Fossil Collective
Do You Realize (The Flaming Lips cover)

Coming hot off the heels of their breathtaking EP, The Water EP, Leeds based indie folk duo Fossil Collective are offering up their take on the legendary track, “Do You Realize.” The original tune, crafted by Grammy Award winning The Flaming Lips, is one of the more lyrically significant songs of the 2000’s, in our opinion. Wayne Coyne has a real knack for crafting thought provoking words.

The original psych-rock nature of the song has faded away, and in its place it’s clean guitar strums. Haunting vocal harmonies demonstrate the delicate folk nature in which Fossil Collective have made a name for themselves. Coupled with the powerful lyrics, Jonny Hooker and David Fendick’s vocals simply give us the chills.

This cover, released to celebrate their new EP, is one of our favorites as of late. Make sure you check out the EP, and snag “Do You Realize,” when you’re done.

Do You Realize – that you have the most beautiful face?
Do You Realize – we’re floating in space?
Do You Realize – that happiness makes you cry?
Do You Realize – that everyone you know someday will die?
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