Although A.C. Newman is better known for his work as the frontman of the indie rock group The New Pornographers, he has been releasing solo material since The Slow Wonder dropped in 2004. Now he’s all set to release his third solo studio album entitled Shut Down the Streets. “I’m Not Talking” is its first single, and it’s a good one. Newman manages to meld folksy acoustic guitar and bright horns together with spacy synthesizers with a sound comparable to that of Freelance Whales. He has plenty of experience in creating songs that are catchy and easy to listen to, and “I’m Not Talking” is no exception. It will be interesting to see how the rest of Shut Down the Streets compares to this first offering, but it will certainly be an album worth checking out. You can download the single for free by liking A.C. Newman’s Facebook page here.

Shut Down the Streets is set to drop October 9th on Matador Records.

’AC Newman – Im Not Talking.mp3’
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