There are times when one can almost for tell success of an upcoming artists by simply listening to one song. I remember hearing John Mayer for the first time a couple of months before his music video appeared on MTV and thought he was just too good to not be known.

I experienced the same feeling listening to Bobby Long, a humble London native singer/songwriter, whose simple and soft folky guitar melodies get overshadowed by his amazing vocal talent. Influenced by Woody Guthrie, Elliot Smith and Bob Dylan, Bobby takes on folk with a much softer and calmer approach. Prepare to expect many more warm and mellow musical stories on his independently released 10-song EP titled “Dirty Pond Songs”. It was really Long’s “Let Me Sing” appearance on the “Twilight” film soundtrack that gave him the much deserved exposure reaching #1 on iTunes “Unsigned” charts couple of weeks back.

Perhaps more captivating than his music are his live performances. As the shy and soft spoken 23 year old comes out of his shell to deliver a vocal performance that is both passionate and intimate. While I am not here to for tell the future, Bobby Long is a mate I will keep an eye on throughout 2010.

Bobby Long – Being A Mockingbird

’08 Being A Mockingbird.mp3′

Bobby Long – Left to Lie

’Bobby Long – Left to Lie.mp3′


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