Goldwash is one of our favorite new artists. Born Gabe Acheson, Goldwash is a 21-year old composer, singer-songwriter, and producer out of Baltimore. A classical and jazz-trained pianist, Goldwash brings his own unique concoction of existential funk. Having already caught the eye of Jamz Supernova (“Malady” was premiered on BBCR1 on her show) and Roche Musique, Goldwash is poised to introduce his dynamic and cohesive sound to a worldwide audience in 2016. “Malady” is his second single of 2016.

Here’s a few words he had to say about the piece. “Lyrically, ‘Malady’ is about a mutually destructive relationship, about witnessing two friends make mistakes. Overall, I hope the song is the kind where you can happily sing along for a while before realizing that maybe something darker is going on.” This sonic treat is an incredible audible masterpiece. Please don’t sleep on the creator of “Existential Funk”. Enjoy!

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