MAKE IT HAPPEN OR RUDOLPH WON’T BE GUIDING YOUR SLEIGH TONIGHT”. A little hostility gets him in the Christmas spirit so why not threaten him this year? Helping us realize just how naughty we have been is New Jersey producer, Gazzo, and his sensational official remix of Fall Out Boy’s newest song, “Centuries”. Filled with heavy percussion, trap-style synth breakdowns, and powerful progressive elements, Gazzo transforms the new FOB song into the song of the century (pun intended). This production is unlike anything we’ve heard from Gazzo, but we can genuinely say that this type of sound is something we can all get down to. Now that we’ve listened to this a million times through, we’re just about ready to dive back into the year 2004 and binge on our favorite bands from back in the day.  So check your lists twice because Santa (AKA Gazzo in this case) is about to give you the present you’ve been wanting your whole life.

While there’s no release date set at the moment, you can expect this little beauty to drop sometime early next year.

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