Four months ago we missed out on something truly incredible. We missed out on four months of ethereal, heavenly vocal harmonies. We missed out on emotionally crafted lyrics. We missed out on an amazing new artist. We flat out missed out.

Summer is here, and it’s definitely our favorite season. There’s no doubt about it. For some reason, every summer there’s seemingly endless amounts of solid folk music. While we’re always more than happy to hear the onslaught of acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics, this time around we have something truly special for you.

Enter Imaginary Friend. While there’s not much information out on this overwhelmingly audibly pleasing folk pop ensemble, know this: they deserve a spot in your regular rotation. Just take one listen, and try to argue with us. If you get past “Thick and the Thin” with your argument still ready, we’ll buy you a round of shots. Soon after said shots, we’ll listen to “Thick and the Thin,” and hug it out.

’The Thick and the Thin’
’Fire Escape’
’The Well’
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