Californication Season 5 Episode 3 was all about experiencing new things (well, for Charlie it was more about experiencing his right hand). *SPOILER ALERT* We finally got to experience seeing Hank getting closer to Kali, as their continues flirtations lead to some minor POW-chiki-wawoo (I am just quoting the notes they actually played as they hooked up).

“Boys & Girls” had many funny moments, incredibly creepy (mainly with Charlie) and it actually ending with an emotional ending as the song “Pull You Through” by John Taylor played the episode out. Bellow I have included most of the songs from Californication’s Season 5 Episode 3 soundtrack, including the (already so old) club track.

Warren Zevon and Jackson Browne – Desperados Under The Eaves

Hank and Samarie doing some bong hits
Phil Anastasia and P.Version – Driving Me Crazy

First song of the club scene:
Pitbull Ft Honorebel “I Wanna”

Hank fights with guy at the bar who’s talking to Kali:
Honorebel ft. Pitbull – Now You See It (Benny Benassi Remix)

’Honorebel Ft. Pitbull – Now You See It (Benny Benassi Radio Edit).mp3′

John Taylor – Pull You Through

Comment below if you think we missed anything other soundtrack songs from last nights Californication.

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