Just like my morning coffee, Mouth’s Cradle from have created a special blend of music that is not only incredibly satisfying to consume, but leaves quite a nice aftertaste. Hailing from Syracuse University, this upcoming college duo are aiming to become leaders in the new class of college artists who create buzz for themselves while sitting through lectures. Do we believe in the buzz? Absolutely. Combining the right amount of pop and hip/hop influences, their future is as bright as their latest song ‘Summertime’. From all the sunny feel good anthems we listened the last couple of months, Summertime is by far the greatest. Sampling Train’s Hey Soul Sister, Mouth’s Cradle leaves us wanting more.

Below is also Front Porch, Back Porch from their EP titled ‘The Next Big Thing‘ released in april and featured on the front pages of iTunes “New and Noteworthy” and “Pop” sections. Enjoy

Mouth’s Cradle – Summertime

’Mouths Cradle – Summertime’

Mouth’s Cradle – Front Porch, Back Porch

’Mouths Cradle – Front Porch Back Porch’
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