Being the Denver Music Ninja, hearing about Pretty Lights is a daily occurrence. While this would be annoying with a lot of artists, it’s actually awesome in this particular situation. The reason why is because Pretty Lights comes out with fresh new music regularly, and it’s always available for free. The music lover’s dream come true.

His latest release is in celebration of EA Games release of SSX this Febuary. Above is the video of Pretty Lights dropping it live in Atlanta. When asked about this particular opportunity, he had this to say, “I’ve always loved hip-hop, video games, and snowboarding, so it was truly an honor to put my twist on such a classic song for such a dope game. Can’t wait to play it!”

This remix of the Run DMC classic is on par with Pretty Lights style. Electro synth laid over hip hop beats that make you smile and bob side to side. Enjoy this video over the weekend, but pay attention next week, because we’ll have a free download waiting for you.

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