Louis Futon
Sir Rock

Today has been quite the day for music; then again, we say that every week since we’ve got a stellar team of trained ninjas here to give you the best of the best. We are about to give you a taste of the future – future bass of course! Now that the UK bass movement has permeated US soil, we have been coming across artists who have been giving us a reason to swoon for days on end.

Louis Futon happens to be making his name in the future bass world over on the East Coast side of the music spectrum. After listening to his music and feeling the feels in which each track exudes, we knew that we were going to be down for his new original song, “Sir Rock.” With its bouncy, feel good, future bass-y (that’s a word, Google it) vibes, “Sir Rock” makes you want to cuddle each and every beat that you hear. Mind you, that’s not physically possible, but we like to be creative in thought over here at TMN. As we prepare for his upcoming EP, we can all enjoy this incredible tune from Louis and let these wavey feels carry us through the rest of the week.

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