If we had to pick an artist that we would want to be remixed for the rest of our lives, hands down, Banks would be our choice. Her soothing vocals exude enough soul to make every redhead (myself included) feel as if we actually do have a soul ourselves. Now that the world has been treated to the enticing sound frequencies of Banks, TMN has an extra special premiere for you today from Future Bass boss, Ennui.

The Chicago native took on the incredible Banks song, “Waiting Game”, to which he takes us down a bass-heavy road that leads us to a pond full of sensual feels. As we cleanse our souls in this pond, we experience a range of feelings that move fluidly throughout our veins. Each and every beat emits the type of passion and depth to make you question the definition of beauty itself.

Ennui effortlessly transformed “Waiting Game” into one of the most intrinsically pleasing songs of the year. As the future bass movement continues to roll through our world, Ennui continues to bring forth new sensations to his production that gives us a reasons to feel the music on an entirely different level. So sit back, relax, and let the ethereal beauty of Banks and Ennui cleanse your soul and give you life.


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