Polythene Love

All week long, FYFE has been generously sharing new material in preparation for his upcoming album, Control. Today however, we have the esteemed pleasure of sharing perhaps our favorite of the new releases, “Polythene Love.” If you’ve been following FYFE for as long as we have, the subject matter should come as no surprise to you, centering around the concept of disposable relationships; temporary connections or flings we engage in as a way to combat loneliness rather than pursuing something more meaningful.

Upon first listen, “Polythene Love” is easily one of the most vibrant and unique tracks on the project. Assisted by an uncredited female vocalist who goes by Mai, the pair navigate their way through an intricate mesh of striking synths and bubbling guitar riffs. Meanwhile, Fyfe unsuccessfully tries to court the young woman, leaving him asking the crucial question, “Is this ‘Polythene Love’ again?” We were curious about the inspiration behind this new tune, so we asked the Londoner himself to provide a little insight of his own on the number:

 School disco cringe played out in the adult world. A playful observation of the relentless and the often not just acknowledged, but celebrated pursuit of flimsy, throw-away or plastic (polythene) ‘love’. I find it amusing, visualising my own school disco experiences of boys lined up one side and girls the other and overlaying it onto memories of university nights out, but wondering how well aligned the two might be if those in the latter scene were not completely wasted.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since we first discovered FYFE, which makes this project long overdue. The wait will finally come to an end on Tuesday, when Control finally hits shelves, however you still have time to order yourself a copy before March 9th through either iTunes or Rough Trade.

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