Nothing's Forever Feat Kučka

If there’s one thing we can all agree upon, it’s that nothing is truly forever. Time always has a way of making each and every moment seem as if they are just a collection of photographs stored in the back of our mind just waiting to haunt us when the time is right. With that in mind, it’s easy for us to latch on to our autonomy and take advantage of what is around us. Simply living a life of liberation and adventure can really shift our universe to the extent where time and space are nothing but a matter of relativity.

These types of thoughts came to mind after stumbling across the latest track from Australia’s, Paces, and his latest future anthem, “Nothing’s Forever” (ft. Kučka). After listening through this song a few times, we came to the bold realization that this triple j native is far beyond some of music’s most renowned talent who stand at the forefront of production. Paces takes us above and beyond with “Nothing’s Forever”, in which he permeates every layer of our mind to the point where our ears just bleed ecstasy. We’re excited to see what Paces has in store for us this year, so put on those headphones and let these milky beats take your soul to new elevations.

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