From Russia with love.
It is not everyday we get a piece of music that intrigues us and the artist just happens to be from Moscow. But that is what has happened with “Confessions of a Sleepwalker” by Anvil Smith. He is a newer artist on the scene who has been obsessed with funk/electronic music for most of his life. Smith doesn’t have much musical background and started teaching himself on a barely functioning computer but what has come from this producers dream is something captivating. This album is one for those lazy spring days, chill and relaxed. In all honesty, he sounds a lot like Pretty Lights with his funk and electric mixes, grabbing vocals from different eras and adding in just the right touch of beats. He’s getting there and for a first album we give him some big credit. With a bit more time and exposure, we have no doubt Smith will be rocking with some great artists.

’Just A Stranger’
’With The Last Beams’
’Looking in The Broken Mirror’
’When I Roll’
’My Wonderland is High’

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