The ReasonLocal talent always has a special place in The Music Ninja’s heart yet never before has an upcoming local band gotten so deep under my skin than the six-piece folk/rock group Thomas Wynn & The Believers, from Orlando, Florida. With their soft southern guitar strums and soaring genuine vocals, the live performance of “It’s alright” can only be described as being an acoustic oven pre-heated with enough soft and warm melodies to just melt your heart. It is almost embarrassing for me to describe music as heart melting, but if you took the time to watch the video above you cant help but to be inspired by their emotional honesty and genuine passion to perform the music they have carefully crafted. Thomas Wynn & the Believers are the type of band that makes local music junkies (like myself) proud to live in Orlando.

You can find their Feb 2009 debut album The Reason on itunes and amazon and expect a 2011 release coming up soon.

Thomas Wynn & the Believers – Its All Right

’05 – Its All Right.mp3′
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