After seeing Daughter play in St. Giles in the Fields Church, London [watch here] – yep I was there –  I was definitely blown away by how Elana’s vocals lived up to the expectations set by the Wild Youth EP. After spending some time in the countryside, Daughter has now released some demo tracks to give you a glimpse of what’s to come. Expect to see a a new release from Daughter in Feb/March time as the fruits of their labour come into a EP package, in the meantime -enjoy.

Daughter – Run (Demo)

’Daughter – Run.mp3′

Daughter – Tomorrow (Demo)

’Daughter – Tomorrow.mp3′

Daughter – In The Shallows (Demo)

’Daughter – In The Shallows.mp3′

Download all the tracks from Daughters official outlet HERE [Link removed by Daughter]


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