We know. You hear the sound of Mike Posner’s voice, and you can’t help but just want to give him a hug. Well this remix is no different. Open your arms and welcome Johnny Lawson’s remix of Posner’s track, Save Your Goodbye. Lawson is a songwriter/producer living in Chicago who has promised remixing tracks spanning genres from contemporary pop, Motown, Italian opera and everything in between.

This track has a soft beat, and high pitch synth, which accentuates Posner’s voice. While not the club banger, the shy bass and progressive melodies are enough to set the mood for ending a night of heavy partying.

Mike Posner – Save Your Goodbye (Johnny Lawson Remix)

’02 Save Your Goodbye (Johnny Lawson Remix).mp3′

And right below this is the very reason why we like Mike so much. He takes his music and career seriously, but definitely not himself providing comic relief to his smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt song ‘Bow Chicka Wow Wow’ in his music video featuring Lil Wayne. Enjoy!

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