The last time I wrote about Dada Life, it was back in November, for the release of their supreme single, “Unleash the F**king Dada”. Today sees the release of their newest single, “White Noise/Red Meat”. This immense track has “anthem” written all over it. It blurs the lines between Trance and Electro House; which Dada Life has a fine style for. The main melody drops in-and-out, leading to a breakdown, and then the melody swells back up to bring the track to its climax. The song is designed to lose your shit to, and it works as intended.

Expect to hear this song during those peak moments of a DJ’s set…or better yet, during a manic live set from Dada Life, themselves. They’re currently touring the States. One of those gigs will be in Miami for this year’s Ultra Festival. Along with the original cut, is a radio edit and remixes by: PeaceTreaty, Bassjackers, and Alvaro; available through Beatport on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label.

To get a small bite of their new single, check out this short and sweet video teaser, before swallowing the whole thing. (That sounds dirty…)

Dada Life – White Noise Red Meat (Original Mix)

’Dada Life – White Noise Red Meat (Original Mix)’
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