Sarah Jaffe
I’ll start the same way I Guess Im Floating did in their post: “I didnt know much about Sarah Jaffe until”.. until I heard her refreshing voice hit the charts on a couple of weeks back. Her unpretentious folk vocals are best to be compared with full body snuggies that wrap you up in calm layers of warm melodies. She dwells more towards the mellower end of the spectrum yet behind her soft delicate voice, there is still a fun cheerful girl waiting to be discovered. In “Perfect Plan” she playfully bounces between upbeat catchy tunes and having a slower more delicate ballad. However, without a doubt, my favorite song from her is “Clementine” who share the same name of Jim Carrey’s crazy partner in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And its funny because I wouldnt have been surprised if Sarah’s “Clementine” actually made it to the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack if only she had released it before the movie.

Sarah Jaffe is based out of Denton, TX and she will be releasing Suburban Nature in may via Kirtland Records.

Sarah Jaffe -Clementine


Sarah Jaffe – Perfect Plan

’13 Perfect plan.mp3′


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